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Northern Premiere Wrestling
October 27, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#7)

[ed. note, well unfortunately I am 4 weeks behind in providing the recaps so I'm going to have to sacrifice detail for brevity until I can catch up.]

Opening Segment
We get a clip from backstage 2 weeks ago. Following the big 6-man tag match.
DDP confronts a still bloody Al Hardamann. He demands to know where the hell he went to, and why Shane Helms returned so much sooner than Al. Hardamann tells DDP to back off. He says he's sorry about what happened to Kimberly but that he had been jumped backstage by Stan Baker who threw him into a wall, busting his head open and knocking him out. DDP still seems skeptical which pisses off Hardamann. Al goes into the "I've been through the MidAm trenches for years" routine, and "that around here we don't stab each other in the back". He tells DDP that if he has any doubts about it then they can get it on for the television title. DDP says that might be a good idea, just name the time and place and I'll be there. DDP storms off leaving Hardamann shaking his head.

[commercial break]

Mid-American Tag Team Title Match
The Spinebusters; (Jerry Orth and Bryan Caruthers) w/ Derek St. Holmes (champions)
The Amazing Malenkos (Joe and Stan Malenko)

The Malenkos dominate the early going by isolating Caruthers and work over his legs. They keep him down on the mat and on their half of the ring. Caruthers is never in any big trouble because they refuse to take him to the middle of the ring, so he usually manages to get to the ropes for a break. Finally he uses a few well-timed and placed kicks to get out of the corner and tag in Orth. However, Joe takes Orth down with a nice Mexican hiptoss and goes right to work on Orth's arm and shoulder. They maintain the same strategy they did with Caruthers on Orth, just a different body area. Orth however does not have the poise of Caruthers and looks a lot more desperate to get a break. Finally he grabs the ref, Wayne Hart, by the waistband and pulls him into Joe Malenko. All 3 men are down in the ring as we go to commercial.

[commercial break]

Spinebusters v Malenkos (continued)
All four men are brawling in the ring, with Wayne Hart still down. A couple of times Hart is on the verge of recovery when he gets knocked down again by one of the four men. Finally fellow ref Buddy Lane comes down to the ring and drags Wayne Hart to the floor so he can recover. Inside the ring the Spinebusters are out brawling the Malenkos. Caruthers hoists Joe up in the air and Orth practically decapitates him with a clothesline off the top turnbuckle. They then follow up with a double hotshot on Stan Malenko. By now Wayne Hart is recovered and clears Caruthers from the ring. It's the legal men Orth and Joe back in the ring. Orth pours on the offense in an attempt to get the pin. A spinebuster almost does the job but Joe drapes his foot over the bottom rope. A frustrated Orth tags in Caruthers.
The IBZ come down to ringside as we go to commercial.

[commercial break]

Studio segment.
Sam Holiday's taped statement that he promised last week.
"Hello MidAm fans. I am sure that you are all sick of this soap opera regarding my status, as I'm sure as hell sick of it. Way back on October 1st in Chicago, I lost by countout to Jesse Hennig. While Jesse is a competent wrestler it's a match I never dreamed that I would lose. Since that time I feel that I have redeemed myself by winning some big matches. However, questions still surround my health status. Many have speculated everything from a change in my temperament to terminal disease. Well the truth is nothing like that at all. I've been champion so long now, for so long I've been saying that to be the man, you have to be a man, and stand on your own two feet. I have yet to meet the man who can take this title from me. And frankly I have become a bit bored and frustrated with Middle America. It kind of feels like I'm just waiting for someone to beat me, so I can move on. Unfortunately what I have done is try and make up for a lack of quality opponents by taking on a large quantity of challengers. This has tired my body out and will one day allow some unworthy opponent to get lucky and beat me for the title. I have talked it over with Mr. Larkin and he has agreed to lessen my workload somewhat. He has also promised me that he is working hard to increase the profile of MidAm wrestling and to bring in some stiff competition. To all my loyal fans that have come out in the last month and been disappointed with the effort I have put forth I can only apologize. But to all those guys in the locker room, guys like Al Hardamann, Diamond Dallas Page, and Steve Corino, you just can't expect me to step up and come charging to the rescue anymore. I just can't do it anymore like I used to. One day someone will finally beat me for this title. My job is to make sure that whoever that man is, that he is worthy of the gold. Thank-you"

[commercial break]

Spinebusters v Malenkos (conclusion)
The IBZ attack Derek St. Holmes outside the ring. This provides enough of a distraction to Caruthers that it allows Joe Malenko to fight back and get the tag in to cousin Stan. Stan is a house of fire taking down both Caruthers and Orth. He puts Caruthers into a Texas Cloverleaf but is hammered by Jerry Orth using the tag team belt; a move not seen by Wayne Hart whose attention was distracted by what was occurring outside the ring. Raymond Bingham showed up and unexpectedly went to work on the IBZ knocking them off of St. Holmes. He fought both clowns back to the dressing room. Inside the ring, Caruthers recovered and went for the pin but Stan Malenko managed to kick out at 2, despite being busted wide open with the title belt.
Caruthers pours on the punishment as we hear the house speakers announce 2 minutes remaining in the match. Stan ducks away from a spear attempt by Caruthers, who them carries forward and spears Wayne Hart, who is down for the second time in the match. Again, all four men brawl inside the ring. Derek St. Holmes has recovered enough and gets into the ring with the title belt. He attempts to hammer Stan with the belt, but he ducks and it hits Orth instead. Joe Malenko dropkicks Caruthers out of the ring and then throws St.Holmes over the top rope. He revives Wayne Hart, who in a daze lays down a very slow 1, 2, 3 count as Stan Malenko pins Orth.

We have new tag team champions. The Malenkos are celebrating inside the ring while Caruthers and Orth are going ballistic arguing with Hart. Suddenly Wayne Hart leaves the ring, goes to the announce table and has a short conversation with the timekeeper. The public address announcer then announces that Jerry Orth was not the legal man in the ring, and therefore could not be pinned. The referee of record Wayne Hart is reversing his decision and asking that the match continue with 0:58 on the clock.

The match continues between the Spinebusters and the Malenkos, with the legal men Bryan Caruthers and Stan Malenko. Stan goes right to work on Caruthers with a couple of kicks, a clothesline, and a German suplex. Caruthers tries to escape the ring, but Malenko pulls him back in with a belly to back suplex, getting a 2 count. Stan then puts on the Texas Cloverleaf, but Joe yells at him about the time. So Stan, lets go of the move and then rolls up Caruthers into a pin, and Wayne Hart puts down the 1, 2, 3, and this time we indeed have new Tag Team Champions of Middle America, the Amazing Malenkos.
[The Amazing Malenkos beat the Spinebusters by pinfall at 24:52 (with 8 seconds remaining) when Stan Malenko pinned Bryan Caruthers with a roll-up]
[The Amazing Malenkos win the Middle America Tag Team titles]

Derek St Holmes is in the ring having a conniption arguing with Wayne Hart.
The Malenkos celebrate as we prepare to end the show when suddenly we hear,

<<< cue "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard >>>

The announce team wonders out loud what the hell that could mean, are the Freebirds here in MidAm?