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Welcome to the WWA/NPW Roster Tracker

This is my attempt to keep track of who is under contract and to what federation.

Eventually I may add some free agent tracking but for now this will only track signed wrestlers.

It is essential that I get changes in rosters sent to me by Chris Champion and John Fredrickson. It is far better that I receive multiple notifications than to receive none.

I do not have the power to make roster changes official, or to endorse the signing of free agents.
While I hope this site will make the process easier for all involved, all changes must still be endorsed by your respective Presidents.

By helping me keep this list up to date, you make it easier for everyone to sign free agents, and you protect yourself from having other people accidently using your talent.

Wrestlers appear "TNM style". In other words by their first name, or prefix such as "The", and with nicknames stripped from the beginning of the name.
i.e. for The Rock, look under "R" for Rocky Maivia. Names should only appear once. So, if you are trying to figure out if Dustin Rhodes is taken, it is best to look under as many possible names as you can; Dustin, Goldust, Se7en, etc.


My thanks in advance go out to John Fredrickson and Chris Champion for helping with this initiative.

Link to WWA Free Agent/Trade Board

Link to NWA Free Agent/Trade Board

Fed Abbreviations Used
APW - Australia Pro Wrestling (WWA)
CAN - Canadian Championship Wrestling (NWA)
CMLL - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (WWA)
CPW - Commonwealth Pro Wrestling (NWA)
CWA - Championship Wrestling Americas (WWA)
FCW - Florida Championship Wrestling (NWA)
GLW - Great Lakes Wrestling (NWA)
HPW - Hammerlock Pro Wrestling (NWA)
IPW - International Pro Wrestling (WWA)
IWRG - International Wrestling Revolution Group (NWA)
MAPW - Mid-Atlantic Pro Wrestling (NWA)
MWW - Mid-West Wrestling (NWA)
NCW - Nations Capital Wrestling (NWA)
NEW - New England Wrestling (NWA)
NJPW - New Japan Pro Wrestling (WWA)
NPW - Northern Premiere Wrestling (WWA)
PCFF - Pro Combat Fighting Federation (WWA)
PWA - Pro Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
PWF - Psychopathic Wrestling Federation (NWA)
SCW - Scottish Championship Wrestling (NWA)
SFE - Singapore/Far-East (WWA)
STLWC- St.Louis Wrestling Club (NWA)
TSW - Texas Stampede Wrestling (NWA)
WAR - Wrestle Arts Revolution (NWA)
WCCW - World Class Championship Wrestling (WWA)
WCW - World Championship Wrestling (NWA)
WSW - Western States Wrestling (NWA)
ZO - Zero-One Wrestling (NWA)

e-mail all roster changes here