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Northern Premiere Wrestling
December 8, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV report (#13)

Today's show opens with our first match. The competitors are already in the ring and locking up.

Steve Corino v Shane Helms
This is 2 matches in one. The first half has Helms control the action with some high-flying moves. But Corino manages to avoid the Vertebreaker long enough to mount a comeback after he ducked away from a superkick. The second half of the match saw Corino take over mostly with brawling tactics. Corino used a swinging neckbreaker and then a top turnbuckle flying elbowdrop (ala Randy Savage) to finish off his opponent. Jesse Hennig and Sean O'Haire had come down to ringside to try and interfere but they were attacked by the Malenkos (looking for a little payback after last week).
[Winner by pinfall Steve Corino at 6:52 after a flying elbowdrop]

While the Malenkos really took it to the Graduates, Jesse Hennig took advantage of a weakened Corino to bust him open with a cowbell. The Malenkos had to save Corino from further damage, which allowed the Graduates to make their escape.

[commercial break]

Backstage tape;
Greg Pawluk and Johnny Devine are having an argument in the hallway. Devine keeps telling the cameraman to go away but Pawluk is more interested in settling things with his "estranged" tag team partner. Pawluk wants to know if Devine can put their recent problems behind them for one more match to take on Collins and Blum. Devine says no problem, he'll hold up his end of the bargain. Then Devine starts into a tangent on Collins and Blum's tactics, but he's cut off by Pawluk who tells Devine to look in the mirror for the real problem. Devine responds "whatever", and says that after that match they are going their separate ways; no more "Young Guns".

<<< cue "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>
The fans boo unmercifully as Derek St. Holmes, ESQ makes his way down to the ring.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of 20 minutes.
At this point Derek St. Holmes grabs the mic away from the ring announcer. He says that last week Raymond Bingham won his match over the Black Demon in 5 minutes and 3 seconds. So he instructs the timekeeper to make this a 5-minute match. The Black Demon, who is already in the ring but not wearing a mask, tries to protest but St. Holmes tells him he's not important and then punches him in the head with the microphone. The ref calls for the bell and the match starts.

It's all St. Holmes to start as he tries to take the wind from the Black Demon with some shots to the gut and ribs. He then delivers two consecutive rib-breakers, and goes for the pin, but only gets a 1 count. St. Holmes then attacks with his usual combo of moves, a snap-mare take down, knee to the back, and then a baseball slide kick to the ribs. He goes for the pin again, but only gets a 1 count. St. Holmes switches gears and puts on a Canadian backbreaker. But after a few seconds of not getting the submission he seems to get frustrated and drop the Black Demon.
Raymond Bingham comes out now to watch the action, which distracts St. Holmes. He takes too much time, and when he goes for a flying cross body block 'demon ducks out of the way and St. Holmes bounces out of the ring. Bingham picks him up and tosses him back into the ring.
The Black Demon goes to work with a pair of hiptosses, and then goes for a hotshot which misses the mark and St. Holmes bounces his chest off the top rope and collides heavily with the Black Demon on the way back. The two tumble to the mat and St.Holmes almost gets the 3 count. Now St. Holmes pulls up the stunned 'demon and gives him an inverted DDT drop, and then pins him cleanly.
[Winner by pinfall Derek St. Holmes ESQ at 4:10]

St.Holmes celebrates in the ring like he just won the World Title or something.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Wild Thing" by The Troggs >>>
The fans cheer like crazy when former TV champion Al Hardamann makes his way to the ring. He is wearing a Creed t-shirt and jeans, clearly not in his wrestling attire.
Hardamann starts to rant about DDP and the way that he and his no good wife Kimberly conspired to cheat him out of his title. He says the fans already know the truth, and have turned on DDP, and its about time the locker room started to scorn this guy too.

<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The fans meet DDP with a mixture of cheers and boos. DDP is alone and in a hurry to get to the ring, wearing the TV title. He slides in under the ropes and then goes nose to nose with Hardamann. DDP refuses to say anything, he just glares at Al. Al has to ask DDP several times to justify the actions of him and his wife before DDP finally grabs the mic from Hardamann.
DDP says that he doesn't need to justify his actions or those of his wife. He says its dog eat dog, and if Al can't take it anymore he should hang them up. The two start shoving each other.

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down 'till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
The fans are on their feet cheering and clapping for the Mid-American Heavyweight Champion, Sam Holiday who runs to the ring.
Holiday gets between the two wrestlers keeping them at arm's length from each other. Holiday grabs a mic and tells both of them to chill out. He says that he doesn't want to take sides, and Mid-Am needs the both of them to be fighting the likes of Steve Riley, Jesse Hennig, and Stan Baker, and not each other. But this won't be taken care of until it is settled once and for all. So, he asks DDP if he will put up his TV title one more time against Al Hardamann at "Revelations/End of Days". DDP agrees and both men grudgingly leave the ring going their separate ways.

The announcers inform us that in addition to that DDP-Hardamann encounter, three more matches have been signed for "Revelations/End of Days" out of the turmoil earlier in the show.
Jesse Hennig will meet Steve Corino in a Hardcore Match.
The Malenkos will tangle with The Graduates.
Raymond Bingham will take on Derek St. Holmes.

