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Northern Premiere Wrestling
March 23, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Recap (#25)

Bret Hart expressed his feelings that the NPW was holding down some Canadian talent in favor of homegrown mid-west American talent. So, in Canada he was going to try and even things out a bit starting tonight. The first match tonight features seldomnly seen Paul Diamond getting an NPW Heavyweight championship match against Al Hardamann.
[Al Hardamann d. Paul Diamond by pinfall after a DDT, at 8:13]
Stan Baker has had his troubles as of late against both Eric Scott and Vincent Regliatti; the two Canadian newcomers. So Hart threw all 3 together into the ring for a 3-way dance to sort things out. However just to make sure things were on the up-and-up, Hart appointed Canadian champion Rocky Maivia as the special guest referee.
[Stan Baker d. Eric Scott & Vincent Regliatti in a 3-way dance by pinfall, when Baker made Regliatti submit to the hammerlock at 12:47.]
Scott and Regliatti pretty much double teamed Baker during this match. Despite their efforts the first half of this match belonged to the bigger Baker. However, Scott turned the tide when he nailed Baker to the back of the legs with a steel chair when Baker was standing on the ring apron and Scott was standing on the floor. After that the Canadians worked over Baker's legs to such a degree he couldn't stand up. But they made a costly mistake by getting cheeky with Rocky Maivia and twice "accidently" knocking him over. Rocky couldn't take anymore and began to clean house until Bret ran down to the ring to stop him. While Bret and Rocky exchanged heated words and did some pushing, Regliatti and Scott set up Baker for a top rope legdrop over Baker's leg which was placed over a set-up steel chair. The move was designed to break Baker's leg, but he was saved by The Patriot who ran in and laid out both Canadians - for which he was boo'd by the partisan Canadian crowd. Rokcy finished jawing with Bret, and when he turned around he saw Baker putting Regliatti in a hammerlock to which he quickly submitted.
Main Event
Chris Jericho  v  Diamond Dallas Page (/w Kimberly)
The winner of this match would go on to face Al Hardamann for the Heavyweight title in St.Paul on April 4th (to be broadcast on the 6th).
[Chris Jericho d. Diamond Dallas Page by countout at 18:33 (with 12:00 televised)]
DDP had the better of Jericho through much of this match with Jericho continually taking the match out of the ring to buy some room. But even outside the ring DDP got the better of Jericho. By the half-way point in this match Jericho's head was busted open. The end came when American Champion, Total Destruction Steve Riley came down to ringside to flirt with Kimberly. Again, it appeared that Kimberly had some interest in what he was saying to her. This caused DDP to leave the ring and get into a brawl with Riley. Back inside the ring a bloodied Chris Jericho let referee Wayne Hart count DDP out of the ring.