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Northern Premiere Wrestling
October 20, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#6)

The show begins from the end of last week's show, with the tape machines running.
Inside the ring Stan Baker has Kimberly in a full nelson and Madusa is taunting her with a strap, and giving her a few slaps across the face. Diamond Dallas Page has recovered and is fighting like crazy to get into the ring but is being fended off by Hennig and Helms. Steve Corino has also recovered now but is clocked with a chair shot from Sean O'Haire as he tries to enter the ring. From the crowd emerges a bloodied Al Hardamann, who manages to slip into the ring before the pack is onto him. However, this allows DDP to also enter the ring and now the heels flee the ring and head through the crowd. DDP tends to a distraught Kimberly while Steve Corino and Al Hardamann stand guard, both wearing crimson masks.

[commercial break]

The announce team of Joe Aiello, Cyrus, and Jason Sensation remind us of the epic feud occuring between the Spinebusters and the Malenkos in arenas all across the territory. They tell us of 30-minute draws, and double countouts. Neither team seeming to get the upper hand. Cyrus reminds us that the Spinebusters just managed to get through a mega feud with the legends of middle America, the Road Warriors. It was the victory in that feud that really has catapulted the Spinebusters into stardom. Jason then informs us that the Road Warriors' appearance last week was in fact just a way to say goodbye. They are moving on. Getting back to the Spinebusters and Malenkos feud, Joe says that it can't be ignored any longer. So, in recognition of the feud Mid-Am has put together a hi-light package from some of the "hand-held" video footage taken at this past month's house shows.
<<< cue "Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version)" by Metallica >>>
A solid 10 minutes of hi-lights of the Spinebusters against the Malenkos.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Psychotron" by Megadeth>>>
Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is one fall scheduled for 15 minutes. Coming to the ring hailing from the darkness of Uganda, coming in at 6'7 360 pounds, the Ugandan headhunter, Kamala !!!
The fans boo this long time fiend.

And his opponent,
<<< cue "Outlaw" by the Cult >>>
Coming in at 5'11 and 231 pounds, hailing from Beaumont Texas, the Outlaw, Sammy Jo Simon !!!
Simon gets a polite cheer from the crowd.

Simon is all over Kamala at the beginning of the match, his hand speed and jabs catching the monster by surprise. He backs Kamala to the ropes, but then the big man lashes out and grabs Simon with both hands to the throat. Simon though stomps twice on Kamals's feet to get the break and then whips him across the ring. Simon delivers a flying dropkick, but he is the only one who falls down. When he stands up Kamala is waiting for him with a scoop slam. Kamala beats his chest and then whips Simon into the corner and follows in with an avalanche. Kamala climbs to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a splash onto a prone Simon, and then pins him.
[Winner by pinfall Kamala after a splash from the second turnbuckle at 1:47]

Post-Match; Kamala climbs to the top turnbuckle and appears as if he is going to splash down on Simon. However, The Patriot appears, sliding into the ring and punches Kamala in the gut a few times and then tosses him into the ring. The Patriot and Simon then vacate the premises.

[commercial break]

When we return a match is already in progress. The announce team informs us that this is a tag team triple threat match. One member of each of the 3 teams can be in the ring at once, and you can only tag out to your own partner. First fall wins.
The three teams are;
Young Guns (Pawluk/Devine), the IBZ (Shaggy/Wiked Klown) and Al Collins/Joe Blum
The main story here is the devious tactics of IBZ, including the use of a fire extinguisher into Devine's face, and Collins and Blum's ability to brawl. On the other hand Pawluk seems to have no desire or ability to brawl or cheat and often goes for submission holds and is then creamed by the 3rd participant. The end of the match comes when Collins nails Devine (still recovering from the fire extinguisher in the eyes) with an inverted atomic drop, and then takes him down with a big clothesline. However, before the clothesline could hit Devine had swung out blindly and nailed ref Jurgen Hermann. Collins nailed Devine with the clothesline, and then as he got to his feet Shaggy nailed Collins with a sitdown faceslam. A groggy Hermann counted the pin despite the fact that Wiked Klown was helping his partner by lying across the legs of Collins. Blum could not make the save in time, and Pawluk just looked on from the apron in frustration.
[Winners of the match by pinfall the IBZ when Shaggy (and Wiked Klown) pinned Collins after a sitdown faceslam at 13:41 with 5:05 televised]

Post-Match: Devine argues with his partner Pawluk. Then when they are done arguing they walk right into a brawl with Collins and Blum who route the younger and smaller tag team out of the ring.