Special Promo/Announcement;
In an interview taped earlier Commissioner Jim Brunzell announces that WWA Mid-American has been able to reach an agreement which will see two of the finest shootfighters in the world today compete in a Shootfight Spectacular at "Revelations/End of Days". The two combatants in the first ever Mid-Am competition will be Mark "the Hammer" Coleman and "The Predator" Don Frye. Both men have been training part-time for this match for the past month as negotiations had been conducted. The two men compete together in WWA New Japan as part of the K1-Club. But for one night only they put their friendships aside to do battle one more time.

[commercial break]

Backstage footage:
When we come back there is footage of a commotion in the backstage area. DDP is standing over his wife Kimberly. He's shouting at the camera that Madusa and the Graduates attacked his wife again, while he was in the ring, and spanked her. He says he's going to mow down Al Hardamann to get him the hell out of the way, and then he's coming for Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms.

<<< cue "Rest in Peace" by Extreme >>>
The fans boo and chant "yeast, yeast, yeast" as Sinister Stan Baker makes his way to the ring with a smug look on his face.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and has NO time limit. It is NOT for the Mid-American Heavyweight Championship, but the winner will receive the right to face Rob Van Dam for the WWA WORLD Heavyweight championship on December 15th at "Revelations/End of Days".
Introducing first, hailing from Kansas City, KS, coming in at 6'2" and 300 pounds, he is the Sinister one, Stan Baker !!!

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down 'till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
The fans are on their feet applauding as the current Mid-American champion Sam Holiday charges to the ring. He steps between the ropes and then salutes the fans by raising his arms over his head.
And his opponent, hailing from Odessa, Texas, coming in at 6'9 and 302 pounds, he is YOUR Mid-American Heavyweight champion, Sam Holiday !!!

The bell has barely sounded and Baker uses referee Wayne Hart as a shield to come around and sucker punch Sam Holiday. Holiday drops to one knee and Baker takes advantage with a knee to the back. Holiday cringes in pain, and Baker follows up with a big kick to the face of Holiday. The Sinister one picks Holiday to his feet and bounces him off the ring ropes, catching him with a punch to the kidney area on the rebound. Turning him around he goes for the suplex, but Holiday manages to get a foot around to block it. Baker tosses Holiday into the corner and charges in with an elbow, which Holiday ducks away from and then comes right back with a flurry of punches. Holiday biels Baker out of the corner to the center of the ring. Holiday is on fire and follows up with a rare dropkick catching Baker in the sternum and driving him out of the ring.

[commercial break]

When we return from commercial we are told that the match had spilled to the outside where Holiday had pressed his advantage. However, when Holiday re-entered the ring he was surprised by a recovered Stan Baker who delivers a big kick to the gut, and follows up with a vertical suplex. Baker tries for a quick pin but only gets a 1 count. Baker continues to press his advantage and gets a nearfall after a sidewalk slam. Then he nails his finisher the Heart Punch, and looks to have won, but somehow Holiday manages to drape a foot over the bottom rope. Baker argues with Wayne Hart which allows Holiday to recover enough to trade some punches and kicks with Baker. The brawl ends quickly when Holiday rocks Baker out of his boots with his quick lariat. The champ follows up with a hanging vertical suplex, no easy feat with someone as big as Baker. Holiday covers but only gets a 1 count.
Holiday works over the back before locking on a standing surfboard submission. Baker manages to rock his way out of it to the ropes. Holiday is in control though and after another quick lariat he pulls out a new move, a sharpshooter! The fans are going nuts as Wayne Hart checks to see if Baker will submit.
Jesse Hennig runs down to ringside but is caught from behind by Al Hardamann and Steve Corino. When the Graduates try to interfere they are taken down by a charging DDP who emerges from the crowd.
Back inside Baker amazingly reaches the ropes and gets the break. Wayne Hart is distracted trying to get security to ringside to take care of the brawling wrestlers. He misses a backward kick to the groin by Baker which leaves Holiday doubled-up. Baker leaves the ring and returns with brass knuckles. He waffles Holiday with the knux and goes for the pin. Wayne Hart though is still distracted and by the time he gets over to count Holiday manages to kick out at the count of 2.
Baker can't believe it so he goes for the heart punch, but its blocked by Holiday. The champ turns it into a hammerlock takedown and applies the pressure. In the meanwhile outside the ring security has cleared all the wrestlers away from ringside and now surround the ring. Baker manages to get to the ropes and break the hold. He tries to leave the ring but security gets in the way and Holiday catches him outside the ring.
Holiday pounds his head into the guardrail before tossing him back into the ring.
Back inside the ring Holiday nails the cradle piledriver which is the set-up for the big Holiday leg drop finisher. Holiday covers and gets the 3 count.
[Winner by pinfall Sam Holiday at 14:22 (with 11:52 televised) after the Holiday leg drop]
[Sam Holiday gets the shot at WWA World Champion Rob van Dam]

Promo for "Revelations/End of Days"
4-hour spectacular
11 matches already signed
Rob van Dam (ch) v Sam Holiday (WWA World Title Match)
Diamond Dallas Page (ch) v Al Hardamann (MidAm TV Title)
Blood Brothers (ch) v Caruthers/Orth (WWA World Tag Titles)
Freebirds v Extremists/Spartan - Six Man Tag Match
Patriot v Kamala (Last Man Standing)
Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig (Hardcore)
Al Collins & "Gung Ho" Joe Blum v Greg Pawluk & Johnny Devine
Mark Coleman v Don Frye (Shootfight)
Raymond Bingham v Derek St. Holmes
Amazing Malenkos v The Graduates
Lord Zoltan v Lash LeRoux (Bourbon Street Brawl)