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Northern Premiere Wrestling
September 15, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#1)

ed. Note] This is a report on the Winnipeg version of the show. Some interviews are done for each city, so some content may vary from station to station.

{Voice over from Sam Holiday as we watch an American flag flying half-mast waving in the wind.}
{On behalf of all the other Mid-American wrestlers and staff, I just want to express our sadness, and extend our condolences to the families and friends of those missing and deceased after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. The program you are about to watch was taped on September 9th, two days before all our lives were changed forever. So, as you watch today's show we hope that you can be momentarily distracted from all the grief that surrounds us. We hope that you can remember a time of greater innocence and security. It seems like years ago, but it was less than a week ago. God be with our great nation.}











<<< cue"One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>

And Mid-American Pro Wrestling presents
All-American Pro Wrestling #1

Standing in the MidAm ring is announcer Joe Aiello with a mic.
Joe Aiello] Ladies and gentlemen welcome to All-American Pro Wrestling and the new Mid-American Pro Wrestling. I'm your host Joe Aiello and I will be joined later at the broadcast booth by two guys whose faces you will know a lot better than you know mine; Cyrus and Jason Sensation.. But right now, I have the pleasure of kicking off tonight by introducing to you the most famous face here in Middle America, the holder of the Mid-American Heavyweight Championship..Saaaaammmmmm Holllllidayyyyy.

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down 'till the Sun Comes Up" Garth Brooks >>>

The fans come to their feet as Sam Holiday comes down the ramp with the Mid-American title worn over his shoulder. The big Texan is dressed in snakeskin boots, dirty blue jeans, a black MidAm t-shirt and a black stetson. He waves to the crowd, and then stops halfway down the ramp. The champ takes the belt off his shoulder, holds it in front of him with both hands, as if examining it. The Champ looks up at the fans with a puzzled look on his face. You can feel the fans' restlessness and hear their murmors of surprise. Then the big man smiles and buckles the big gold belt around his waist.
He charges to the ring and slips under the bottom rope. He remains on his knees, his hands thrown up in the sky as the fans cheer.
Finally Holiday stands to his feet and takes the mic from Aiello.

Holiday] Thank you Joe..and THANK-YOU Middle America. Most of you probably expected us to kick this big night off with the money man, but you were wrong. You see Larkin called me up last week and asked me, your champion, if I would be his ambassador, his messenger if you weehlllll. He said to me, Holiday, it's you guys that deserve the spotlight, so you go out there and give the fans what they want. But give them a message for me would you? And I said, "screw you!" Nahhh, I was just playing with you there. I'm happy to deliver a message from Larkin. But damn if I can remember much of what he said, with his thick Canadian accent and all. But it went something like this, "no evil commissioners, no New World Orders, no restraining orders, no evil clowns, no bull *bleep*." If you want to be the man..yous gots to..gots to..act like a man and stand on your own two feet..throw a few punches and if need be by god you might even have to bleed to lead. Well he said something like that anyway.

The fans seem very happy to see Holiday back, and the MidAm back and have been eating out of the palm of his hand. But they seem to be getting a little restless.

Holiday] As for me..well none of that is really going to change what I do much

<<<cue "Rest in Peace" by Extreme>>>

"Sinister" Stan Baker makes his way down the ramp. Unlike Holiday he is dressed to go, in his normal gear, black pants, no shirt, wrists taped, and his fingers taped in white athletic tape. He strokes his goatee on the way to the ring. Reaching the ring he steps in, and immediately goes nose-to-chin with the champ who hasn't backed off an inch. Baker has his own mic.

[Baker] change what you do? Why would it. You suck and always will you big wuss. I had your number last time we fought Holiday and you had to cheat to win. Well nothing has changed..I'm still the #1 contender and the next MidAm champion.

Holiday] Listen up Baker,cause I'm going to make this real simple for you to understand. I've always been better than you, and I always will be better than you. Just cause you got yourself a little yeast infection problem Baker, doesn't mean I'm going to be your medicine. If you want a shot at this belt..than by god you can have a shot at this belt tonight.

Baker , nodding his head] You know Holiday, you may be a lot of things, but two things you aren't is a coward*Baker turns to the crowd, playing to them*..and smart

Baker suddenly turns and attempts to deliver the heartpunch to Holiday. But the champ seems to expect it, and blocks the punch. Dropping his mic he begins to trade shots with Baker.

Jesse Hennig appears and slides into the ring, aiding Baker he makes it 2-on-1 but Holiday holds his own.

