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Northern Premiere Wrestling
February 9, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling (#19)

First NPW broadcast from Canada !!

The show opens with a very rare appearance by President Larkin (although via JumboTron).
Larkin welcomes Canada to Northern Premiere Wrestling, and the great tradition of mat wrestling in Middle America.
On a sombre note Larkin says that Commissioner Jim Brunzell suffered a concussion as a result of being hit with a coal miners glove. As much as he hates to kick a man while he is down, Larkin says that he has no alternative but to strip Brunzell of his powers effective immediately. The NPW is NOT about figure-heads and those in power stepping into the ring. All his executive know what the score is, but in the heat of passion Brunzell forgot this. Larkin says it is possible that Brunzell will once again be Commissioner one day.
In the meantime he has decided to appoint two seperate commissioners, one for Canada, and one for the U.S.
The commissioner in Canada is going to be none other than, Bret Hart!!! [the fans go nuts at this announcement]. The U.S. commissioner will be announced on the Feb 23rd edition of All-American Pro Wrestling from St. Paul, Minnesota.

<<< cue "Hitman's Theme" by Moist >>>
Bret Hart comes out to a long ovation by the fans.

[Commercial break]

Back inside the ring is Bret Hart. He says there is a lot of housekeeping to be done tonight. First off there will be a "BattleDraw" to determine a first NPW Canadian Heavyweight Champion next week. The tag team belts were last defended on Jan 24th by the Spinebusters. It looks like Jerry Orth is too injured to defend his title. If as expected, the Spinebusters do not defend their belts in 30 days the titles will be stripped. A 4-team event would then be held on the March 7th TV Taping [The Barry Windham 2002 Farewll Tour] to determine new champions. Also, at the February 21st TV taping two Fatal 4-way matches will be held. Those matches will be to determine who will face Barry Windham for the Undisputed World Title, and who will get to face Kai Hanson for the WWA North American title on March 7th.
As for tonight we will have two tremendous matches. First of all Sam Holiday will defend his title against Al Hardamann. Also, Diamond Dallas Page will defend against Steve Riley.

<<< cue "Oh Canada" >>>
The fans cheer at the sudden playing of the national anthem, but inside the ring Bret Hart looks a tad bit confused. From the back suddenly appears Eric Scott!!!
He has a title belt around his waist.
Scott has a mic and introduces himself to the crowd as the FORGOTTEN but officially recognized WWA Canadian champion. That's not just of the NPW or Mid-Am, but of the entire World Wrestling Alliance. He says he was never beat for the title, and NPW has no right under WWA's official rules to issue a "Canadian Champion".
Hart looks a little confused about all this, and he openly admits to Scott that he forgot about that title. However, he also calls it an "inactive" title since no one is running shows in Canada except for NPW and PWA. He offers Scott a shot to be in the BattleDraw, but he must first win a preliminary match. At first Scott balks at this stipulation, but Hart goads him on by suggesting if he is such a damn hot wrestler he should have no problems. So, Scott agrees.

<<< cue "Oh Canada" >>>
Now the crowd is really confused, as an unknown wrestler walks out from the back and stands beside Eric Scott. Scott and Hart both look surprised. This man is also wearing a gold belt around his waist. He is wearing a Ric Flair type sequined robe with "Playboy" embroidered on the back, and has sunglasses on. He introduces himself as Playboy Vincent Regliatti from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He says he is the official Canadian Heavyweight Champion of River City Wrestling. Hart says he's heard of that "low level indy fed", but so what? Regliatti asks Hart if he knows who owned that fed, which Hart does not. Regliatti says that it was founded by Frank Larkin, who was Jack Larkin's father.
Jack owned it but sold it shortly before buying Mid-Am Pro Wrestling. Again Hart asks him what the point is. Regliatti says that as long as he is around with this gold, then whomever NPW annoints as the Canadian champion will not be the UNDISPUTED Canadian champion.
Hart finally gets it and offers Regliatti the same deal he offered Scott. However, he says that both men must agree that in return for their shot at the gold, they must give up their current belts and their claims to those belts.
They both agree. Hart gets that "sh!t-eating" look on his face.

NPW Heavyweight Championship Title Match
Sam Holiday (c) v Al Hardamann
This was an excellent match between two old friends. Holiday controlled the first 10 minutes but just couldn't put Hardamann away.

[commercial break]

We return from commercial and are told that we have skipped around 10 minutes of footage. Hardamann has taken over control of this match and Holiday is limping badly from his injured ankle. Holiday spent most of the match defending specifically his ankle. This allowed Hardamann easy access to other parts and had been systematically wearing down Holiday's back and ribs.
Raymond Bingham comes down to ringside and tries to distract Sam Holiday. Hardamann could have attacked Holiday from behind, but instead elects to stand side-by-side with Holiday and they jaw with Bingham until security removes him.
The match resumes and before long, Hardamann has Holiday in an excrutiatingly painful Canadian backbreaker. Holiday refuses to submit. However, Hardamann then fakes putting the move back on and instead dips down with a single-leg takedown into an ankle lock submission. He catches Holiday off guard in the middle of the ring, and Holiday's injured ankle just can't take anymore. after about 15 seconds Holiday taps out!!!
An amazing era has come to an end in Middle America/NPW Wrestling history.

