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Northern Premiere Wrestling
October 6, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#4)

Ed. Note] This show was edited for the Oct 8th house show in Winnipeg. As such it may contain some local content that varies from other channels.

<<<cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>
All-American Pro Wrestling is on the air.

Commissioner Jim Brunzell and his assistant Jack Lanza are in the ring to begin the show. Brunzell says that he is very upset at Raymond Bingham for his actions last week interfering in the main event after Brunzell had specifically warned all talent not to interfere. Brunzell says that later in the hour Bingham will have a chance to explain his actions and then any discipline that needs to be taken by the office will be handed out. Brunzell then updates the fans as to the improbable loss by Sam Holiday to Jesse Hennig on October 1st in Chicago by countout. Brunzell says that he hasn't heard from Holiday since, and his phone calls have been ignored. Holiday is scheduled to appear in Indianapolis tonight, in Winnipeg on Monday, and then Davenport, Des Moines, and Omaha on the weekend. He says Holiday has always been the consummate professional and he isn't worried about him no-showing any events. However, if he does than he may have to forfeit the MidAm title.

<<<cue "Wild Thing" by the Troggs >>>
MidAm Television champion Al Hardamann comes to the ring, interrupting Brunzell. He looks pissed off and swipes the mic from the Commish's hand. Hardamann rails against Brunzell. He says that Holiday has been the heart and soul of this promotion for years, including the last 2 when the promotion was dying a slow death. Furthermore, he was the workhorse. Now what does he get in return? He gets threats and disloyalty. Hardamann repeats all the bookings that Brunzell mentioned and then asks, "isn't that a little excessive? Can't you see why he is exhausted?" Brunzell looks dumbfounded, and Hardamann just tosses his mic to the mat and shakes his head in disgust.

<<<cue "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n the Tears>>>
Jesse Hennig comes to ringside with a mic. He of course brags about his win over Holiday and now claims to be the #1 contender. He claims to have put Holiday out to pasture, and once that old man is stripped of the belt it should go to him. But since Holiday is too chicken to face him tonight he suggests that Hardamann put the Television title on the line instead. Hardamnn agrees, and the match is set for tonight's main event.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor>>>
Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 500 pounds, the team of Al Collins and "Gung Ho" Joe Blum !!!
The fans cheer as the veterans make their way to the ring, hi-fives to the fans as they pass.

<<< cue "Choke" by Kittie >>>
And their opponents, at a combined weight of 405 pounds, Pistol Greg Pawluk, Hotshot Johnny Devine, the Young Guns !!
The fans give the Young Guns a mixed reaction as the youngsters run to the ring.

Collins starts the match against Pawluk. Since Pawluk keeps the match clean Collins seems determined to do likewise, but mat wrestling isn't his strength so the much smaller Pawluk grabs the advantage early with some takedowns and armlocks. Collins roars back with some elbows and then goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but it's deftly countered by Pawluk into a DDT. Pawluk tags out to Devine who continues to press the advantage with a series of dropkicks and a ropeflip moonsault. But Devine makes the mistake of using some punches and kicks on Collins, which opens the door for the bigger man to fire back. Collins unleashes his usual plethora of punches on Devine followed by an inverted atomic drop, which sets up a big clothesline. Collins covers but only gets a 2 count. Devine attacks the knees of Collins with kicks to make enough of a comeback to tag in Pawluk. Collins tags in Blum.
Pawluk hits Blum with a clothesline, but it's shrugged off. Blum fires right back with a clothesline of his own knocking Pawluk down. Blum applies a couple of submission holds including a sequence in an abdominal stretch. Pawluk escapes only to have Blum take him down with a big bodyslam and then a rake of the boot across the forehead. Blum whips a stunned Pawluk into the corner and proceeds to set him up in the tree of whoa. Blum gets down on his stomach and talks trash to Pawluk until referee Marty Stevens can help Pawluk down. Blum then applies the maggot killer on Pawluk (a lying down full-nelson and then scrapes the face of Pawluk across the mat). This is too much for Devine to take who tries to intercede but is cut off by Collins. Devine leaves the ring so the ref then escorts Collins out. Devine though quickly returns to the ring with a steel chair and smashes Blum across the back. Stevens though sees it in time and calls for the bell.
After the match Collins attacks Devine, wrestling the chair from him and then gives him two solid chair shots. Collins then picks up Pawluk and fires him out of the ring.
[Winners by disqualification Al Collins and Joe Blum when Devine was disqualified for using a chair on Blum at 6:26]

[commercial break]

<<< cue "People Are Strange" by the Doors >>>
In ring interview with Lord Zoltan; Zoltan rips into Lash LeRoux calling him the disgrace of New Orleans. He claims that not all Cajuns and N'orleans are a bunch of inbred, backward hicks like Lash LeRoux. Furthermore he calls him a Johnny come lately who has no business in MidAm where Zoltan has ruled the roost for so many years. He tells Lash he wants to settle it once and for all in a New Orleans street fight.