<<<cue "Wild Thing" by The Troggs>>>

The crowd goes nuts as Al Hardaman walks confidently to the ring carrying a frypan, and wearing Mid-American TV gold around his waist. Sliding under the bottom rope he takes a couple of shots from an awaiting Jesse Hennig. Al fights back with a poke to the eye, and then slams Hennig over the head with the frypan. Hennig hits the mat, and Al kicks him out of the ring. By this time Holiday has Baker under control and tosses him over the top rope.

Holiday and Hardaman shake hands. Outside the ring Baker has a mic.

[Baker] You guys think you're so tough? Good to see you had time to take off the apron and pantyhose Al, and put on a pair of shoes before coming to the ring with your fryingpan. Neither one of you knows a suplex from a souffle, and tonight we're going to prove it. Screw the title shot..tonight we want you two in a tag team match.

[Hardaman] No problem, Stanley. Bring your little buddy 'hesse and we'll kick your asses so hard tonight that the only thing you'll be able to wear tomorrow is a pair of chaps.

[Commercial Break]

Taped Rob van Dam promo to watch MidAm
"Hi, I'm Rob Van Dam..the whole ****in show, and the World Wrestling Alliance Champion.and you're watching Mid-American Pro Wrestling, a proud member of the World Wrestling Alliance whose World champion is me..Rob-Van-Dam, so support the best that Middle America has to offer, it's the proving grounds of professional wrestling, and the hometown territory of BattleCreek, Michigan, the home of me Rob-Van-Dam the whole ***in show."

Taped interview Diamond Dallas Page;
"Hey yo..fans of MidAm..it's me..it's me..D-D-P..along with the lovely Diamond Doll, Kimberly. As you probably already know I've just signed with Mid-Am Pro Wrestling, and will be making my television premiere on your tube on September 22nd, so watch me and feel the BANG."

Jason Sensation does his best Gene Okerlund impression and delivers a promo for the upcoming Winnipeg Card on September 17th.
Winnipeg card breakdown
Sam Holiday defends against Stan Baker
Diamond Dallas Page v Jesse Hennig
Spinebusters v Malenko's (non-title, 2 out of 3 falls)
Lord Zoltan v Lash LeRoux (Boubon Street Brawl)
Kurt Barnes v Derek St. Holmes
Sean O'Haire & Shane Helms v Greg Pawluk & Johnny Devine
Raymond Bingham v Paul Diamond
Menele v Outlaw Sammy Jo Simon

<<< cue "Bad Religion" by Godsmack >>>
From Edwardsville, Illinois, coming in at 5'11 and 227 pounds, the man Mark Coleman coined BattleCatKurt Barnes!!!
The fans greet Kurt with a modest amount of cheers.

<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>
And led to the ring by his entourage, hailing from Denver, Colorado, coming in at 6'5" and 270 pounds, the instrument of total destructionSteve Riley!!!
The fans greet Steve with an outpouring of negative sentiment.
Riley strides confidently to the ring, wearing a white robe overtop his hunter green trunks, his hands on the shoulders of his trainers.

Referee Buddy Lane working in his 15th year as an official pats down both men and gives them the last second instructions. The bell rings.

