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Northern Premiere Wrestling
January 12, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#15)

Montage set to Back in Black by AC/DC..
From Revelations/End of Days - Lash LeRoux nails Lord Zoltan with a springboard guillotine legdrop on Bourbon street - Sean OHaire turns on Shane Helms and pulverizes him after they had beaten the Malenkos, and as Madusa looks on in shock - Balls Mahoney pins Max Pain to win the Gentlemens rules 3-way, only to get beaten down by Menele and Pain - the Black Demon comes out as Marcus Schultz and loses to Marcus Schultz - Madusa brutalizes Kimberly in a strap match, and the save is made by Al Hardamann, not DDP - Derek St. Holmes is beaten down by his clients the Spinebusters after he had lost his match to Raymond Bingham - Mark Coleman makes Don Frye tap out, and is presented with a trophy by Bret Hart - Greg Pawluk does the unlikely as he returns to the ring and nails Collins and Blum with chair shots helping out his former tag partner Johnny Devine - Curt Hennig makes his surprise premiere in NPW helping his brother Jesse beat Steve Corino - Patriot stands in the ring, mask off, bloodied but victorious over Kamala - Don Spartan is removed by stretcher from the arena after being brutalized by the Freebirds - Steve Riley makes Stan Baker tap out to become the #1 contender to the TV title - Jerry Orth is double teamed by the Blood Brothers and then pinned - Kimberly blasts Al Hardamann over the head with a chair (by accident?), DDP pins Hardamann to retain the TV title, and DDP and Kimberly share an uneasy stare - Larkin announces the change from Mid-American Pro Wrestling to Northern Premiere Wrestling - Sam Holiday twists his ankle and is unable to make it back into the ring before the 20 count is administered, RVD celebrates

Joe Aiello, Cyrus, and Jason Sensation inform us of what we can anticipate today. And of course we are 2 HOURS LONG today.
An Update on Sam Holidays condition - Raymond Bingham is presented with a trophy for being named the PWI 2001 Rookie of the year - a statement from Madusa - and a whole lot of payback including our main event pitting Curt Hennig in his first match against Steve Corino.

[commercial break]

<<< cue Wait and Bleed by Slipknot >>>
The IBZ make an appearance (unscheduled according to the announce crew). They appear on the announce table surrounded by fans, with a mic in their hands and a clipboard.

Wiked Klown: hee..hee..okay here we go
Shaggy: Welcome to a new fed worms, our fed..now here are the booking notes from the back. Lets see, oh, Al HARDman is going to *bleep* *bleep* that old faggot DDP like he was the last sheep in Minnesota, and then we have Man-dusa going to wipe the *bleep* from her face and get off her knees long enough to cut a lame ass promo
Wiked Klown: hee..hee, and then..oh, oh, this is good..ah I cant read
Shaggy: ah man, this sucks like that girl in American Pie who made him *bleep* in a beer cup instead of her mouth, the *bleep*. It says here that the Spineless wonders will defend their tag titles against those worthless old fags Collins and little boy Blue cause he needed the money.
Wiked Klown: hee..hee..look a picture
Shaggy: its the NPW emblem faggot see those words

Suddenly from behind them appears a man dressed in jeans and a black PWA T-shirt. His face is covered with a black mask and he brandishes a hockey stick. He is around 6 feet tall with an athletic build. He jumps up on the announce table and shoves Wiked Klown off, sending him crashing into the railing. Then he headbutts Shaggy and hits him with the hockey stick. He leaps off the table and nails Wiked Klown in the head with the stick. The masked man climbs back onto the table and gives Shaggy a double underhook powerbomb right on the table, breaking it in half.
All 3 men are down on the ground, the table is shattered and the announce team has lost audio.

Studio Segment:
Joe Aiello: Wrestling fans, as you probably know, tomorrow at Winter Riot the match to end all matches will take place. NWA World Champion Barry Windham, perhaps the greatest grappler ever, will take on WWA World Champion Rob van Dam for the greatest prize in our industry. The right to be called the Undisputed World Champion. Ive asked our champion for his view on this match and to make a prediction.

