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Northern Premiere Wrestling (N.P.W.) Homepage

President & C.E.O. - Mr. Jack Larkin
Assistant to the C.E.O. - Ms April Hunter
Vice-President Canada - Mr Bret Hart
Canadian Commissioner - Mr Bret Hart
American Commissioner - vacant
Assistant Commisioner - Mr Jack Lanza
Executive Producer Television - Mr Hart Hanson
Director Television - Mr Trevor Suffield
Special Consultant - Mr Owen Hart
Special Consultant - Mr Nick Bockwinkel
Canadian Co-ordinator - Mr Bob Holliday
Head of the Ring Crew - Ralphus

Play by Play Broadcaster - Joe Aiello
Color Commentary - Cyrus
3rd man in the broadcast booth - Jason Sensation
Interviews - Jim Davies

Head Referee - Wayne Hart
Referee - Buddy Lane
Referee - Marty Stevens
Referee - Jurgen Hermann
Referee - Shiela Bloom