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Northern Premiere Wrestling
Revelations/End of Days

December 15, 2001

St.Paul, Minnesota

The card was advertised as a 4-hour wrestling spectacular. Although I feel that the card lived up to being "spectacular", it ran overtime, going 5 hours including one 25 minute intermission.

Here are the match results and brief commentary starting with the opening match.

Lord Zoltan v Lash LeRoux (Bourbon Street Brawl)
This match was not done live, but rather was actually held on Bourbon Street the night before. It was shown on the JumboTrons. The fight went through a voodoo shop where Lord Zoltan poked a pin into the ribs of LeRoux. When LeRoux yelped in pain Zoltan said "I'll be damned if this shit doesn't actually work!"
The fight also saw LeRoux throw Zoltan over the counter of a take-out Hurricane bar smashing into a cocktail machine. Finally LeRoux launched himself off a railing with a type of springboard guillotine legdrop and pinned Zoltan on Bourbon street.
[Lash LeRoux wins via pinfall at 8:09]

Amazing Malenkos (Joe and Stan) v Graduates (Shane Helms & Sean O'Haire) with Madusa
A very fast paced match. The Graduates surprised their opponents when Helms held off Joe long enough for O'Haire to nail the Seanton bomb on Stan and pick up the win.
[The Graduates win via pinfall at 7:41]

The first big shock of the night when after the match Sean O'Haire turned on his partner Shane Helms even though they had won the match. O'Haire pulverized Helms with a neckbreaker followed by stomping him senseless in the corner of the ring. Madusa looked as shocked as anyone else. O'Haire grabbed a mic and said that the Graduates were over. He said that in January a true hero will be coming to Middle America to lead the promised few out of the darkness and into the bright lights.

Menele v Balls Mahoney v Max Pain (Gentlemen rules)
This match was a festival of powermoves, with Wayne Hart getting right in the way of any attempt to throw a closed fist, use a choke, etc. Sure, some stuff went on when Hart was distracted (most notably Balls Mahoney using the edge of a chair to lowblow Max Pain from underneath his legs). There was also the part where Mahoney was digging under the ring for a foreign object and Menele came from behind and smashed him across the ass with that same steel chair. But for the most part these 3 men showed why they are so underrated as grapplers. The end came when Menele climbed to the top turnbuckle. Balls whipped Pain into the ropes, causing the ropes to shake and Menele to crotch himself. Then Balls caught Pain coming off the ropes with a powerslam and got the 3 count.
[Balls Mahoney wins via pinfall over Max Pain at 12:35]

Max Pain and Menele double teamed together and laid a severe beating on Balls Mahoney. Security couldn't get them off of Balls, it took a clearing of the "faces" dressing room to finally end the beating.

Marcus Schultz v Marcus Schultz(?)
A very bizarre moment when the expected match between Schultz and the Black Demon began with the theme music "Turn the Page". However, instead of it being the Metallica version it was the more subdued original by Bob Segar. And instead of getting Marcus Schultz the fans got the man who had been unmasked as the Black Demon. The ring announcer reluctantly introduced him as "Marcus Schultz". When the original Marcus Schultz came out to his music he was irate. Schultz went right after the former Black Demon and soon enough was suplexing him all over the ring. Schultz slapped on the cobra clutch and suplexed his opponent. However, referee Marty Stevens called for the bell signaling that his opponent had submitted while in the cobra clutch.
[Marcus Schultz (the original) wins via submission at 5:28]

Kimberly comes out and tells DDP in the back that he is not to interfere. This is something she must do on her own. If she loses, so be it, at least she made a stand. She repeated that under no circumstances is DDP to come help her in the match.

Kimberly v Madusa (Strap Match - Winner must spank opponent in each of the 4 corners of the ring)
Madusa is just too much of a warrior for Kimberly to even have a decent shot in this match. But Madusa takes it too far brutalizing and humiliating Kimberly instead of going for the win. Kimberly is half-naked, with welts beginning to form from being strapped on the back, on the legs, and on the arms. DDP comes down to ringside and is yelling at Madusa to stop, but he does not interfere. Finally, Al Hardamann appears from the back sliding into the ring. He throws Madusa out of the ring and the referee Buddy Lane calls for the bell.
[Madusa wins via disqualification after Al Hardamann interfered on behalf of Kimberly at 6:42]

Hardamann rolls out of the ring as DDP enters the ring to see to his wife. Hardamann and DDP just kind of stare at each other from a distance.