[Al Hardamann wins by submission when Sam Holiday submitted to the anklelock submission at 23:12 (13:33 televised)]
[Al Hardamann wins the NPW Heavyweight Championship]

Hardamann helped Holiday to his feet and they embrace. Holdiay lifted Hardamann's arm into the air and helped referee Wayne Hart present Hardamann with the title.

[commercial break]
In ring promo:
Diamond Dallas Page cuts a promo before his title defense against Steve Riley.
He tells Bret Hart that's it bullsh!t that the American title is being defended in Canada. Although DDP is a "face" this remark earns him a loud round of boos from the crowd. Then he tells Kimberley that her interference as of late is not needed. He doesn't want any more accidents so he tells her to stay out of the action.
NPW American Title Match
Diamond Dallas Page (c) (/w Kimberly) v Steve Riley
The two go at it tooth and nail and spend the first 5 minutes in and out of the action.. Despite numerous chances to interfere Kimberly stays out of the action. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Riley pushes him off into the turnbuckle. He catches the rebounding champ with a belly-to-back suplex. DDP gets up only to be whipped into the corner and then speared. Next Riley sets up DDP in the corner and then takes him out of the corner with an awesome FRANKENSTEINER. In the middle of the ring Riley applies the tombstone piledriver and its elementary now. Riley worked a tremendous match.
[Steve Riley wins by pinfall at 7:36 after a tombstone piledriver]
[Steve Riley wins the NPW American title].
[commercial break]
The house lights dim and the fans face the entrance way waiting for the next NPW star to appear.
"Oh where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?"
Chris Jericho appears singing on the ramp to a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd. He is wearing his "Bad Attitude International" shirt.
"Where's old Hercules Hernandez, to fight the rising OZ".
Jericho slowly walks to the ring while singing.
"Where are all the white kinghts upon a firery steed,
you toss and you turn and you dream of what you need".
Jericho stands on the ring apron now, his back resting upon the ring ropes.
"You need your HERO".
Jericho throws his arms up in the air and pyro goes off from the rampway.
Jericho says that as a special treat tonight to all the rabid fans of Canada, he will take on a legend of Mid-American wrestling fame.
He says his opponent tonight will be none other than Jake the Snake!!!
The fans go nuts.
Until Jake Milliman walks onto the ramp. The fans boo but Milliman runs to the ring and lays right into Jericho. Referee Buddy Lane follows in a few seconds later.
Chris Jericho v Jake Milliman
Milliman catches Jericho by surprise but can't hold the advantage for long. Jericho nails two snap suplexes, follows up with a "Herosault" and then puts Milliman in the "Hero's Welcome" submission finisher. Milliman taps out in only a few seconds.
[Chris Jericho wins by submission in 2:05 when Milliman submits to the Hero's Welcome]
Justice Steel, Madusa, Sean O'Haire, and Raymond Bingham come into the ring to join their leader Jericho and to congratualte him on his victory.
Jericho then welcomes Bad Attitude International NPW chapter's newest member, TOTAL DESTRUCTION STEVE RILEY!!!
The fans boo as the new American Champion makes his way to the ring. Jericho welcomes him to the group and they all congratulate him on his great victory tonight over DDP.
Riley has a mic and says that he joined BAI because he believes they will rule NPW, and then cross over to the bigger and better PWA. He says Jericho is headed back to the PWA and he is going with him. Riley then sends a message out to Kimberly that he thinks she is HOT. He invites her to come and join BAI, and show them all her bad side.
Madusa seems to take exception to this. She grabs a mic and tells Riley that there is only room for one biatch in BAI and that is her.
Jericho steps between Riley and Madusa and tells Madusa to look around her and notice how many guys there are here - guys with needs. He says that the least the American champion deserves is his own diva.
Jericho says it is too bad that they will have to wait until March to win the tag belts, but that's okay as long as they win them before the end of March when he has to return to the PWA.
<<< cue "The Hitman's Theme" by Moist>>>
Bret Hart comes out to the ramp and then enters the ring. Steel tries to get into his face, but Hart just pushes him out of the way. O'Haire holds Steel back.
Hart takes the mic out of Jericho's hands. He says Jericho may think he has this all figure out, but it ain't that easy.  BAI doesn't even have a qualified tag team yet. Hart says 4 teams will vie for the tag belts. The Freebirds are in, the Malenkos are in, and the winner of a match between Collins/Blum and the Young Guns will also be in. That leaves only one open spot left.
Jericho says that O'Haire and Steele will take on anyone to fill that spot, even those two "clowns" walking around. Jericho then winks and hands Hart a cheque.
Hart looks at it and then says it his a blank cheque signed by Brandon Myers and drawn on Bad Attitude International's U.S. account. Hart seems pretty pissed off and looks like he is going to deck Jericho. Jericho dares Hart to deck him, saying that will be the end of him as Canadian commissioner.
Hart settles down, looks at the cheque and then smiles.
BAI clears a path and lets Hart pass out of the ring untouched.
He has that sh!teating smile on his face as he walks up the ramp.