Sam Holiday: Well, let me tell you, those are two tough ombres. Not just physically tough but mentally tough..neither man likes to lose, well thats an understatement. I just fought RVD and can tell you just how tough he is. Mr. Windham, well I have very little respect for Windham and his career long shenanighans..but hes a tough customer, Ill grant him that. Somehow I see this match going a long, long time. Pack a lunch if youre going to Winter Riot, or a midnight snack. But Mr. Windham is just too damn devious. I gots to gots to go with the experience of Mr. Windham. Hell win the belt, but at his age I wonder how long he can hold it?

[commercial break]

<<< cue Right Now by Van Halen >>>
The fans give a moderate amount of applause as Rocky Maivia comes to the ring. Rocky is new to NPW, just arriving. He is somewhat known to the fans from his days in PWA.

<<< cue Psychotron by MegaDeth >>>
The fans boo as Kamala enters the ring.

Kamala wastes no time as he attacks Maivia from behind before the bell rings. Kamala just devastates Maivia pounding on him from behind and squashing him in the corner. He uncovers the bottom turnbuckle and is about to stomp Maivias face into it when he is grabbed by referee Marty Stevens. Kamala clobbers Stevens sending him to the mat. Kamala goes back to beating on a defenseless Maivia until more officials come in to break it up.
[This match is declared a no-contest as it never officially got under way.]

[cut to commercial]

Young Kevin Matthews is already in the ring, waiting his opponent.

<<< cue We Will Rock You by Queen >>>
The fans jeer as Total Destruction Steve Riley comes to the ring accompanied by his entourage. Riley takes the ring mic and makes sure that everyone in the audience remembers that he is the official #1 contender for the Northern Premier American title held by DDP. He also shows disdain for having to waste his time with a punk like Matthews.

Kevin Matthews v Steve Riley
Riley is simply too powerful for Matthews and makes very short work of him. However, he does try out a few moves including a fallaway slam, a torture rack, a double underhook backbreaker, and makes him submit to an armbar.
[Winner by submission at 5:46 Steve Riley when he made Matthews submit to an armbar].

Post-Match: Riley continues to pound on Matthews and demands that DDP come out from the back (even though DDP is not in the building and he knows it). Finally, the crowd is shocked when Stan Baker comes running down to the ring and delivers a nasty kick to the forehead of Riley busting him wide open. A very nasty cut indeed!

[cut to commercial]

<<< cue One Big Rush by Joe Satriani >>>
Commissioner Jim Brunzell, Assistant Commissioner Jack Lanza, and Assistant to the President April Hunter come to the ring. Hunter is carrying a large gold trophy.

Brunzell (he's gushing with enthusiasm): We at NPW are so proud of Raymond Bingham. He listened to all the naysayers last year who told him wrestling in Mid-America was dead, that it was an old boys network, and he should take the first offer to jump ship that comes along. He listened to them, and he ignored them! And today he is recognized as the brightest star to come into wrestling in 2001. A great honor for both Mr. Bingham and for NPW! Put your hands together for your newest superstar Raymond Bingham !!!!

The crowd comes to their feet.
<<< cue Denial by Sevendust >>>
Raymond Bingham comes down to the ring. He is wearing a blue Foo-Fighters t-shirt, and black jeans over top snake skin boots. He waves to the crowd as he walks to the ring. Inside he shakes hands with Brunzell and Lanza and surprises Hunter with a kiss on her cheek which causes her to blush.

Brunzell: Without further adieu, Mr. Bingham, congratulations on being named the PWI 2001 Rookie of the Year !

Bingham takes the trophy from Brunzell and holds it up high with one hand for photos. He then holds it against his hip, admiring it, and takes the mic from Brunzell.

