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What's Next?
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The Next Steps in the Project

I will not be re-visiting your rosters.

If your roster was not included in this list then please send me a list in practically any format with the name of the wrestler. If you have height, weight and hometown please feel free to include them as well.

PLEASE check over your roster to the list. If i missed any names, or you have had changes in the last week of two that are not reflected, or if you have guys not on your roster, etc, send me the info so i can update the list.

I want to add all managers, valets, commentators, etc, to the list. Anyone you may want to copyright basically. Send me a list with their name and their position. I do not want to have to hunt all over 20 different web pages to find this info, please take the time to send it to me.

PLEASE check out the conflicts page and let me know of any resolution.

From here on forward please send me an email with any changes to your roster. Just because you post it on the message board isn't good enough because you can't be sure that i will see it. Please take the time to do that extra step.

IF you want any additional info, height, weight, hometown of your wrestlers listed than send it to me in an e-amil.

I will be updating the list in batches, not real-time, so expect a lag of about a week between updates.