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A Proud Member of the World Wrestling Alliance


In the heart of the continent lies land that looks tame and inviting on the surface. But as those who settled soon
found out, these lands are a test of one's strength, cunning, skill, and endurance. Regularly ravished by floods, ripped up by tornadoes, subject to extreme cold in the winter, and drought in the summer, these idyllic looking lands tested pioneers to the limits.

The people of the heartland are a lot like the land. On the surface they seem down to earth, pacified, and tame. But
as those who cross them find out, they have an inner fury which can be launched like a thunderstorm, and strike like

It's no wonder that they like their wrestling rough, stiff, traditional, and violent. It is within this backdrop that
Mid-American Pro Wrestling operated and served. It is said that the heartland of America is going through a
resurgence, and so is Mid-American Pro Wrestling.

Now with its expansion into Canada complete, we have been reborn as Northern Premiere Wrestling.

Welcome to the Proving Grounds



N.P.W. is Proud to Host the Champion of Champions,
Barry Windham comes to the Windy City!!!

Last night in Chicago, NPW was host to the Champion of Champions, as the Barry Windham 2001 Farewell tour made its only stop in NPW.
It takes a lot to upstage the Undisputed World Champion of wrestling, but Windham was indeed upstaged, and the World Wrestling Alliance was rocked by what occured last night.
Detailed write-ups will appear to cover last night's 4 hour show when it appears on All-American Pro Wrestling on MArch 9th and 16th, with special 2-hour editions each night.
PWI senior editor-in-chief Bill Apter was on hand last night and called this show the most significant show in the history of Mid-Am and NPW wrestling.
Here is a quick run down of the results.

The night's opening match saw NPW American champion "Total Destruction" Steve Riley take on NPW Canadian champion Rocky Maivia in a non-title match. Riley had the upper hand in much of this match. Bret Hart came down to cheer on Maivia, but Rocky didn't seem to appreciate Bret's prescence so he rocked him with a right hand outside the ring. Then Riley speared Rocky in the lower back, sending Rocky colliding with Bret and landing on him. Bret looked to be quite hurt as did Rocky. A concerned Wayne Hart then applied the 3 count on the pinfall even though it was outside the ring.

There was a funny segment with Chris Jericho giving "props" to our special guest tonight Nick Bockwinkel. Jericho was his usual smart ass self.

Bockwinkel was out for the next match as the special guest referee between CWA Americas Champion Cesar DeHoyas and Curt Hennig. Hennig kept trying to get Bockwinkel to help him but Bock called the match right down the middle. A very fired up DeHoyas wound up with a clean victory.

The next match featured Marcus Schultz taking on Buddy MCElroy of the Freebirds. Schultz was acquitting himself quite well in a very exciting contest, but then Troy Black came out and tried to help Schultz with some interference. Referee Buddy Lane caught Black, and McElroy was awarded the match by DQ.

Next up was a tag team qualifier. The winning team gets into the 4-way match later tonight for the vacant NPW Tag Titles that had been forfeited due to the injury of Jerry Orth of the spinebusters. Chris Jericho brought out his team of Sean O'Haire and Justice Steele, and demanded to know who they would face. Out came Bryan Caruthers (the other member of the Spinebusters) and his tag partner for tonight Mean Mike Enos. And leading this Minnesota duo to the ring was none other than Nick Bockwinkel. Due in part to Bockwinkel neutralizing Jericho, Caruthers and Enos were able to beat their inferior opponents.

Next up was what will be the main event shown on March 9th's TV show. Newly crowned WWA North American Champion Dan Jesser defended his title against PWI Rookie of the Year Raymond Bingham. Bingham was accompanied to the ring by Madusa. Bingham had some momentum early on but Jesser got on a roll and had the match well in hand until Kai Hanson came bursting through the crowd. Madusa caught on quick to what was about to happen and distracted referee Marty Stevens. Hanson entered the ring and demolished Jesser with the ringbell to the back of the head. He left the ring long enough to allow Stevens to count the 3 count and Raymond Bingham is the new WWA North American Champion. Following the match Hanson presented the title belt to Bingham who was joined in the celebration by his leader Chris Jericho. Hanson then clotheslined both men from behind and laid the boots to both of them and then again to Jesser. NPW security surrounded the ring but were held back as Hanson was allowed to cut a promo telling off the American fans.

Al Hardamann defended his NPW Heavyweight title against his allie Diamond Dallas Page. Hardamann took advantage of a DDP mistake and won clean. Kimberly looked a little pissed off at DDP for losing.

The Patriot defeated Eric Scott, but was decimated after the match by Scott.

Next up was a "Last Blood" match between bitter rivals Jesse Hennig and Steve Corino. All wrestlers, referees, and other NPW officials were banned from ringside. ONLY the Illinois State sports representative and the medical doctor were allowed to sit at ringside. The match would continue until the state (at the guidance of the MD) called it off because one man could not continue. Not much of this match will be able to be shown on Television. Both men were bloodied early, and as the doctor began to look pretty concerned the match began to drift from ringside. The State rep and doctor simply could not keep up with the wrestlers as they fought through the arena. Finally the two stopped long enough while fighting in the parking lot for the doctor to have a good look. He called for the bell declaring that Steve Corino had lost too much blood and could not continue, awarding the match to Jesse Hennig.

Next up was a 4-way tag match for the vacant NPW Tag titles. It was done elimination style and the tag team of the MAlenkos was eliminated first by the Freebirds. Next the Young Guns were eliminated by the Freebirds. Finally however, the tag team of Bryan Caruthers and Mike Enos (seconded by Nick Bockwinel) won the contest when Caruthers pinned Hendrix after a spinebuster. Caruthers and Enos are the new NPW tag team champions.

The male fans really enjoyed the next match, a catfight between Madusa and April Hunter, with Kimberly as the special guest referee. Since Madusa is a member of Jericho's BAI group, and Steve Riley also a member of Jericho's group has been trying to recruit Kimberly, it looked like this might be a good test of Kimberly's allegiances. Well for what it was worth Kimbelry began to call the match right down the middle but in the end she helped April Hunter defeat Madusa by flipping Madusa's leg off the bottom rope and then still counting the 1, 2, 3.

Sinister Stan Baker beat Playboy Vincent Regliatti, but Baker was punked out after the match by Regliatti and Eric Scott.

And then it was time for the main event of the evening. You'll have to watch the TV show on the 16th to see the details of this match but Barry Windham took on Chris Jericho for the Undisputed World Title. While Jericho put up a good fight Barry Windham ended up winning clean (or as clean as Windham ever wins).

Following the match Windham had the mic and was about to speak when he was interrupted by NPW President Jack Larkin who came to the ring in a suit, accompanied by April Hunter in an evening gown. They carried a trophy to the ring. This was the first time Larkin ever appeared LIVE on a Mid-AM or NPW show. He wanted to pay tribute to the champion of champions. Instead Windham mocked Larkin and refereed to comments Larkin had made recently on the PWA site about Windham. Windham took the mic away from Larkin, cut his closing promo, pushed Larkin to the ground, took the trophy in one hand and April Hunter in the other arm and left the arena...still the undisputed World Champion..still the champion of champions.

Farewell Mr. Windham