[commercial break]

Studio Interview:
Joe Aiello is interviewing Commissioner Jim Brunzell regarding the status of Sam Holiday. Brunzell says that on October 14th in Grand Rapids, Sam Holiday no-showed his scheduled title defense against Stan Baker. This is the first time that Brunzell knows of that Holiday has no-showed a title defense. That night Al Hardamann had already beat a very game Max Pain to defend his TV title. When Holiday no-showed the fans were very upset, so Hardamann offered to wrestle Baker. Baker accepted but made Hardamann put the TV title on the line. Hardamann barely escaped with the title when the match ended a 20-minute draw.
Brunzell called Holiday the next day to make sure he was in Flint for that night's card, or he would be stripped of his title. Holiday explained that he had been taking extra pain medicine and had fallen asleep. He promised it wouldn't happen again. That next night in Flint, Holiday put on a good show pinning Stan Baker after about 13 minutes. Last night in Kalamazoo he cleanly pinned Jesse Hennig to defend his Mid-American title once again. So, it would appear that Holiday has improved his attitude and his ring presence this week. Tonight in Gary Indiana, the main event will be an 8-man elimination tag match with Holiday, Hardamann, Page, and Corino taking on Baker, Hennig, O'Haire, and Helms. Holiday still refuses to talk on camera regarding his status, but promises to make a statement on next week's show.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
Diamond Dallas Page comes out accompanied by Al Hardamann. He calls Baker a jerk for what he did to Kimberly, and a "tough guy" for picking on a woman. He challenges him to try a real man, like DDP. If he likes straps so much, let's tie ourselves together with a strap and have a good old fashioned strap match. Hardamann then suggests that he be handcuffed to Jesse Hennig to make sure he doesn't interfere in the match. The Graduates will be banned from ringside.

<<< cue "Rest in Peace" by Extreme >>>
Sinister Stan Baker and Jesse Hennig come out to the walkway. They seem to be enjoying a good laugh. Baker says its nice that DDP can make up this fantasy world he's living in, and suggests that he go back to never, never land where he originated from.

DDP just points behind Baker. When Baker and Hennig turn around they see Commissioner Jim Brunzell, Jack Lanza, Wayne Hart, Steve Corino, Marcus Schultz, and Dirty Don Spartan standing behind them. Brunzell says the match is "stipulated by the office" and instructs Wayne Hart to "get it on".

The group prod Baker to the ring, and get Hennig handcuffed to Hardamann near the announce table. The strap is attached to Baker but he doesn't wait for it to be attached to DDP as he attacks right away. With the use of the strap he takes the early advantage, whipping DDP down to his knees. DDP makes a comeback with a lowblow and then shows his strength with a fireman's carry into a slam. He gets a 2 count. He tries to untie the strap from Baker, but it takes too long and Baker thumbs DDP to the throat. Baker now uses the strap to try and choke out DDP. DDP though manages to toss Baker outside the ring. The two brawl outside the ring, with DDP picking up a wrench to even the odds against the strap. Baker flees back inside the ring and catches DDP coming in with a kick, and then a sidewalk slam. Baker forgets the strap and goes to work on DDP with his power, including a Canadian backbreaker, and a hangman to wear DDP down. Baker goes for the heartpunch but DDP blocks it, twists the arm of Baker into a hammerlock. From there DDP turns it into an inverted DDT. DDP stands up and gives the "BANG" sign to the crowd.
Suddenly Madusa appears at ringside, and taunts DDP who falls for the distraction. Outside the ring Hennig tried to attack Hardamann, but the "Wild Thing" was not surprised and took control of Hennig. Hardamann took Hennig and gave him a piledriver through the announce table.
Inside Baker tried to pearl harbor DDP from behind but the veteran moved out of the way and Baker collided with Madusa. DDP then gave Baker the Diamond cutter. Instead of going for the pin DDP left the ring and dragged Madusa into the ring. He tossed Madusa into the corner, and when she came out he gave her a diamond cutter too. DDP then went for the pin on Baker, but he had recovered too much and kicked out at two. We have to go to a commercial break due to the length of this match.

[commercial break]

DDP v Stan Baker continues.
Baker is in control and pummeling DDP. He has the strap off his wrist and uses it to hang DDP over the top rope. Wayne Hart threatens Baker with a DQ, and actually goes outside the ring to the apron and holds up DDP's feet to take the pressure off his hanging neck. Baker makes the mistake of going for a gorilla press slam, and taking too long posing with DDP above his shoulders, as DDP rolls off Baker and takes him down with a diamond cutter and gets a pretty quick 3 count from Wayne Hart.
[Winner by pinfall Diamond Dallas Page after a Diamond Cutter at 12:23 with 9:30 televised]

DDP and Al Hardamann stand tall as we,