Bingham: Thank you, Mid-America, thank-you PWI, and thank you Mr. Brunzell. Yes, what you said Mr. Brunzell is too true. I listened to the advice, and listened to the offers, and instead stayed put. Like the Spinebusters who told me that I would be booked into the ground and needed them to take me to the top. Like Mr. Dusek who said that I would have to start at the bottom of the PWA but he had a place for me when I was ready to jump. But instead I stayed put. And at Revelations/End of Days, the capping moment of a rookie of the year campaign, I beat the hell out of Derek St. Holmes!
The crowd cheers.
Derek St. Holmes. Who the hell is he? Who has he beaten? No one. I hardly even worked up a sweat. While others received shots at titles, or #1 contenderships, I received a match against a nobody. That was my reward. Oh, and this too. Geez, heres an original idea, an in-ring presentation of a trophy.
[The crowd is stunned as Bingham turns to face Brunzell.]
Thanks for setting me up bub. I guess you couldnt take the fact that I was getting some national attention, so you thought you would set me up for someone to come down here and smash this trophy over my head. Well it aint going to happen bub.
Bingham drops the mic, and swiftly grabs the trophy in both hands and smashes it over the head of Brunzell. He then delivers a swift kick to the lower mid-section of Lanza and takes him down with a DDT. April Hunter wisely rolls out of the ring.
Bingham picks up the mic. He delivers a few more kicks to the prone bodies of Brunzell and Lanza before continuing his tirade.
How stupid do you think I am? Ha? Im not going to sit by idly while you screw me over on title shots and big matches. And Im not going to jump ship yet either, youd like that too much. Im going to stick around long enough to retire old fossils like Sam gimp Holiday, Al Hardly-a-man, and Dipsh*t Dragqueen Page. Then when I have your belts around my waist I will take the first crop duster out of this god-forsaken territory.
With that Bingham picks up his broken, mangled trophy, raises it above his head, and then leaves the ring.

[commercial break]

<<< cue The Bitch is Back by Elton John >>>

Madusa comes to the ring dressed in silver stretch shorts and matching brassiere. Her bra is losing the battle against holding all that enhanced talent inside.
She has a mic.

Madusa: Its no secret that I like boys, like Shane Helms, and like Sean OHaire. That is why I founded the Graduates. I liked to be in control. Well that all went straight to hell at Revelations/End of Days. Didnt it? Now Shane Helms has headed back to parts unknown and frankly Sean OHaire cant be found even if I wanted to look for him.
So whats a girl to do?
Suddenly the masked figure with the PWA t-shirt and hockey stick is back, and slides into the ring.

Madusa (backing up looking alarmed): Look fella, I dont know who you are but youre not really my type.

The masked man continues to advance towards Madusa until she strikes out with a punch. He blocks it, twists her arm around and puts her into a hammerlock. He whispers something into her ear and then shoves her across the ring into the turnbuckle. She falls to the mat as he takes his stick and leaves the ring. She just sits there with a surprised look on her face.

<<< cue Turn the Page by Metallica >>>
The crowd cheers as former Mid-American Heavyweight champion Marcus Schultz walks with purpose to the ring for his match.

<<< cue Freebird by Lynard Skynard >>>
The fans are on their feet booing and jeering as the Freebirds make their way to the ring. Buddy McElroy and Van Hammer are dressed in street clothes while Terry Hendrix is ready to wrestle. Referee Buddy Lane sends the other two Freebirds back to the dressing room.

Marcus Schultz v Terry Hendrix
Hendrixs confidence seems to go right out the window when his friends leave. He immediately goes to the defense and Schultz goes to the offense. Schultz takes him down to the mat with a single leg, and turns it into a half-Boston, but Hendrix grabs the ropes. Hendrix plays chicken making Schultz chase him around the ring. Back inside Hendrix catches him coming back in the ring with a knee the head. Hendrixs offense is limited and he makes the mistake of going to a side headlock. After a few seconds of the fans chanting boring Hendrix picks up Schultz and gets to their feet. Schultz then unceremoniously dumps Hendrix backwards with a suplex and gets a quick 3 count.
[Winner by pinfall at 4:54 Marcus Schultz after a belly to back suplex]

Post-Match: The Freebirds come back to the ring and attack Schultz. McElroy has removed his cowboy boot and is nailing Schultz in the head with it as he is held by Hammer. From the back comes Troy Black the former Black Demon and former Marcus Schultz. He has a chair but his swing at Hammer is blocked and the Freebirds lay a beating on him too. Finally the birds leave the ring with Schultz and Black laying in a heap.