Special Grudge Match
Raymond Bingham v Derek St. Holmes
Bingham simply outclassed St.Holmes. The only offense St.Holmes got in was from blatant cheating that quickly wore on the nerves of referee Shiela Bloom. Bingham though prevailed locking on a figure-four.
The Spinebusters came out but much to the shock of the crowd they stayed out of the action, just watching.
St.Holmes looked at them, but they never budged. Finally St. Holmes tapped out.
[Raymond Bingham wins via submission at 7:26]

After Bingham left the Spinebusters entered the ring and beat down their sports agent St. Holmes until security came in and made them stop.

Mark Coleman v Don Frye (Shootfight Spectacular)
Wrestling ring - ropes provide a break.
No time limit - no rounds
No kicking a downed opponent, no eyegouges or bites.
Frye did his best to stay on his feet in this match. Coleman lost his first couple of advantages when Frye managed to get to the ropes for a break. Frye was growing tired and tried for an untimely escape which allowed Coleman to turn Frye and put on a rear naked choke. Frye tapped out.
[Mark Coleman won via tap-out at 10:32]

Bret Hart came out to present Mark Coleman with a trophy as the 1st annual Mid-America Shootfight Spectacular winner. Coleman and Frye shook hands and embraced following the match.

Al Collins & "Gung Ho" Joe Blum v "Young Guns" Greg Pawluk & Johnny Devine
Pawluk & Devine are excellent wrestlers but their lack of size hurt them as they were unable to put away their bigger and much more experienced opponents. For the most part the Young Guns put their animosity behind them and worked as a fluid tag team. However, at a crucial moment after Devine had finally turned the tables after a few minutes of punishment by Blum, Devine elected to stay in the ring instead of making a tag to Pawluk. Blum took back the advantage with a double leg takedown and Devine never got in another rally. Collins finished off Devine with his Air-Al airplane spin into a slam. Pawluk made no attempt to make the save.
[Collins & Blum win via pinfall at 11:27]

Collins and Blum celebrated while Devine was knocked out. Pawluk left the ring alone. However, he never made it to the back, electing instead to grab a chair and return to the ring. Pawluk proceeded to smash the chair over Collins' head, and then did the same to Blum. He helped a very surprised looking Devine to his feet and helped him to the back amidst the fans boos.

Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig (Hardcore)
Corino of course wore his crimson mask proudly in this match. He also showed that he was much more hardcore than Hennig and controlled most of the match. The fans though went ballistic when Curt Hennig made his debut in Mid-America helping his brother win the match by attacking Corino from behind. Jesse ended the match with a Northern lights suplex.
[Jesse Hennig wins via pinfall after outside interference by Curt Hennig at 9:21]

Patriot v Kamala (Last Man Standing)
A bloodfest that ended when the Patriot jumped off the top ringpost to the floor, putting Kamala through a table with a splash. During the match the Patriot got busted open causing him to remove his mask so he could see. He had to wrestle the remainder of the match without his mask.
[The Patriot wins Last Man Standing when Kamala could not answer the 10-count at 18:03]

Freebirds v Extremists/Spartan
The Extremists and Don Spartan are no match for the terror machine known as the Freebirds. Spartan and Storm came into the match sporting injured necks of which the 'birds took full advantage. Whenever the 'birds would get into trouble they would just tag in Buddy McElroy and the dominating big man would take over the match. The finish came when McElroy and Hendrix delivered a stuff piledriver on Spartan.
[Freebirds win via pinfall at 8:58]
Don Spartan was removed from the ring in a stretcher. His neck appears to be injured again.

Steve Riley v Stan Baker (#1 contender match for TV title)
There was a bit of the handing of the torch in this match tonight between two "mega-heels" in Mid-America. Baker started strong, but his raw strength was no match for Riley's conditioning and power. Riley got stronger as the match wore on and Baker became more desperate. Finally, seeing a loss as inevitable Baker left the ring and returned to the ring with the ringbell. Referee Marty Stevens was ready to dq Baker, but Riley struck out with a dragon screw to take Baker down to the mat. Riley mounted Baker and unleashed a flurry of punches to Baker's head. Baker's fingers reached out desperately for the ringbell but to no avail. Riley seized the extended arm and put Baker into an armbreaker submission. Baker tapped out after only a few seconds.
[Steve Riley wins via submission at 11:54]
[Steve Riley is the new #1 contender to the TV title]