"BattleCat" Kurt Barnes v "Total Destruction" Steve Riley

Collar-elbow hookup to start and Riley shows his superior strength by shoving Barnes half way across the ring. He poses for the crowd, flexing his arms and pointing to his skull and crossbones tattoo. They lock up again, but this time Barnes ducks down and goes for the double leg takedown..and succeeds in putting the big man on his ass. Barnes grabs a foot, twists, and then hammers down an elbowdrop onto the thigh of Riley. Riley is tough though and grabs a handfull of Barnes' hair. But Barnes' hair is too short and he manages to escape to his feet.
Riley goes to get up to his feet but is too slow and Barnes pounces on his back, going for a rear chinlock. He can't sink it though and Riley tosses him off. Getting to his feet Riley delivers a big stomp to Barnes' chest, knocking the wind from him. Riley comes off the ropes for momentum and then delivers a crunching knee drop again to the sternum of Barnes.
Riley pauses to flex for his trainers as Barnes is sucking wind and trying to get to his feet. Riley pulls Barnes up, slings him over his shoulder and delivers a devastating powerslam. He covers, but doesn't grab a leg, and Barnes kicks out after a 2 count.
Frustrated Riley pulls up Barnes' head and delivers a rapid series of punches to his forehead before being forced to release by Buddy Lane.
Riley gets to his feet and Lane is in his face, giving Barnes some breathing time. Finally Riley gets around Lane, and picks up Barnes, scooping him onto his shoulder. But Barnes counters by slipping down the back of Riley, and then running him into the ropes. He bounces Riley off the ropes and deliver a belly-to-back suplex, bridges, and applies the pin. Buddy Lane counts 1..2and Riley manages to kick out.
Barnes goes right for the attack but walks into a Riley boot to the midsection. Then Riley grabs a hold of Barnes' head and buries him into the mat with a DDT. Riley spends a couple of seconds on the mat smirking at the crowd.
Riley whips Barnes into the corner, and follows him in with a punishing shoulderblock. His hands on the ropes he backs his shoulders up and rams Barnes again with his shoulder to the gut. Now its all Riley as he takes Barnes out of the corner with a vertical suplex..pausing at the top for about a five count to show off his strength. Riley continued his earlier attacks by going to the midsection with a gutbuster, and another series of shoulderblocks in the corner. Riley went for the pin but Barnes kicked out at 2.
In a desperate move Barnes grabbed the tights of Riley and threw him out of the ring. Instead of following he waited and rested until Riley climbed back in at an 8 count. Barnes played possum and caught Riley climbing into the ring and nailed him with a knee to the ribs. He dragged him back into the ring and drove him around the ring with a series of European uppercuts. With his man stunned Barnes climbed the top rope and was going to deliver a top-rope bulldog but Riley caught him. "Total Destruction" brought Barnes down to the mat with a punishing bodyslam. He then delivered a vicious headbutt to the "lower" abdomen of Barnes.
As Barnes sucked win, Riley delivered a hard kick to Barnes' ass to humiliate him. Standing Barnes up he nailed him with a German Suplex. Scooping him up again, he pressed him over his head, then lowered him, and finished him off with a tombstone piledriver.
[Steve Riley over Kurt Barnes by pinfall after a tombstone piledriver at 5:23]

[Commercial Break]

<<< cue "Till it Sleeps" by Metallica >>>
Jim Davies is in the ring with "The Spinebusters" Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth

Davies] Ladies and Gentlemen, MidAm wrestling gives to you, the tag team champions of Middle AmericaThe Spinebusters!!!

The fans boo and jeer with unrepentant zeal. Chants of "you **** goats" rain down from the crowd.

Orth] Well thank-you very much Twin Cities..it's always your pleasure to have us here live and in person. Now before I give the mic over to your hometown hero Mr. Caruthers, I want to address a couple of the tag team pretenders here in Middle America. First of all, the Amazing Malenkos. The name makes you sound like a circus act guys but not the flying trapeze..maybe a couple of trained chimps or a pair of hypnotists that put everyone to sleep. You guys spout off about being the # 1 contenders well that's fine with us because if you are the best Middle America has to challenge us, it's going to be a holiday from here till Christmas. We'll beat your asses the same way we beat The Excrements..those pieces of crap..Ace Darling and Devon Storm. From what I've heard Devon Storm is now looking for work outside of the territory..we beat him so bad. Ace would too, but the court order says he has to stay in Minnesota.
You got anything to say to these Minnesota Morons, Mr. Caruthers?

Caruthers] Yessssss, finally the man who put the Saint in Saint Paul, the Twin Cities killer, is back in town baby..so light it up, the marquee should say..welcome to the greatest tag team in the history of tag teams..The Spinebusters, Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth, so take that baby. And you're right there brother Jerry, we'll defend these tag belts against the Malenkos, against flying Excrement, and against all comers until the end of the year without even breaking a sweat. In fact what we should really be training for is a shot at the PWA or WWA tag team champions.cause you know its true, we're the greatest tag team in the history of tag teams.

<<< cue "Choke" by Kittie >>>
Two newcomers to MidAm appear and walk to the ring.
They enter the ring and one of them indicates to Caruthers to hand him the mic.

Caruthers] Who the hell are you two and how did you get through security?

He tosses the mic to the newcomer.

Devine] I'm "Hotshot" Johnny Devine, cause I'm going to hotshot right to the top of the Middle American ladder and I'm taking along my partner here, the Pistol, Greg Pawluk. Now you jokers seem to think you should only defend your titles against the likes of the Malenkos, but theres a few other teams in the back that you seem to be ignoring like us. So, instead of just handing out the tag title shots why don't you make us earn them..make the best team win.

He tosses the mic back to Caruthers, who calmly hands it to Orth. Orth goes nose to nose with Devine.

Orth] Now listen up punks, cause your stay in a MidAm ring is almost up. Give me one good reason why you deserve even a shot at a shot at this gold around my waist?
Devine] We're the former Stampede North American Tag Team champions damn it, and my partner over there is the grandson of Stu Hart.

