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Northern Premiere Wrestling
December 15, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#14)

<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>
The fans boo as "Total Destruction" Steve Riley makes his way to the ring. He is accompanied by his entourage, a couple of trainers, his agent, his brother-in-law, a lawyer, and a couple of groupies in tight leather pants. Riley has a mic.
Riley says that the biggest Mid-American show is just around the corner (tonight) and he doesn't have a date for the prom. Both DDP and Hardamann were too scared of him so they decided to dance with each other instead. And Holiday has ducked him from day one. Well, he says it doesn't matter. He'll take the night off and come January he'll be the #1 contender for all the belts.
Suddenly Sinister Stan Baker slides into the ring from behind Riley. He waffles a couple members of the entourage in the head to clear a path, and then he nails a surprised Riley in the head just as he turned around. Baker is all over Riley with a series of mounted punches. A few members of the entourage try and pull Baker off but they are too puny to have any effect. Baker picks up Riley and bodyslams him to the mat.
Security is flooding the ring now so Baker just turns and leaves, but not before giving a sidewalk slam to the brother-in-law.
The fans give Baker a mixture of cheers and boos, probably the first time he has ever heard cheers in Mid-America.
Baker is outside the ring now and has a mic.
Baker tells Riley that he is a big talker, but he's never beat anyone with any jam here in Mid-Am. He wants to be the #1 contender then he'll have to go through Stan Baker first. So, Baker tells Riley to show up at "Revelations/End of Days" and we'll dance.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Metallica >>>
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and has a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first already in the ring, weighing in at 188 pounds, hailing from Gary, Indiana, J.W. Ousley!!!
The fans don't really care.
And his opponent, making his way to the ring, hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, coming in at 5'11 and 231 pounds, he is Marcus Schultz !!!

This is a basic squash match with Schultz practicing his repertoire of moves including a running bulldog, tombstone piledriver, fallaway slam, and a cobra clutch.
[Winner by submission Marcus Schultz at 3:26 when Ousley submitted to the cobra clutch]

As Schultz is leaving the Black Demon (without a mask) attacks him. The 'demon sends Schultz head first into the ringsteps, and then into the guardrail. He uses the guardrail to choke Schultz. Finally, Black Demon whacks Schultz in the head with the ringbell before leaving. Schultz is busted wide open.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John >>>
The Graduates Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms come to the ring led by their manager Madusa. Both of the graduates have chairs and are ready to protect Madusa. She has a mic and starts right in on DDP and Kimberly. She calls their "relationship" an American nightmare. They pretend to be this loving couple when in reality they both sleep around, with the boys in the back; yes, both of them. Madusa says its about time someone exposes Kimberly for the [bleep] that she is and gives her [bleep] a good spanking. So, come "Revelations/End of Days" if Kimberly is anywhere near the arena Madusa vows to find her, and spank her bare [bleep].

<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The fans pop, but are a bit surprised when they see Kimberly come out alone with a mic. She stops a good distance from the ring. The Graduates are keeping a wary eye all around them looking out for DDP.
Kimberly says that not only will she be at her man's side in his match at "Revelations/End of Days" but she will do so knowing that earlier in the show she whipped the [bleep] of the queen [bleep] old scag who likes to [bleep] men half her age, and half her breast size.
Madusa tries to leave the ring but she is held back by the Graduates.
That's all the opening that DDP needs as he emerges from the crowd and slides into the ring. He spins Helms around and gives him a DIAMOND CUTTER. Then he tries the same thing with O'Haire, but O'Haire is too quick and catches DDP with a jab to the knees using the chair. Madusa then nails DDP with a lowblow, and O'Haire fells him with a chairshot to the head.
Kimberly has entered the ring now, and takes Madusa down from behind with a handful of hair. She mounts Madusa and repeatedly pounds her head into the mat. O'Haire is about to clock Kimberly from behind when AL Hardamann suddenly shows up. O'Haire looks a bit confused, which allows Hardamann to dropkick his feet out from under him. Hardamann grabs the chair and tries to nail O'Haire but he rolls out of the ring first. All the Graduates are vacating the premises. Hardamann then dumps the chair and also leaves the ring while Kimberly tries to revive DDP.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "The Kids Ain't Allright" by the Offspring >>>
Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, hailing from Pacific Palisades, California, coming in at 6'2 and 213 pounds, one half of the Extremists, Devon Storm!!!
The crowd gives Storm a mild amount of applause.

And his opponent,
<<< cue "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard>>>
Hailing from Badstreet Atlanta G-A, and coming in at 6'7 and 324 pounds, a member of the Freebirds, Van Hammer !!!
The fans boo Van Hammer with unrepentant zeal.

