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Northern Premiere Wrestling
November 17, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#10)

<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>
The fans boo as "Total Destruction" Steve Riley makes his way to the ring with his entourage of trainers, valets, agents, and lawyers. Riley enters the ring alone and has a mic.
Riley reminds the crowd that later tonight, the main event will see DDP defend his newly won TV title against Al Hardamann. Riley says it should be an easy win for DDP against an old broken ex-champ, especially one that can be beat by a whack with a purse! So, Riley challenges DDP, telling him to take on a real opponent, an opponent that couldn't get a title shot under the old regime because both Hardamann and Holiday were always ducking him; Total Destruction Steve Riley. Finally, Riley tells DDP that either he will get his title shot or he will come and get it the hard way.

[commercial break]

Hardcore Match - joined in progress
Balls Mahoney and Max Pain are beating the hell out of each other with chairs, tables, cookie sheets, and thumbtacks. Ref Buddy Lane looks totally disgusted and after being shoved aside several times by both men just backs into a corner and watches the match continue. Eventually Mahoney grabs the advantage by ramming the edge of a chair into the knees of Pain who falls to the mat. Mahoney then stomps Pain's hand onto some thumbtacks. Pain is on his feet stumbling around the ring in agony as blood trickles from his hands. Pain stumbles towards Buddy Lane and Mahoney grabs a handful of his hair from behind. Stopped dead in his tracks Pain lashes out with a boot and catches ref Buddy Lane right in the gut. Lane is doubled up in agony, as Mahoney DDT's Pain and covers him, but there is no ref to count. Mahoney gets frustrated and tries to get Lane up to his feet. Lane is pissed off and pushes Mahoney, who then punches Lane. Lane hits the mat, and then rolls out of the ring, throwing his hands up in disgust and walks to the back.
As Mahoney is trying to figure out what just happened Pain wakes up and chair shots Mahoney to the back of the head. Mahoney is out cold and Pain poses in the ring.
[No Decision - 3:34 televised]

Promo for the big December 15th show "Revelations/End of Days".

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor >>>
The fans cheer as Al Collins comes to the ring in his customary red tights and kneepads. He looks pumped up for this match and angrily brushes his hair aside when the comb over falls into his face. Collins has a mic, and says that he wishes he could have been here last week to see his partner Joe Blum kick the ass of Greg Pawluk. But since he missed it he thought he might give some receipts of his own. Collins calls out "Hotshot" Johnny Devine.

<<< cue "Choke" by Kittie >>>
The fans mostly boo as Hotshot Johnny Devine comes to the ring being followed by his tag partner Greg Pawluk. Referee Marty Stevens tries to get Pawluk to leave the ring area. Pawluk turns to go, but Devine pleads with him to stay. However, Stevens is persistent and Pawluk heads to the back. Al Collins jumps Pawluk from behind and the bell is rung to start the match.

Devine has no concentration in this match as he really seems frazzled. At one point he actually does grab the advantage but wastes it by standing on the bottom rope and trying to signal Pawluk to return to ringside.
Collins seizes the advantage back with a belly to back suplex, and gets a 2 count. The fans are going nuts chanting "Al, Al, Al" as Collins delivers the inverted atomic drop, and then follows it up by nailing Devine to the mat with a flying clothesline. Collins signals to the fans and then scoops up Devine into an airplane spin, into a samoan drop, and gets the pinfall.
[Winner by pinfall Al Collins after the "Al-Train" airplane spin into a Samoan drop at 4:55]

Greg Pawluk returns to the ring to tend to Devine. He and Collins have a bit of a stare down but no punches are thrown and Collins leaves the ring with his hands held high. Pawluk is picking his partner up to his feet, when Devine suddenly drops Pawluk with a DDT! Then he spits on him and walks away!

Promo for tonight's house show in Indianapolis, tomorrow night's TV taping in St.Paul, Detroit on the 23rd, Lansing on the 24th, and Grand Rapids on the 26th.