WWA World Tag Team Title Match
Blood Brothers (champions) v Spinebusters
Scarlett Birmingham and Julian LeMonie came out at the start of the match and ran their mouths off about the lack of talent in Mid-Am wrestling, calling it PWA's bitch. This firmly set up the hated Spinebusters (Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth) as the fan favorites for the match. This match went back and forth with both teams showing excellent tag team tactics. The end came rather unceremoniously when Caruthers was holding Birmingham and Orth decided to go for a spear. Caruthers didn't move out of the way, but Birmingham did and Orth collided right into the mid-section of Caruthers. LeMonie came into the ring and threw Caruthers out, allowing them to double team Orth. They delivered a double-team brainbuster and got the pin.
[Blood Brothers win via pinfall at 13:18]
[Blood Brothers retain the WWA World Tag Team Titles]

The Blood Brothers overstayed their welcome with a celebration. The Spinebusters regrouped and entered the ring taking it right to the World Champs. They cleared the champs out of the ring. The tag titles had been left behind. Caruthers and Orth imitated wiping their asses with the belts before throwing them over the top rope at the champs.

Semi-Main Event
For the Mid-America TV Championship
DDP (champion) v Al Hardamann
These two men eyed each other carefully as the match began, but as soon as they laid hands on each other they went into full brawl mode. After a few intense minutes of brawling Hardamann took over and began to work on the shoulder and ribs of DDP. After about 10 minutes of constant punishment everyone in the arena seemed ready for Al to regain his title. But Al made the mistake of going to the top rope for his top-rope moonsault, and DDP rolled out of the way. Now it was DDP's turn to punish Hardamann. After about 5 minutes working over the back DDP slapped on a Boston crab. As Hardamann worked his way slowly to the ropes Kimberly came down to ringside looking very bruised from her earlier strap match with Madusa. Al got to the ropes and made the break and the two tussled. An errant soda pop container hit the ring distracting referee Buddy Lane. Lane turned his back to kick the cup and ice out of the ring. While his back was turned Kimberly jumped up on the apron and swung the chair. DDP pulled Hardamann in the way and Kimberly blasted Al in the head. There were looks of uncertainty on the faces of DDP and Kimberly. DDP covered Hardamann and got the pin as the fans heckled and booed.
[Diamond Dallas Page wins by pinfall at 20:40]
[Diamond Dallas Page retains the Mid-America TV championship]

DDP and Kimberly just kind of eyed each other after the match. They left up the ramp together, but a few feet apart, not looking at each other.

In-ring segment:
President Larkin, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, April Hunter, Jim Brunzell, and Jack Lanza enter the ring.
Larkin re-caps the expansion of Mid-America into Canada for the 2002 campaign. Then he announces that in the spirit of the expansion they have decided to re-name the territory. Starting in 2002 the territory will be known as Northern Premiere Wrestling (N.P.W.). Larkin announces that the TV title will be re-named the NPW American Heavyweight Championship, and a new belt would be created to parallel the American belt to be called the NPW Canadian Heavyweight Championship. Interestingly enough, with the exception of renaming the TV belt, most of this segment was booed by the crowd.

Rob van Dam (champion) v Sam Holiday
While RVD controlled much of this match Sam Holiday definitely had his share of chances. With the fans solidly behind local champion Holiday, and with the stiff challenge that he presented RVD, it seemed to spur on the "rulebreaking" side of RVD a little bit. The World Champion seemed to want to take this match outside the ring and hardcore an awful lot. The end came when RVD was on the apron, tossed a chair to Sam Holiday who was on the floor, and then delivered a Van Daminator off the ring apron. Both men were shaken up, but it was the ankle of Holiday not his head that was the deciding factor. Holiday twisted his ankle, an old injury from October 1st that he suffered against Jesse Hennig. A groggy RVD managed to make it back into the ring before the 20 count. Holiday managed to get to the ring apron but when he tried to climb back in the ring his ankle betrayed him and he tumbled to the ground.
[Rob van Dam wins by countout at 22:24]
[Rob van Dam retains the WWA World Heavyweight Championship]

Houselights On.

WWA Mid-America thanks all the fans for their wonderful support and hope to see you at a WWA Northern Premiere Wrestling show in 2002!!!