<<< cue "Slide It In" by Whitesnake >>>
This next contest is scheduled for one fall, it has a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first coming in at 5'10 and 234 pounds, from Thunder Bay Ontario, "Venom" Paul Diamond
The fans boo Diamond.

<<< cue "Big Balls" by AC/DC >>>
And his opponent coming in at 6'2 361 pounds, hailing from Nutley, New Jersey, the man with the biggest balls of them allBalls Mahoney !!!
The fans cheer loudly for Balls.

Balls quickly degenerates this match into a brawl, which spills to the outside of the ring. Diamond gets a hold of a chair and hammers Balls 3 times over the head. Balls is down on the ground and the ref calls for the bell, disqualifying Diamond. While Diamond argues with the ref Jurgen Hermann, Balls recovers and takes the chair and nails Diamond over the back. Hermann tries to get in the way but is shoved aside by Balls, who then starts to hit Diamond with the chair repeatedly. Hermann calls for the bell again and reverses his decision declaring this match a no-contest. Hermann throws up his hands in disgust and just walks away while Balls and Diamond continue to brawl. Suddenly MENELE joins the fray with a chair of his own and nails Balls. He then delivers a release German Suplex on Balls right onto the open steel chair!
Menele leaves the scene as MidAm officials arrive to break it up.
[Declared a no-contest after 2:18]

Studio Interview:
A close up of the face of "Total Destruction" Steve Riley can be seen as he stands only inches from the camera. He declares himself the hottest commodity in pro wrestling. He says the promoters were looking for the next Goldberg instead they found the next Goldberg, Flair, Thesz, and The Shiek all rolled into one extremely marketable package. He says the havoc that he reeked with Kurt Barnes in September was just the beginning. Barnes, Schultz, Page, Hardamann, Holiday; it doesn't matter he says, he'll knock them all out one at a time. He tells Winnipeg to get ready for the 8th as he plans to give Barnes a little tour of Canada's universal health care system.

[commercial break]

The Black Demon is already in the ring and awaits his opponent.

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Metallica >>>
This next match is scheduled for one fall, already in the ring from parts unknown, at 5'11 235 pounds the Black Demon. And his opponent, making his way to the ring, hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, coming in at 5'11 and 231 pounds, Marcus Schultz !!!
The fans cheer Schultz who looks and acts all business in his dark blue singlet.

This is an obvious mismatch as Schultz puts on a mat wrestling clinic showing off his trademark moves like the T-bone suplex, cobra clutch suplex, tombstone piledriver, and uses the leg lock submission to get the quick win.
[Winner by submission at 3:34 Marcus Schultz with the leg lock submission.]

<<< cue "Denial" by Sevendust >>>
The fans mostly boo Raymond Bingham as he comes to the ring, although a good percentage of them still cheer him. He doesn't even look at them as he slowly walks to the ring with purpose.
Bingham calls out Derek St. Holmes.

<<< cue "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>
The fans absolutely jeer and boo as the arrogant Derek St. Holmes, ESQ comes to the ring.

Bingham reminds Holmes that since he beat his ass last week that he gets to name the first client that St.Holmes will have to offer to take on as a client.
He says that he thought of sticking St.Holmes with a real raw prospect like the Black Demon or perhaps Jake Milliman. Then he thought of having him represent a psycho like Menele or Kamala to see what might happen. Then he thought,

<<< cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>
Commissioner Jim Brunzell and his assistant Jack Lanza make their way to the ring.
Brunzell asks Bingham to explain his actions last week interfering in the main event after all the talent had been told to stay the hell away. Bingham tells Brunzell that if he bothered to take his head out of his ass and watch the tape;at that Jack Lanza steps forward and gets in the face of Bingham, but Brunzell peels him off. Bingham says that everyone knows that Wiked Klown threw a fireball into the face of Jerry Orth. He was just doing what the inept officials of the promotion failed to due, and make it an even playing field.
Brunzell responds by asking him to deny that it had anything to do with the Spinebusters helping him win earlier in the night. Bingham just smiles. He says that he was watching the match closely from the ramp because he wanted to know what the Spinebusters were up to. When he saw what happened he just acted out of impulse. He says that the Spinebusters may be the devil but at least they are the devil that he knows, coming from Mid-America not the freak'n circus. The fans begin to cheer Bingham a little more.

