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Northern Premiere Wrestling
December 1, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#12)

Today's show opens with a special promo for Dec 15th Revelations/End of Days. See it live in St.Paul, or watch All-American Pro Wrestling in the weeks following to see most of the action.
Just announced;
WWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob van Dam will defend his title against an opponent to be determined on TV on Dec 8th. Stan Baker and Sam Holiday will meet to determine who will get that shot at RVD.
WWA World Tag Team Champions The Blood Brothers will defend their titles against opponents to be determined on TV today. The Spinebusters will meet the Malenkos for that title shot.
Also already signed;
A six-man tag match with The Freebirds facing the Extremists and Don Spartan.
Lord Zoltan takes on Lash LeRoux in a Bourbon Street Brawl.
Many more matches will be signed for this 4-hour wrestling spectacular.

<<< cue "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard >>>
The fans boo as Buddy McElroy makes his way down to the ring in his Southern rebel insignia tights and boots. He is accompanied by Terry Hendrix and Van Hammer.

<<< cue "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth >>>
The fans cheer the loveable brawler Dirty Don Spartan as he makes his way to the ring backed up by the Extremists Ace Darling and Devon Storm.

[commercial break]

When we return from commercial referee Buddy Lane has kicked all the onlookers back to the dressing room, as McElroy and Spartan lock up in a test of strength. McElroy wins the first one sending Spartan back a few feet to the turnbuckle. The second lock up though results in Spartan gaining the advantage in the test of strength and then stomping on McElroy's hands. Spartan takes it to McElroy as the brawl spills outside. McElroy grabs a fans coke and throws it in the eyes of Spartan to turn the momentum. He then sets up a table outside the ring but has to go back inside the ring to break the count before he could use it. When he goes back outside the ring Spartan is rested and catches McElroy with a forearm uppercut. Having stunned his opponent Spartan takes McElroy up with a release German suplex and sends him crashing through the table. Buddy Lane calls for the bell as both men have been counted out.
[Double Countout 3:48]

Spartan continues to punish McElroy after the match until the Freebirds arrive and double team Spartan. The Extremists arrive but now its 3 healthy 'birds against the 2 smaller men, and the 'birds knock them both out. McElroy sets up Spartan on another table and sends him crashing through with a piledriver.
Spartan is not moving.

[commercial break]

Spartan is still not moving as we come back from break and the paramedics are immobilizing his neck, getting ready to transfer him to a stretcher.

In the meantime we cut to a studio interview;
The Patriot is seething. He says that Kamala is not as stupid as he looks, that he allows people to think he's stupid so he can get away with that crap. Well, its time for this feud to end one way or another. The Patriot challenges Kamala to a last man standing match at "Revelations/End of Days". He says that if he can't beat Kamala that he will give up his mask, because he won't deserve to wear the stars and stripes.

[cut to commercial]

Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, already in the ring from parts unknown, weighing in at 235 lbs. The Black Demon!!!
Some fans boo but the crowd is pretty silent.

And his opponent,
<<< cue "Denial" by Sevendust >>>
The fans cheer for the hottest young prospect in Mid-America.
Hailing from Tampa Florida, coming in at 6'2" and 235 pounds, Raymond Bingham !!!

Collar elbow hook-up to start and the Demon surprises Bingham with a knee to the gut. He grabs an armbar before smashing his knee into the gut of Bingham again. Demon follows up with a big knee-lift, which sends Bingham off his feet, and onto his ass. Bingham is dazed as Demon unleashes a flurry of mounted punches on Bingham. Referee Jurgen Hermann counts to 5, but instead of calling for the dq, he just re-starts the count. Demon lifts up Bingham, delivers a bodyslam and then an elbowdrop. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Demon lifts Bingham to his feet but hesitates, unsure how to press the advantage. He goes to whip Bingham into the ropes, but its reversed, and Bingham catches him coming off the ropes with a flying drop kick right to the chin! It's all Bingham now with a series of savate kicks followed by a spinning leg lariat.
Suddenly, Derek St. Holmes appears at ringside, and it distracts Bingham. But the PWI Rookie of the Year candidate surprises St.Holmes by throwing himself between the ropes and taking St.Holmes down with a head tope. Bingham tries to re-enter the ring but the Demon is there to meet him. Bingham blocks a punch and then leaps into the ring beside St. Holmes. Again Bingham blocks a punch ,and delivers a few punches of his own. Bingham suddenly nails Demon with his "No Way Out" finisher, a Northern Lights Suplex into a pin, and gets the 3 count.
[Winner by pinfall Raymond Bingham after a Northern Lights Suplex at 5:03]

Studio Interview:
Al Collins and "Gung-Ho" Joe Blum say that they have managed to get Greg Pawluk and Johnny Devine to turn on each other as all cowards eventually do. However, they want a chance to finish off the young punks, so they challenge them to a tag match at "Revelations/End of Days".

