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Northern Premiere Wrestling
September 29, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#3)

[ed. note. This recap is done for the Chicago/Gary area, to promote the show in Chicago on Oct. 1st. Some content may vary from station to station.]

<<< cue "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John >>>
At a combined weight of 453 pounds, accompanied by Madusa, The Graduates - Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms.

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down 'till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
At a combined weight of 537 pounds, the MidAmerican Heavyweight Champion Sam Holiday and the MidAmerican TV Champion Al Hardamann

Sam Holiday & Al Hardamann v The Graduates (Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms /w Madusa)
**The show opens with a big time match which follows on their confrontation from last week's show.
Holiday and Hardamann are all business and take the action to the two youngsters who really don't stand much of a chance. However, Madusa does her best to interfere. At one point Madusa tries to pull Holiday off the apron. Holiday tries to pull his leg away and inadvertently kicks Madusa hard across the face. With Holiday distracted attending to the fallen Madusa, the Graduates temporarily turn the tables. Helms nails the Vertebreaker on Hardamann (a bit of revenge perhaps on the man who used the move a couple of weeks back). O'Haire climbs to the top to deliver the Seanton bomb, but by now Holiday has recovered. Holiday slams himself into the ropes from outside the ring, with enough velocity to cause O'Haire to crotch himself. O'Haire is the legal man and by the time he has tagged in Helms, Hardamann gets up and tags in Holiday. Holiday quickly turns the tide with a series of lariats. He delivers the cradle piledriver and has Helms in position for the Holiday legdrop...when Stan Baker and Jesse Hennig hit the ring and take Holiday down. It's a four on two beating until Steve Corino shows up with a chair to clear the ring.
[Sam Holiday and Al Hardamann win by disqualification at 7:37 due to outside interference]

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Star Spangled Banner" by Jimi Hendrix >>>
In Ring Interview:
Joe Aiello is interviewing the Patriot when Kamala enters the ring with a hammer. Kamala tries to sneak attack the Patriot but Patriot hears him coming and doesn't back down. However, with the help of the hammer, Kamala gets the better of the Patriot, smashing his right knee repeatedly. He then turns his attention to the back of the Patriot landing several shots with the hammer to the lower back before MidAm officials swarm the ring to seperate Kamala from his prey.

We are reminded from last week's program about the stipulations for the next match. If Derek St. Holmes beats Raymond Bingham, then St. Holmes becomes the new agent for Bingham. However, if Bingham wins the match then St. Holmes will be forced to offer to represent whatever wrestler Bingham chooses.

<<< cue "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>
Coming in at 6'2 232 lbs, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the self proclaimed greatest sports entertainment agent in the world...Derek St. Holmes, Esquire

<<< cue "Denial" by Sevendust >>>
And his opponent coming in at 6'2 235 lbs, hailing from Tampa, Florida...Raymond Bingham

Raymond Bingham v Derek St. Holmes, ESQ
It's all Bingham to start as the young lion goes right to work on the legs of Holmes. He punishes him with spinning toe holds, leglocks, a kneebreaker, and then a figure-four which Holmes barely escapes. The tide of the match turns when Bingham goes for the brainbuster, but takes too long to set it up and Holmes counters with a knee to the groin, followed by a vertical suplex. St. Holmes maintains the advantage for a couple of minutes with mostly illegal tactics before he purposefully shoves Bingham into the ref.
With the ref knocked out St. Holmes goes for a chain under the ring which he wraps around his fist. Bingham blocks the first attempt, but the second punch gets through and levels Bingham. Holmes goes over to wake up the ref Jurgen Hermann, only to get the surprise of his life when he is yanked by his feet from the ring. In the shock of the night the Spinebusters Jerry Orth and Bryan Caruthers have come out to help Bingham? They take turns punching Holmes before Caruthers nails him with a spinebuster on the floor. They roll Holmes back into the ring. Hermann recovers before either wrestler, and begins his count. Holmes is on his feet first but when he stumbles over to try and pin Bingham, he is surprised again. This time Bingham reaches up and takes Holmes down to the mat where he applies the ankle lock sumbission. Holmes quickly taps out.
The Spinebusters are long gone by now, and both Holmes and Bingham are left trying to sort out what just happened.
[Raymond Bingham wins by submission at 8:52 when Holmes taps out to the ankle lock submission.]

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor >>>
In-ring Promo:
"Gung-ho" Joe Blum wheels his partner Al Collins to the ring in a wheelchair. Collins gets into the ring with the help of a pair of crutches.
Blum and Collins proceed to parody themselves showing clips of their younger wrestling days which they claim to be from the 40's. Blum even makes fun of Collins' comb over hair style.
Then the tag partners snap out of the comedy bit and get serious, shouting at the Spinebusters not to underestimate the power of experience and superior training. Blum and Collins say that once the IBZ have had their tag shot tonight, then all the top tag teams will have received a title shot, except for one; Collins and Blum. They warn the Spinebusters and IBZ to give them a title shot the easy way, or be forced to cough it up the hard way.

<<< cue "Flee" by Kindred >>>
introducing at 6'0, 255 pounds, from parts unknown, Menele.

<<< cue "Bad Religion" by Godsmack >>>
and his opponent coming in at 5'11, 227 pounds, from Edwardsville, Illinois, the Battlecat...Kurt Barnes !!!

