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Northern Premiere Wrestling
November 10, 2001

All-American Pro-Wrestling TV Report (#9)

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor >>>
"Gung-Ho" Joe Blum runs to the ring and salutes the crowd who cheer him.
Blum has a mic and says that there are a couple of little recruits running around the back calling themselves the Young Guns who are a little too big for their britches. He says his partner Al Collins (the crowd cheers "Al, AL, Al") can't be here tonight so he's challenging either Young Gun to a fight.

<<< cue "Choke" by Kittie >>>
Greg Pawluk and Johnny Devine come out from the back. Devine appears to be trying to talk Pawluk into taking the match. Pawluk doesn't look too impressed with his tag partner but finally enters the ring.

Singles Match
"Gung Ho" Joe Blum over "Pistol" Greg Pawluk by pinfall after the "Gut Check Time" (military press into a gutbuster) in 8:16.
Devine mostly played cheerleader in the match but also tried to pass Pawluk a pair of brass knuckles, which Pawluk did not take. Then Devine interfered one time from the ring apron but received a forearm shot from Blum as a reward.

Devine entered the ring with a chair to try and smash Blum from behind. But Blum turned around in time and kicked Devine in the gut. Blum picked up the chair and nailed Devine leveling him. Blum turned around but Pawluk was already leaving the ring, throwing his arms up in disgust. Blum watched him walk away and then went to work on Devine with several more kicks, kicking him right out of the ring.

[commercial break]

We have a tape from earlier tonight before the show. The scene is the parking lot and a cameraman is running out with the camera following a group of security guards. When the camera stabilizes we see Lord Zoltan and Lash LeRoux trading the last few punches in a parking lot brawl. Zoltan has LeRoux on the hood of a car as the security pull him off. LeRoux gets in one last shot before security grab a hold of him too. Assistant commissioner Jack Lanza arrives on the scene and gets between the two wrestlers. Lanza calls the fight bullshit and tells each man he is suspended without pay until "Revelations/End of Days" when they'll settle this once and for all. He says since they both like brawling in the streets so much it will be a "Bourbon Street brawl". Zoltan ends the segment by suggesting that LeRoux isn't from N'orleans but rather from Shreveport. Lanza tells him to shut his hole and security ushers each man away.

<<< cue "Aces High" by Iron Maiden >>>
Ed "the Hammer" Harris is boo'd as he makes his way to the ring.

<<< cue "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>
The fans automatically become big Harris fans as they stand and try and spit on Derek St. Holmes, Esquire who makes his way gently to the ring.
St.Holmes has a mic and promises the fans that he will beat this trash quicker than the 3 minutes it took Raymond Bingham to beat him last week.

Challenge Match
Derek St. Holmes over Ed Harris by pinfall after outside interference in 4:12.
Harris actually held his own against St. Holmes until the Spinebusters came out to interfere. Orth distracted inept official Jurgen Hermann and Caruthers actually entered the ring and delivered a spinebuster to Harris who was then pinned by Holmes.
Raymond Bingham had come out at the 3 minute mark pointing to his watch and taunting St. Holmes. However, Bingham didn't try and do anything to stop the outside interference.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The fans greet Diamond Dallas Page, the new TV champion, and his wife Kimberly with a mixture of cheers and boos. DDP comes to the ring in street clothes to give a statement.
DDP says that he watched the tape of his tainted title win last week, and then talked it over with his wife. He says that he feels very bad about the way it went down, but isn't prepared to just give the title back to Hardamann. However, he says that if Hardamann wants a rematch then he has one next week. May the best man win. DDP says that his wife just got caught up in all the excitement of last week's match and got in over her head. She has promised not to do it again and is very sorry for her actions. She has been under a lot of stress this past month with all the bullshit that Madusa and her cohorts have put her through. He says that the Graduates time to pay is near.

Main Event
Joined in progress
Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig
We see the opening five minutes as the two wrestlers feel each other out. Corino has the upper hand as we cut to commercial.

[commercial break]

Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig (conclusion)
We pick up the match at the 15 minute mark, with the public address announcer indicating that there are 5 minutes remaining in the match. Both men are bloodied and looking like they are on their last legs. Corino is pounding on Hennig and knocks him down. He tries to set up a table but referee Buddy Lane will have nothing of the sort. That delay allows Hennig to fish out brass knuckles and he uses them to nail Corino in the back of the head. After a long delay as he recovers, Hennig goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count.
Hennig pours on the offense now with a bulldog, necksnap, and a dropkick right to the bloodied forehead of a kneeling Corino, which sends splashes of blood across Buddy Lane's pants. Hennig goes for the pin but Corino grabs the bottom strand to get the break. Hennig sends Corino to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Corino ducks it, grabs a crucifix into a roll-up for the 1, 2, 3.
[Steve Corino over Jesse Hennig by pinfall after a crucifix at 17:47 (7:52 televised)]