<<< cue "Till it Sleeps" Metallica >>>
The crowd jeers as the MidAm Tag Team Champions, the Spinebusters: Jerry Orth and Bryan Caruthers stroll to the ring. Orth stops to grab a sign from a fan that says "'Busters fear Fredrickson" and tear it in half.
Inside the now crowded ring Orth and Caruthers take the mic from Bingham. Orth says he is sick of being in the back hearing other people talk about the Spinebusters when they could hear it from the legends themselves. Orth thanks Bingham for his help last week and extends his hand. But Bingham just shakes his head and says "consider us even, now leave me the hell alone from here on in." Orth says, that he and Caruthers have been doing a lot of thinking and they realize that while they are the best tag team EVER in pro wrestling, that they simply don't have the time and desire to step up and take the singles belts too. So, they decided that they needed a promising young superstar to train, teach, and mold into the next great, correction, the first great MidAm champion. Orth says he has seen the future and the future is named Raymond Bingham. He tells Bingham to step forward and embrace his dark side. Bingham nods his head, and asks Orth if he really wants a protg. Orth confirms what he said earlier. Bingham thinks about it a second and then says, sure no problem, meet your third wheel, your agent, Derek St. Holmes. Holmes is having a conniption in the far corner of the ring. Orth looks at Bingham like he could kill him, and Caruthers corners St. Holmes. Orth joins his partner and asks him what he thinks of this worm. Caruthers steps forward and smells St. Holmes before saying "you're scared boy, very scared, but at least you're not stupid". Caruthers tells Bingham that he just made a bad mistake. He says you can continue to play the fairy for the head office, as they hold you down so that you don't get well known and jump ship before they get their pound of flesh. Now you can watch your mistake as you continue to get held down while we take this worm, St.Holmes, who isn't half the wrestler you are, to the top. He offers his hand to St. Holmes who takes it to shake, but Caruthers slams a foot into his gut instead, and then DDT's him into the mat. He towers over St.Holmes and declares that "lesson learned".
The Spinebusters leave the ring.

Jim Brunzell grabs the ring and tells Bingham to hold on a minute before he leaves. He says that he hasn't been punished yet for his interference last week. He tells Bingham that he is fined $1,000 and will have to face the Spinebusters in a handicap match next week. Bingham tries to get in the face of Brunzell but Lanza separates the two.

[commercial break]

<<<cue "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n the Tears>>>
This next match is our MAIN EVENT of the evening and is for the MidAmerica Television Championship.
Introducing first, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, coming in at 6'1 and 245 pounds, Jesse Hennig!!!
The fans boo the brash Hennig.

<<< cue "Wild Thing" by the Troggs >>>
And his opponent the current MidAmerica Television champion, from Tampa Florida, coming in at 5'11 and 235 pounds ,"Wild Thing" Al Hardamann!!!
The fans cheer their long time hero.

Hardamann goes right for Hennig before the bell even rings but Hennig grabs the upper hand with an eye gouge. Hardamann was still wearing his belt and Hennig undid it, dropping it to the mat and then delivering a brainbuster. He was attempting to do the move on the belt but referee Wayne Hart managed to kick the belt out of the way before Hardamann landed. The first few minutes were all Hennig with a pair of Northern lights suplexes each held for a two count. Hennig also tried to wear down Hardamann with a reverse chinlock as well as a bow and arrow submission. Hardamann made a comeback that started when Hennig tried to out brawl Wild Thing. Hardamann poured on the offense with more then just brawls though, nailing a reverse Russian legsweep followed by a camel clutch. The champ then used three consecutive drop toe hold takedowns into a half Boston, but each time Hennig managed to get to the ropes for the break. Hardamann nailed Hennig with a DVD but only got a two count. He then climbed to the top rope signaling for an an elbowdrop, but Hennig rolled out of the way. Hennig immediately tried to go for a sharpshooter but Hardamann managed to kick Hennig off, and right through the ropes. Hardamann went to go through the ropes to follow but Wayne Hart grabbed a hold of him and tried to keep him in the ring. This allowed Hennig to cold-cock Hardamann right to the head, before grabbing him and pulling him out of the ring. However, when the champ spilled out the ref Wayne Hart fell to the floor as well, knocking himself out.
Hennig signaled to the back and out came Madusa, Shane Helms and Sean O'Haire. They tripled teamed Hardamann for a few seconds before Helms nailed him with a vertebreaker on the floor.
<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>
The crowd erupted as Diamond Dallas Page ran to the action followed closely behind by his wife Kimberly. DDP delivered a quick diamond cutter to Helms. O'Haire grabbed DDP and tried to throw him into the ring post. But DDP blocked it and then threw O'Haire into the ringsteps. DDP then climbed onto the apron and jumped behind a stunned O'Haire and delivered another diamond cutter. But when he turned around he was waffled in the head by Hennig using the TV belt. However, in turn he was clotheslined from behind by Al Hardamann. Hardamann crawled back into the ring and Hennig followed. Hardamann went for the pin but there was no ref to count. Hart was slowly recovering and slid back into the ring. Hardamann grabbed Hennig and delivered a vertebreaker and got the 1-2-3.
[Winner by pinfall and still the MidAmerican TV Champion, Al Hardamann after a Vertebreaker at 10:05]

Helms and O'Haire recovered and joined Hennig in a triple team first of Hardamann and then of DDP. In each case they used the TV title to open up the foreheads of their victims. Then Madusa surprised Kimberly from behind slamming her head into the ring apron and then dropkicking her. She rolled her into the ring and grabbed a chair. She reared back to hit Kimberly as she begged for mercy and held her hands in front of her face. Madusa seemed to reconsider and opened up the chair and sat down. Helms and O'Haire then grabbed Kimberly by the hair and pulled her on top of Madusa's knees. Madusa then began to deliver a spanking to Kimberly. Security hit the ring, the announcers rail against what they are seeing and scream where the hell is Sam Holiday when you need him, as we,