Battlecat Kurt Barnes v Menele
This match starts interestingly enough as the men trade moves, each taking turns nailing a German Suplex, a spear, a camel clutch, and a swinging neckbreaker. Barnes is a bit better of a technician but Menele shows that with his strength advantage he can hold his own. Then Menele gets out of hand, with a chop to the throat, thumb to the eye, and fishooks the corner of Barnes' mouth. Menele then trows Barnes to the outside of the ring. He tosses Barnes into the guardrail and then the ringsteps. Referee Buddy Lane calls for the DQ, but Menele refuses to stop the punishment. When Lane tries to step in the way he is greeted by a powerslam. Menele goes on a rampage, and not even the combined efforts of Sammy Jo Simon, Kevin Matthews, and Alex Rider can stop the carnage. Finally there are just too many wrestlers and security guards in between Menele and Barnes so he leaves.
[Kurt Barnes wins by disqualification at 4:13]

[commercial break]

<<< cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>

Commisioner Jim Brunzell is in the ring, along with his assistant Jack Lanza. This marks Brunzell's first on-air appearance as Commissioner.
Brunzell is visibly upset and says that the bullshit going on tonight will not be tolerated. We have had three matches so far tonight and none of them have been cleanly contested.
He warns all wrestlers in the dressing room to stay the hell away from the ring for tonight's main event.
He calls Menele the worst offender tonight, and a disgrace to wrestling. He fines him an undisclosed amount for attacking referee Buddy Lane. But on top of that he promises to "get" Menele where he lives. If he wants carnage then he's going to get carnage. On October 13th's edition of All-American Wrestling Menele has been signed to participate in a 3-way Hardcore dance. Brunzell apologizes to the MidAm fans who usually are accustomed to fine mat wrestling, but calls it something that needs to be done.
One of Menele's opponents will be none other than BALLS MAHONEY!! However, the other opponent will be a big surprise for everyone.
Brunzell however is not done and next calls out Stan Baker to the ring. He chastises Baker for his interference tonight against Holiday and for his actions last week in the brawl against Steve Corino. Baker just stares at Brunzell defiantly. Brunzell then calls out Corino. He tells Corino that while he may not have been the aggressor last week, his actions were still indecent. He gives the men the option of settling this in the ring at Chicago on October 1st in a steel cage. Both men accept without hesitation.

Jason Sensation re-caps the line-up for the huge October 1st show in Chicago, Illinois.
*Steve Corino to take on Sinister Stan Baker in a steel cage.
*Sam Holiday to defend his MidAm Heavyweight title against Jesse Hennig
*Diamond Dallas Page and Al Hardamann join forces to take on the Graduates - Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms.
*The Spinebusters defend their MidAm Tag Team titles in a best 2 out of 3 falls match against The Amazing Malenkos.
*The Patriot gets a chance for revenge against Kamala the Ugandan Giant
*Balls Mahoney makes his official premiere in MidAm in what should be a bloody confrontation with Menele.
*In another potential bloodletting, Dirty Don Spartan and Max Pain lock it up one more time.
*In a battle between two fan favorite tag teams, The Extremists (Ace Darling/Devon Storm) do battle with the Young Guns (Greg Pawluk/Johnny Devine).
*J.J. Extreme does battle with Alex Rider.

[commercial break]

for the MidAmerican Tag Team Titles
The Spinebusters (Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth) (c)
The IBZ (Wiked Klown and Shaggy)
[match joined in progress]
When we join this match the Spinebusters are in control, but we are told that the IBZ had controlled much of the early going with some "original shenanighans".
Caruthers is kicking away at a downed Wiked Klown in the corner of the ring. He biels him out to the middle of the ring. Klown tries to crawl to Shaggy but Caruthers catches him with a full-nelson pulling him to his feet. After a few seconds of punishment Caruthers turns it into a devastating full-nelson suplex. Orth is tagged in and drops a series of elbows to the back of Klown. Klown lay in the ring, face down, spasms in his left arm the only signs of life.
Orth then grabs him by the head and yells "don't cross the Spinebusters..now go tell your friend", and he tosses Klown into Shaggy's corner. Shaggy tags in and very hesitantly enters the ring. Orth tries to lock up Shaggy only to watch his opponent deftly slide between his legs. Shaggy heads out of the ring and preceeds to be chased around the ring by both Spinebusters. Shaggy gets into the centre of the ring with the Spinebusters and referee Wayne Hart far behind.
As Orth enters the ring he is surprised by a FIREBALL thrown by Wiked Klown. Caruthers in his surprise goes to help out his partner and is immediately under siege from both members of IBZ. After some double teaming which is broken up by Wayne Hart, they throw Caruthers out of the ring.
Wiked Klown hoists Orth, whose hands are still over his face, onto his shoulders while Shaggy climbs to the top rope. Shaggy beats the five count being administered by Wayne Hart and lands an elevated splash, ending up sitting on Orth in a pinning position. But by now Caruthers has recovered and is on the apron entering the ring. Wayne Hart gets to his feet, instead of counting, and goes to cut-off Caruthers.
From the back suddenly appears Raymond Bingham, sliding under the bottom rope with a steel chair. He proceeds to nail Shaggy in the back with the chair, and then Klown off the apron with a chair shot to the head.
Bingham rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, being jeered by the fans who once cheered him.
Back inside the ring, Orth recovers first and drapes an arm over the knocked out Shaggy for the pin.
[The Spinebusters win by pinfall when Orth pins Shaggy following outside interference 4:37 televised, approximately 12:00 overall.]

The announcers want an explanation from young Raymond Bingham, and remind us of Jim Brunzell's edict that no one better dare interfere in the main event.