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Northern Premiere Wrestling
November 3, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#8)

<<<cue "Freebirds" by Lynard Skynard >>>
Inside the ring, Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth stand absolutely stunned. The fans are going nuts as the camera shakes from their applause. The Malenkos holding their newly won tag belts are a bit slower to acknowledge what is occuring, but they now stand dumbfounded at ringside. The fans are on their feet reigning down a mix of cheers and boos. Buddy McElroy, Terry Hendrix, and Van Hammer make their way to the ring. They pause to confront the Malenkos and offer to shake their hands. Reluctantly the Malenkos oblige and shake. The Freebirds then enter the ring acknowledging for the first time the cheers of the crowd. Caruthers and Orth are still standing like a deer caught in the headlights. Surprisingly the Freebirds offer their hands to shake as well to the Spinebusters who accept, and then as if broken from their trance leave the ring. Both the Malenkos and the Spinebusters wait outside the ring, the controversial championship change and their epic feud temporarily forgotten.
Hendrix has the mic.
"Twin Citiiiesss.middellllle America, take notice my brothers, that the Freebirds, the only, yes, the ONLY, true tradition in tag team wrestling, have come to your town, today. Safe to say, but your lifes will never again be the same, no more lonely Saturday nights ladies, no more doldrums watching the wheat grow, waiting for the snowfall. The Freebirds are here to dominate the way that only a Southern gent can dominate a Yankee wife. We thought it only fair to come out today and make our presence known, but that is the last break we will be giving out in this territory - unless its a bone. The tag titles will be ours, the TV titles will be ours, and that pantywaist Sam Holiday can bet his ragged old ass that the man to beat him for the Middle America championship will be none less than Buddy McElroy. Tell 'em Buddy"
The fans have now turned on the Freebirds and drown out Buddy's opening comments in jeers.
"Lissteenn up, hicks. I am quite simply the most underated star in pro wrestling today. And why am I underated do you ask? 'cause I ain't no promoter's bitch. We ain't here for a long time, just a good time. You brought us in to boost up the ratings, to boost up the live crowds, and we'll do that, and when we run over all the compeition here, which should take maybe 3 months, we will be gone - just like that - with 40 pounds of your championship gold. 'cause the Freebirds are the ONLY tag team tradition in wrestling."

[commercial break]

The announce crew remind us that footage was from last week as the cameras kept rolling after the Malenkos captured the tag belts from the Spinebusters.

Tag Team Match:
The IBZ (Shaggy and Wiked Klown) over The Extremists (Ace Darling and Devon Storm) after Shaggy and Wiked Klown double teamed Ace Darling with the "Boink the Clown". Shaggy pinned Darling at 5:54.

[commercial break]

The IBZ refused to leave the ring and cut a promo dissing Raymond Bingham after their run in last week. Bingham comes out and with the help of the Extremists lay a beating on the IBZ. The beating ends when Derek St. Holmes comes out with Ed "the Hammer" Harris, challenging Bingham to a match.

Challenge Match:
Raymond Bingham over Ed "The Hammer" Harris (/w Derek St. Holmes, Esq) by pinfall with the Brainbuster after 2:59. Bingham sent a message to St.Holmes and the Spinebusters about just how good he is, by toying with Harris before putting him away with his secondary finisher. Then he challenges St.Holmes to do better.

Al Hardamann cuts a promo calling tonight the time and place for DDP to learn about loyalty, and the way things are done in Middle America. DDP accepts the challenge and the match is tonight.

[commercial break]

Tag Team Match
The Graduates: Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms (/w Madusa) over "Battlekat" Kurt Barnes and Sammy Jo Simon by pinfall when O'Haire pinned Barnes after the Seanton bomb at 12:02 (5:34 televised).
After the match Sean O'Haire held Barnes over his knee so Madusa could spank Barnes.

Commissioner Jim Brunzell gave a tape recorded statement regarding the tag team titles. First off Brunzell confirmed that the referees in MidAm have final say in their matches and their calls can not be overturned in cases of judgement. Wayne Hart was completely correct in the first ruling when he counted the 3 count but upon discovering that the legal man was not the man pinned reversed his decision. It was the right call. However, when Wayne Hart, who is the head referee, decided to put "time back on the clock" for the stoppage, he made a grave error. Nowhere in the rules of Middle America wrestling does it allow for any time out. The official time must be kept running after the bell has sounded. And as such, time had run out when the match resumed. Brunzell is stepping in and reversing the decision made by Hart and giving the titles back to the Spinebusters!
Furthermore, there appears to be no resolution in sight for this great feud. Therefore, the Malenkos will not be granted anymore tag title shots until "Revelations/End of Days". At that supercard the Malenkos will take on the Spinebusters (or whoever are tag champions) in a steel cage match where a decision must be rendered by pinfall or submission. The referee for that match will again be Wayne Hart. Until that match the Spinebusters will continue to defend their titles against other deserving teams.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The fans greet Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly with a mixture of cheers and boos.

<<< cue "Wild Thing" by the Troggs >>>
The fans greet TV Champion Al Hardamann with a standing ovation.

Main Event:
Middle America TV Title Defense
Al Hardamann (champion) v Diamond Dallas Page (/w Kimberly)

Despite the hard feelings between the two fan favorites they shake hands to begin the match. Collar elbow hook-up and Hardamann goes right to plan B with a kick to the gut of DDP. Hardamann goes to work on the back of DDP with forearms, bow and arrow, and a backbreaker. He even tries to put on a sharpshooter but is kicked off by DDP. Now DDP turns the tables with a series of kicks that forces Al back into the corner. A series of shoulder drives into the corner by DDP before he biels him out into the middle of the ring. DDP goes to work with an armbar, and a standing wristlock. Hardamann gets to the ropes and then the two spill out to the floor. Hardamann gets the better of the brawl on the floor and sends DDP crashing into the barricade. Back inside the ring Hardamann goes for a Vertebreaker but DDP deftly slips out of the hold, spins Hardamann around and plants him with a DDT. After a two count DDP waits and sets up a Diamond Cutter but Hardamann blocks it and then takes DDP down to the mat in a crossface. DDP is in agony but refuses to give up and after over a minute in the move gets to the ropes. While referee Marty Stevens is distracted checking on DDP to see if he still wants to continue, Kimberly jumps on the apron and blasts Hardamann in the face with her cosemetic case. The case must have had something heavier then eye shadow however, as Hardamann stumbled to his knees in pain. When he got up a confused looking DDP delivered the Diamond Cutter, and Stevens laid down the 1, 2, 3.!!!
[Diamond Dallas Page defeated Al Hardamann by pinfall after a Diamond Cutter in 6:23]
[Diamond Dallas Page wins the Middle America TV Championship]

DDP celebrates with Kimberly, who looks very smug as Hardamann freaks out. He tries to get to Kimberly but is stopped momentarily by Stevens. DDP turns around and sees Hardamann trying to get through the ref and so he kicks Hardamann in the gut. Then he delivers a powerbomb, and he takes Kimberly and the TV championship and leaves the ring.