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Northern Premiere Wrestling
September 10, 2001

Mankato, MN (House Show)

All the Mid-American titles were on the line tonight in Mankato.

Main Event:
Mid-American Heavyweight Champion SAM HOLIDAY was victorious by pinfall over SINISTER STAN BAKER in a wild brawl. Holiday immobilized Baker with a cradle piledriver and then nailed the Holiday leg drop for the pinfall at 22:35 to retain his title.

Wild Thing AL HARDAMAN also retained his title despite the best efforts of JESSE HENNIG to cheat his way to victory. Hennig picked up two near falls, both narrowly averted when referee Buddy Lane noticed Hennig using the ropes for leverage each time. Lane chewed out Hennig which allowed Hardaman enough time to recover. Never one to shy away from dirty tactics Hardaman went "low" on Hennig to turn things around before finishing Hennig off with a Vertebreaker (a first for Hardman). The pinfall victory came at 14:26.

The Spinebusters: Bryan Caruthers & Jerry Orth also retained their titles but it was via a 30-minute time limit draw with Joe & Stan Malenko. This match was scheduled to be a best 2 out of 3 falls match, but neither team managed to win even a single fall before the time limit expired. This was a rough and tumble match with a lot of great mat wrestling. Caruthers was the worst off after the match as he had been opened up early by a shot into the ringpost and then bled from the forehead for most of the bout.

The Patriot picked up a big win over Kamala the Ugandan Giant after a missile dropkick at 8:50.

Max Pain and Dirty Don Spartan battled to a double disqualification when referee Shiela Bloom finally threw out the match after about 4 minutes of action. The two fought for a good 5 minutes outside the ring before they finally stepped in the ring to start the match. Then they spent the next 4 minutes in and out of the ring before it was thrown out as they exchanged chair shots. Afterwards they continued to brawl outside the ring until officials broke it up.

Lord Zoltan got a tainted pinfall victory over Lash LeRoux after busting him open with brass knuckles. It wasn't hard for Zoltan to cover up his illegal tactics as the referee for the match was long time inept official Jurgen Hermann. The pinfall came at 10:04.

In the opener, J.J. Extreme managed to recover after wrecking himself with a missed tope, to make a comeback and pin Derek St. Holmes ESQ following a hotshot at 8:36.


So, everything was going as planned. Then on September 11th tragedy hit New York, and the world. Although I am a Canadian I bear a heavy heart for our American friends.
There is nothing else that can be said at this time. My prayers are with you.

While it would be logistically possible to go forward with our planned card at Duluth on Friday the 14th, we can not muster up the energy to put on the type of show our fans deserve.

Instead Mid-American will cancel the show, but will travel to Canada for shows in Winnipeg on the 15th, Brandon on the 16th, and then again in Winnipeg on the 17th. The venue for the 17th will be the party setting of Le Rendevouz. The event will feature our wrestling mixed in with sets by local bands. As it is an 18 and over liquor licensed event, Mid-American has permission to put on a more aggrersive show than usual.
It should be interesting.