[cut to commercial]

<<< cue Surrender by Cheap Trick >>>
The fans give J.J. Extreme a mixed reaction as he runs to the ring.

<<< cue The Kids Arent All Right by Offspring >>>
The fans cheer Devon Storm as he comes to the ring. The announce crew inform us that Storm and Darlings tag team is on hiatus for awhile as both peruse singles careers.

J.J. Extreme v Devon Storm
A high-flying athletic contest. Match ended when Storm did an over the top rope tope and nailed Extreme. Both men collided heavily into the guardrail. Referee Buddy Lane went to check on them and then quickly counted the 10 count. He was already calling for paramedics before even finishing the count.
[Double countout at 12:35]

[cut to commercial break]

We get footage after the break of Extreme making it back to his feet. However, Storm was carried off on a stretcher with his neck imobilized.

Joe Aiello is shown in a taped segment backstage. He gives us an update on Sam Holiday. Sams ankle and knee were still bothering him even after the month off following Revelations/End of Days. He fulfilled his obligation to defend the belt on January 8th in St. Paul, winning a hard fought match against Stan Baker. However, under doctors advice he is going to rest it again, and may not defend his title until the 30-day limit.

Match joined with both men already fighting in the aisle.
Menele v Kurt Barnes
Menele devastates Barnes with his power and viciousness. However, he refuses to go for the win so Balls Mahoney comes to his rescue. But its a trap as Max Pain sneak attacks Balls before he can get to the ring. Menele and Pain work over Balls before security comes to break it up.
[No contest at 7:08]

[commercial break]

<<< cue 2001: A Space Odyssey by the Chicago Royal Philharmonic Orchestra >>>

Curt Hennig comes to the ring, with a big cocky smile on his face, chewing his gum, towel over his shoulder. He is dressed to wrestle in black, and is accompanied to the ring by his brother Jesse Hennig. He has a mic. The crowd is giving him a mixture of cheers and boos.
Curt Hennig: All right, Minnesota. Welcome home your legend. A big shout out to the Gov Jesse. Hey Jess? Whats with all those head bobs and the shakes man? Did my old man slap you around a little too hard in the 70s?

<<< cue I am the Bull God by Kid Rock >>>
The fans cheer as Steve Corino comes out to his new music interrupting Curt Hennig.
Corino talks in a mic as he walks to the ring.
Corino: Hennig youre just like your brother all talk and no go. It took two of you to screw me over at Revelations/End of Days, but tonight Im ready for your tricks.
Corino slides under the bottom rope and is immediately attacked by Curt Hennig.

Main Event
Steve Corino v Curt Hennig (/w Jesse Hennig)
Curt controls the early going after his initial attack. He uses a combination of brawling kicks and punches with high impact wrestling moves like a German suplex and a jumping neck snap. He doesnt go for a pin instead electing to throw Corino out of the ring. Outside Hennig tries to bust Corino open with the ringbell, but referee Wayne Hart wont have any of that and gets in the way. This gives Corino his first chance for sustained offense. Corino biel throws Hennig off the ring announce table, clear over top of the guardrail, right into the first row. Hart gets both back into the ring. The match degenerates into a brawl but after Corino gets a near fall with a Northern Lights Suplex, Jesse Hennig hits the ring. Its two on one and Wayne Hart calls for the bell.
[Winner by disqualification Steve Corino over Curt Hennig at 7:17 after outside interference by Jesse Hennig]

Al Snow appears from out of the crowd! Hes dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and goes right after the Hennigs. He has two cowbells and he smashes both Hennigs over the head before tossing one to Corino. They clean house busting open both brothers, and standing tall together in the centre of the ring.

Joe Aiello: Where the hell did Al Snow come from?
Cyrus: Isnt it obvious smebs for brains? He got out of the looney bin and looked up his old cell mate Steve Corino.
Aiello: I guess this is what Corino meant when he said he was ready for their dirty tricks!
Jason Sensation (doing the voice of Tony Schiavone): This has got to be the greatest surprise in the history of surprises, but folks were OUT OF TIME!