Orth breaks away from Devine and goes nose to nose with Pawluk.
Orth] Is that true son?
Pawluk] Yes it's true
Orth] Well damn it son you must mean you're the great, great, great, great grandson of that old fart. And who the hell cares, its only Canada, but I'll tell you what..you did give me one good idea.

Orth backs up and walks around the ring thinking.

Orth] Okay, yeah, we shouldn't just defend these titles against any team. So, right now we will hold a ladder matchan invitational tag team ladder matchwith a contract for a title shot to be hung above the ring. If you're really any good you should have no problem winning. Now get the hell out of our ring.

Studio interview:
The Amazing Malenko's say they are going to beat The Spinebusters in Winnipeg on the 17th of September, and then demand a shot at the tag titles.

[commercial break]

Ladder Match - Invitational - for a contract to wrestle for the tag team championships

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor" >>>
Al Collins and Gung-Ho Joe Blum run to the ring.

<<< cue "The Kids Ain't Allright" by Offspring >>>
The Extremists: Ace Darling and Devon Storm run to the ring

<<< cue "Choke" by Kittie >>>
Young Guns: Johnny Devine and Greg Pawluk run to the ring

<<< cue "Ice 9" by Joe Satriani >>>
The Amazing Malenko's: Joe & Stan Malenko make their way slowly to the ring each of them carrying with them a steel ladder.

These types of matches are extremely hard to call so just the highlights will be touched on.
Collins and Blum seemed to be the dominant team in this match with their superior brawling skills and their double tough attitude. It seemed like it was always taking two teams co-operating to stop Collins and Blum from climbing the ladder and retrieving the contract. The Extremists and Johnny Devine were the only ones taking high risk spots and dives. None of that tactic seemed to pay off much, nor did the ground attack of the Malenkos and Greg Pawluk. Collins was on his way up the ladder with Blum beating back all those trying to stop him, when The Spinebusters hit the ring with their title belts. They nailed Blum in the head with the belts and then pushed over the ladder sending Collins bouncing off the top rope. They were immediately attacked by the Extremists which pretty much left the Young Guns as the lone team attempting to climb the ladder.
But from the crowd appeared a couple of painted "juggalos" for lack of a better comparison. Some fans recognized them instantly from their Central States days where they were fan favorites; Wiked Klown and Shaggy, the IBZ. It didn't take long though for the IBZ to set themselves up as heels as they opened a pair of fire extinguishers spraying the Young Guns in the face, and then spraying a downed Collins and Blum as well.
Shaggy scampered up the ladder and grabbed the contract.
As Shaggy and Klown celebrated they were cheered on by The Spinebusters!! It was a set-up!
Then Orth stepped forward and reached out his hand as if expecting Shaggy to hand him the contract. Instead Shaggy and Klown slid through the legs of the Spinebusters, out of the ring ,and through the crowd still holding onto the contract!
Back inside the ring The Spinebusters looked pissed off, but the Malenko's now recovered and attacked the champs from behind driving them out of the ring.
[Tag Team Ladder Invitational with the winner to get a shot at the tag titles. Won by The IBZ - Wiked Klown & Shaggy in 7:31]

In-ring promo;
<<< "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>
The fans boo the arrogant little snot who comes to the ring dressed in Armani.
Derek St. Holmes ESQ - Derek says that in two short years he has gone from a fresh rookie to one of MidAm's premiere attractions. He offers to share not only his wrestling expertise, but also his business cunning with any of the other MidAm talent who wish to have better representation. He announces that henceforth he will also be a sports entertainment agent. He looks forward to signing his first clients.

Studio promo;
Menele is sitting in an orange arena floor seat, his head hung back staring at the ceiling. His feet are immersed in a large bucket of ice.
Menele] The heavens tell me..they taunt me..with the knowledge that I will be journeying to Winnipeg,Canada, on September 17th 2001, where I will take on a worm who calls himself the Outlaw..Sammy Jo Simon.a man with 3 names, one boys name..two girls names..and no last name. What kind of freak is that? The last time Middle America witnessed my whirlwind of destruction and disease it was under the guidance of Brujah..well that name no longer has meaning for me..nor do the words guidance or control. Winnipeg will see me for the first time on the 17th, and then will never be the same. I am going to eat Simon alive,no not figuratively..literally.i will disembowel him in Canada, and go through customs with one hand still on his entrails. I can guarantee you one thing Winnipeg, put your money on Sammy Jo to pick up the win, cause eventually some point during the blood letting the officials will try and stop me.cause I won't stop on my own, and Brujah is not around to stop me, so who will stop me Winnipeg? Who?..you?

