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Schedule for 2002

2002 Northern Premiere Wrestling Schedule

8th The King Lives House Show St.Paul, Minnesota
10th TV Taping St. Paul Minnesota (airs on 12th/19th)
11th House Show Omaha, Nebraska
12th House Show Lincoln, Nebraska
17th House Show Davenport, Iowa
18th House Show Des Moines, Iowa
20th House Show Duluth, Minnesota
24th TV Taping Chicago, Illinois (airs on 26th/2nd)
25th House Show Gary, Indiana
27th House Show Detroit, Michigan
31st House Show Lansing, Michigan

1st House Show Indianapolis, Indiana
2nd House Show Green Bay, Wisconsin
3rd House Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7th TV Taping Edmonton, Alberta (airs on 9th/16th)
8th House Show Calgary, Alberta
9th House Show Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
10th House Show Winnipeg, Manitoba
15th House Show Hamilton, Ontario
16th House Show Toronto, Ontario
17th House Show Ottawa, Ontario
21st TV Taping St. Paul, Minnesota (airs on 23rd/2nd)
22nd House Show Omaha, Nebraska
23rd House Show Lincoln, Nebraska
28th House Show Davenport, Iowa

1st House Show Des Moines, Iowa
3rd House Show Mankato, Minnesota

Barry Windham 2002 Farewell Tour
7th TV Taping Chicago, Illinois (airs on 9th/16th)

8th House Show Springfield, Illinois
10th House Show Detroit, Michigan
11th House Show Kalamazoo, Michigan
12th House Show Flint, Michigan
14th House Show Indianapolis, Indiana
15th House Show LaCrosse, Wisconsin
17th SUPER TEAM CHALLENGE Milwaukee, Wisconsin
21st TV Taping Edmonton, Alberta (airs on 23rd/30th)
22nd House Show Lethbridge, Alberta
23rd House Show Medicine Hat, Alberta
24th House Show Calgary, Alberta
25th House Show Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
30th House Show Winnipeg, Manitoba

2nd House Show Toronto, Ontario
4th TV Taping St. Paul, Minnesota (airs on 6th/13th)
6th House Show Hamilton, Ontario
7th House Show Ottawa, Ontario

more dates to be announced soon.

Preliminary SuperCard Schedule
March 7th - Barry Windham Farewell Tour 2002 - Chicago, IL
March 17th Super Team Challenge Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 4th Independents Day t.b.a.
September Battle Royal Series
October 26th Tag Team Turmoil t.b.a.
December 14th Revelations/End of Days 2 St. Paul, Minnesota
December 31st New Years in Sun City South Africa