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Northern Premiere Wrestling
March 2, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#22)

Show opens with a Video taped segment;

Frank Dusek of the PWA: Dusek says that as far as he is concerned Jericho is under contract to PWA, not NPW. However, he says it's no big loss to PWA if Jericho has gone AWOL. Since Jericho is not fulfilling his obligations to the PWA his payroll cheques will be stopped until he returns. Dusek laughs, and says that if Bad Attitude International really is fronting Jericho than this should be no problem. If BAI can afford to bankroll Kevin Nash and Scott Hall surely they can afford to pay a curtain jerker like Jericho.

Special Stipulations Tag Team Match

Al Collins & Joe Blum  v  Young Guns

The winner of this match will go on to the 4-way dance on March 9th to crown new tag team champions. In addition, the losing team must break up as a tag ream.

Joe Blum was isolated early by Pawluk and Devine who worked over his legs with a series of spinning toe holds and kneedrops to the back of the thigh. By the end of the punishment Blum could not stand up. Finally Blum reversed things by grabbing Devine by the tights and heaving him through the ropes to the floor below.

[commercial break]

Crawling over to his corner Blum made the tag to Collins. Al Collins was a house of fire off the hot tag and took it right to Pawluk, even pulling a German suplex out of his bag of tricks. Devine tried to re-enter the ring and attack Collins by surprise, but the veteran spun around just in time and took Devine down with a big boot to the face. However, the IBZ showed up at ringside and passed Pawluk a set of brass knuckles. When Collins turned around Pawluk Ko'd him. But somehow Collins kicked out at the 2 count! Devine regained his feet and helped Pawluk deliver a stuffed piledriver. Blum tried to help out but he could not get to his feet, and Shaggy made sure by pullig him off the apron for good measure. Pawluk covered Collins, and Wiked Klown had wrapped some clear packing tape around Collins feet to help make sure he couldn't kick out.

[Young Guns win by pinfall at 12:51 when Greg Pawluk pins Al Collins after a double team stuffed piledriver and some outside interference by the IBZ]

Post-Match: The Young Guns invite the IBZ into the ring to celebrate with them. However, the IBZ turn on the Young Guns opening a fire extinguisher into their faces and then laying the boots to them.

[commercial break]

Menele v Lash LeRoux

This match was a squash. Menele attacked Leroux at the opening bell and LeRoux managed to get in all of 2 offensive moves the entire match. Menele finished the match with a sequence of suplexes; belly-to-back, t-bone, snap, and finally a belly-to-belly off the top rope for the win.

[Winner by pinfall Menele when he pinned LeRoux after a belly-to-belly superplex at 4:42]

[commercial break]

Fatal 4-Way Match: Winner gets shot at Barry Windham on March 7th in Chicago.

Al Hardamann v Steve Riley v Dallas Page v Chris Jericho

This match started as 2 v 2 when Riley and Jericho (both members of BAI) teamed up. Hardamann and DDP realized that they would have to do likewise to survive. Outside the ring Madusa did her best to help out Jericho and Riley, which caused Kimberly to confront Madusa. This of course drew DDP out of the ring to help his wife who was getting demolished by Madusa. Back inside Jericho signalled to Riley to help him finish off Hardamann while they had the chance - but Riley left the ring instead and tried to get between Madusa and DDP. Hardamann took it right to Jericho inside the ring and had him set up for the vetebreaker when Justice Steel entered the ring (referee Marty Stevens was outside the ring at this point) and nailed Hardamann in the head with a chair. Jericho nailed a herosault and then pinned Hardamann to get the win.

[Winner by pinfall Chris Jericho when he pinned Al Hardamann after a Herosault at 8:11].

Post-Match: April Hunter came out to ringside and joined in the fray, attacking Madusa. She then ripped off Madusa's top causing her to have to cover up. Unable to defend herself with her hands Madusa fell prey to a DDT by April Hunter outside the ring. However, Steve Riley had just left DDP laying after smashing him headfirst into the guardrail, and then turned around and speared April Hunter.