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Rest in Peace" by Extreme >>>
Sinister Stan Baker and Jesse Hennig comes to the ring to an outpouring of jeers from the crowd.

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
Sam Holiday and Al Hardaman charge the ring both wearing their singles gold belts.

Main event tag match
Sam Holiday & Al Hardaman v Stan Baker & Jesse Hennig

Holiday wants Baker to start things off but he gets Hennig instead. Hennig immediately goes for a eye gouge but Holiday blocks it catching Hennig's wrist and turns it into a wristlock. He slowly lowers Hennig's hand to the mat, as if to stomp on it, but instead comes down with a knee right to the back of the neck of Hennig. It's all Holiday early on as he whips Hennig into the corner and then catches him coming out with a big lariat. He repeats this combination in each of the other corners of the ring. Hennig slides out of the ring to try and recover.
Stan Baker comes over and goes for a clothesline on Holiday, who ducks and then Baker runs right into a punch from Al Hardaman. All four men brawl outside the ring briefly before Holiday rolls Hennig back into the ring.
Holiday applies a surfboard and has Hennig screaming for pain. Instead of going for the pin or more punishment, Holiday throws Hennig into his corner and dares Baker to make the tag. Baker signals that he wants Hardaman, and grudgingly Holiday tags in Hardaman.
Hardaman goes to lock up with Baker and receives a knee to the gut. Baker follows up with some axhandles to drive Hardaman to the mat. Baker makes the attempt to turn Hardaman over for some mounted punches and Hardaman deftly slips a leg up driving it into Baker's crotch.
The referee Wayne Hart admonishes Hardaman who drags himself to his feet.
Baker charages Hardaman, but the wily TV champ ducks away and Baker goes flying between the second and third ropes to the concrete floor below. Holiday comes over and rolls Baker back into the ring.
Hardaman delivers a series of elbowsmashes to Baker. Hardaman though underestimates his opponent by climbing to the top turnbuckle, and when he comes off with a fistdrop Baker rolls out of the way.
Baker tags in Hennig who immediately goes to work on Hardaman with a series of stomps. Hennig continues the punishment with a Northern lights suplex and then a rolling necksnap. Hennig though makes the mistake of taunting Holiday, and getting too close, as Holiday is able to thrust out with a jab that cathces Hennig flush in the chin. As Wayne Hart is distracted warning Holiday, Hennig backs up in a daze right into Hardaman who scoops him up and delivers a Death Valley Driver. He goes for the pin but Baker is already in the ring and drops an elbow across the back of Hardaman. Wayne Hart doesn't see a thing.
Hennig tags in Baker, but Hardaman also manages to tag in Holiday. Baker attempts to beg off but Holiday comes at him with a brawling style of punches, kicks, and lariats. He sets him up for the top rope legdrop, but Hennig runs over and tosses Holiday off the top rope. Both men are down as Wayne Hart counts to 7, before Baker manages to tag out to Hennig.
Hennig attempts to ground Holiday with a series of stomps followed by a reverse chinlock. But Holiday begins to mount a comeback with some attempts to elbow Hennig in the ribs, before ramming him backward into the turnbuckle. Hennig though doesn't let go and climbs to the second turnbuckle. Changing his hand position Hennig tries to bulldog Holiday from the second turnbuckle, but Holiday reaches back, grabs Hennig and powerslams him to the ground.
When both men get to their feet they resort to punches, a contest easily won by Holiday. Baker runs into the ring but is cut-off by Hardaman who throws him out of the ring.
Holiday scoops up Hennig and delivers a cradle piledriver close to the corner. As Hardaman and Baker brawl outside the ring Holiday climbs to the top rope and comes off with the Holiday legdrop, and Wayne Hart couts..1..2..3
[Winners by pinfall are Sam Holiday & Al Hardaman when Holiday pinned Hennig after the Holiday legdrop at 6:35]

Joe Aiello] What a great match for our champions Holiday and Hardaman..as they celebrate, for Jason Sensation and Cyrus.

<<< cue "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John >>>

Aiello] What the hell is this? Who is..

Jason] That's Madusa at the top of the ramp, but who are those two guys with her?

Cyrus] That's two guys by the names of Sean O'Haire and Shane Helms..but who cares..it's Madusa..would you look at the size of those ta-ta's

Aiello] They're running down to the ring and Holiday and Hardaway are ready for them.we're out of time folks but our tape machines are rolling and we'll show you what happens next Saturday on All-American Pro-Wrestling. Thanks for watching.