[commercial break]

Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of 15 minutes. Already in the ring weighing in at 235lbs, and hailing from parts unknown, The Black Demon!!! The fans give the Demon some polite heckling.

And his opponent,
<<< cue "Star Spangled Banner" by Jimi Hendrix >>>
coming in at 6'4" and 251 pounds, hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, an American hero, The Patriot!!!

An unusual sight to see two masked wrestlers facing off in today's day and age. But as the fans pondered that scenario, the Patriot went right to work with some kicks, chops, forearms, and a pair of belly to belly suplexes. The Patriot then delivered the Uncle Slam, and the match was over in a hurry.
[Winner by pinfall The Patriot after the Uncle Slam at 1:35]

As Patriot celebrates with the fans around ringside, Kamala lumbers to the ring. Patriot seems him coming and runs right at him. The two clash but Kamala comes out on top of the punchfest. The Black Demon gets involved by actually trying to help the Patriot but Kamala just tosses the Black Demon into the ringpost, head first. Kamala continues to attack the Patriot, and slams him down onto the floor. He then climbs the ringsteps and onto the apron to prepare to splash down onto a helpless Patriot.
Suddenly from the back appears Marcus Schultz who enters the ring and gets the attention of Kamala. The Ugandan giant enters the ring and is attacked by Schultz, but he too can't match up to the strength of Kamala who takes Schultz down with a power slam. Kamala just kind of lies on top of Schultz for a minute taunting the crowd. Then Kamala gets up and leaves the ringside area slapping his stomach all the way as security arrives.
The Patriot is on his feet and goes to help Schultz. The two are heading to the back when they suddenly remember the Black Demon. They go over to help him and as they pull him up his mask is dripping blood from the eyeholes and the forehead of the mask is soaked in blood.

[commercial break]

When we return from commercial a camera crew is backstage filming as the state doctor tends to a hurt Black Demon. Marcus Schultz and the Patriot look on, discussing revenge against Kamala and concern for the Black Demon. The doctor pulls out scissors and cuts the mask off the Black Demon. We don't recognize his face, but we do see one nasty cut on his forehead. The doctor pronounces that he will need stitches.

<<< cue "Wild Thing" By the Troggs >>>
The fans cheer as Al Hardamann comes to the ring, looking naked without his TV title. He appears hesitant and upset. Inside the ring he bounces off the ring ropes waiting for DDP.

<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The fans greet the new TV champion with a mixture of cheers and boos. His lovely wife Kimberly accompanies DDP to the ring.
Hardamann points a finger at Kimberly telling her to stay put, and this gets DDP started so he goes right after Hardamann.

TV Title Match
This match seesaws back and forth, with neither man grabbing a big advantage. It is a pier-6 brawl. At one point Hardamann has DDP going with 6 consecutive hiptosses, but when he goes for a DVD Page slips away and plants him with a bulldog. Page finally has an advantage to follow up on, but when he goes for the Diamond Cutter Hardamann blocks it, and then takes DDP down with a nasty looking German suplex. DDP is out cold, and it looks like he may have landed on his neck. Kimberly jumps up to the apron but before she can enter the ring both referee Wayne Hart and Al Hardamann are they're telling her to get down. Kimberly exchanges heated words with Hardamann before jumping off the apron. Suddenly DDP is behind Hardamann and rolls him up for a quick 3 count.
[Winner by pinfall Diamond Dallas Page with an inside cradle at 8:15]
[Diamond Dallas Page retains the TV title]

DDP rolls out of the ring to celebrate with his wife, the title held high over his head. The fans boo him a little more and it seems to bother him a little as he asks Kimberly why they are booing him. She consoles him and they head to the back. Meantime inside the ring Al Hardamann is banging his fists into the mat in frustration. Al gets to his feet and is complaining to Wayne Hart about a fast count.