[Commercial Break]

The cameras caught a confrontation between Marcus Schultz and the Black Demon. The two were passing each other in the hallway and started to jaw at each other. The Demon threw a punch that Schultz blocked and then he threw one of his own knocking the Demon out. Schultz then proceeded to rip the mask off of the Black Demon again. As he left, Schultz told the Demon that maybe without a mask he could actually concentrate on wrestling and make a name for himself.

<<< cue "Ice #9" by Joe Satriani >>>
The fans cheer as Joe and Stan Malenko make their way calmly to the ring.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of 30 minutes. It is NOT for the Mid-American Tag Team Titles. However, the winner of this match will get to meet the WWA World Tag Team Champions at "Revelations/End of Days".
Introducing first, in the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 445 pounds, Joe and Stan, the Amazing Malenkos !!!

<<< cue "Till it Sleeps" by Metallica >>>
The fans boo unmercifully as the Spinebusters are accompanied to the ring by Derek St. Holmes, their sports entertainment agent.
And their opponents, the current Mid-American tag team champions, at a combined weight of 480 pounds, accompanied by their agent Derek St. Holmes, they are Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth, the Spinebusters!!!
Your referee for this match-up is the head of officials Wayne Hart.

Hart pats down both teams before the bell sounds.
This match starts off much different then their normal conservative, tag strategy orientated matches of late. In this match both teams start at a tremendous pace with the first 5 minutes a high paced chain-wrestling match. Plenty of armdrags, dropkicks, and spinebusters to go around. Finally the match settles down after Caruthers grabs the advantage delivering a hotshot to Joe Malenko.

[commercial break]

The match resumes after the commercial break with Jerry Orth having been tagged in and pressing the advantage against Joe Malenko. Orth really punishes him with a series of 3 short arm clotheslines, a DDT, and then a piledriver. However, Joe kicks out after a two count. Caruthers is tagged in and immediately hits Joe with another piledriver but surprisingly Stan Malenko comes into the ring to break up the pin. As Hart leads Stan out of the ring the Spinebusters double team Joe with a double-team DDT. Hart takes a few seconds to get back into the action, and as a result Joe kicks out at 2.
Caruthers puts Joe in a hammerlock submission, which Joe manages to survive by getting to the ropes after about 30 seconds of pain. Caruthers punishes Joe in the corner before setting him up for a hanging vertical suplex. However, Caruthers waits too long in the suplex and Joe uses his fist like a hammer to punch Caruthers right in the crotch. Caruthers lets go and Joe drops like a rock landing on a winded Caruthers. This time its Orth who has to enter the ring to break the pinfall. After Hart has escorted Orth out of the ring both men inside are trying to crawl to their respective corners.
Joe is going to make his tag first so Caruthers reverses field and tries to stop him. But Joe tags in Stan and Caruthers walks right into an armdrag takedown by Stan Malenko who then follows up with a release German Suplex. Orth has re-entered the ring but Stan takes him down with a kick to the gut and a spinning DDT. However, Caruthers has recovered now and rocks Stan with a clothesline. Joe tries to enter the ring but Wayne Hart escorts him out which allows Caruthers to strike with a lowblow and then a chop to the throat.
Caruthers now punishes Stan with a belly-to-belly suplex, a piledriver, and then his finisher the Spinebuster. Derek St. Holmes reaches into the ring and holds down the feet of Stan Malenko, and Wayne Hart does not see it counting 1, 2, 3 !!!
[Winners by pinfall the Spinebusters: Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth at 14:23 when Caruthers pinned Stan Malenko after a spinebuster with help from some outside interference]

The Spinebusters and Derek St. Holmes celebrate their victory. Suddenly from the crowd emerges Raymond Bingham who slides under the ropes and into the ring. He goes right to work on St.Holmes, while the Malenkos square off with the Spinebusters. The heels are being soundly thrashed when suddenly the Graduates; Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms run into the ring and go after the Malenkos too.
The heels are routing the faces when the IBZ appear and enter the ring with chairs. They start to whack people left and right, being indiscriminate about who they are hitting. They clear the ring, and the fans give them a mixture of cheers and boos as they unfold their chairs and have a seat. The rest of the wrestlers have regrouped into two separate factions outside the ring.