Storm keeps Van Hammer off balance with a variety of speedy attacks. He uses the ringropes to his advantage with a handspring elbow, and a ropeflip moonsault. He also ducks in and out of the ring to confuse and irritate Van Hammer. However, after Van Hammer reversed a suplex attempt he took over. Taking the match to outside the ring Van Hammer outbrawled Storm and set him up on a table. Van Hammer attempted to put Storm through the table with an elbowdrop off the ring apron, but Storm moved out of the way and Van Hammer went crashing through the table. Storm managed to limp back into the ring.
[Winner by countout Devon Storm at 6:55]

You just knew that the other Freebirds would show up in a hurry and they did. Hendrix and McElroy got to the ring only seconds ahead of Ace Darling and Don Spartan (wearing a neckbrace from a previous Freebird attack). Out muscled with Spartan's injury, it didn't take the 'birds too long to take control of the situation. They set up another table and McElroy put Storm through the table with a piledriver, with a little help from Hendrix jumping off the apron to make it a stuffed piledriver. Storm wasn't moving as security cleared the area.

[commercial break]

Backstage interviews;
Madusa: Says she is so happy that Kimberly has accepted her challenge for "Revelations/End of Days", and says the two will get it on in a strap match. The winner will have to strap the "bottom" of the loser in all 4 corners of the ring (instead of touching the turnbuckles).
Marcus Schultz: His head is wrapped in a blood soaked dressing. He says that if the Black Demon wants to make a name for himself by attacking him, fine. But now it's going to be payback time at "Revelations/End of Days".
Jim Brunzell: Announces that the championship committee has decided that the winner of the Stan Baker v Steve Riley match at "Revelations/End of Days" will indeed be the #1 contender for the TV title.

<<< cue "Pain" by Nashville Pussy >>>
The fans boo Max Pain as he walks to the ring with a baseball bat. He grabs a mic and he tells Jim Brunzell that he can [bleep] off. Hardcore ain't going to stop, not here in Middle America, not in Canada, and not in Antarctica. It's a man's world he says, no longer a pair of skinny high flyers in matching tights. He dares anyone from the back to,

<<< cue "Big Balls" by AC/DC >>>
Max doesn't even get a chance to finish his dare when the music of Balls Mahoney hits. Balls is cheered by the wild crowd as he makes his way around the ringside area with a chair before entering the ring. He takes the mic away from Pain as the two have a glare-down.
Balls says that Pain don't know Hardcore except in his family movies, which is enough to get Pain to swing his baseball bat at Balls, which is partially blocked by the chair.
Suddenly Menele appears ringside and slides into the ring. It generates to a 3-man all out brawl, which Menele seems to be getting the best of when security floods the ring. It takes a few minutes for security to get the wrestlers apart and several security guards are tossed out of the ring or attacked first.

<<< cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>
Commissioner Jim Brunzell and his assistant Jack Lanza make their way to the ring. Brunzell says he is so sick of the tactics of all 3 men. He asks them if they want to tear each other limb from limb? They all say they do. Brunzell compliments Balls on his fine amateur wrestling background, and tells Menele that no one in wrestling today does a better suplex then him. Finally he tells Pain that Brad Rheinghans and Buddy Lane always rave about his skill in training matches. So, Brunzell says that the 3 of them will meet in a triangle match at "Revelations/End of Days" but it will be under "Gentleman rules". He tells them no pushing the envelope, no hardcore. If they are disqualified then they will be fired from Mid-America. There is no room for talent that can't actually wrestle a good match. The 3 men are very upset with the match that was made.

[commercial break]

Video Package:
Rob van Dam and the Blood Brothers highlight package to promote their title defenses at "Revelations/End of Days".

Complete rundown for tonight's big card in St.Paul, MN "Revelations/End of Days"
4-hour spectacular
Rob van Dam v Sam Holiday (WWA World Title)
DDP v Al Hardamann (MidAm TV Title)
Blood Brothers v Caruthers/Orth (WWA World Tag Titles)
Steve Riley v Stan Baker (#1 contender match for TV title)
Freebirds v Extremists/Spartan
Patriot v Kamala (Last Man Standing)
Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig (Hardcore)
Collins/Blum v Pawluk/Devine
Mark Coleman v Don Frye (Shootfight Spectacular)
Raymond Bingham v Derek St. Holmes
Kimberly v Madusa (Strap Match)
Marcus Schultz v Black Demon
Menele v Balls Mahoney v Max Pain (Gentlemen rules)
Malenkos v Graduates
Lord Zoltan v Lash LeRoux (Bourbon Street Brawl)