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Northern Premiere Wrestling
November 24, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#11)

TODAY, the whole future of WWA Mid-American changes. TODAY, we will have hi-lights of the press conference that changed the face of the World Wrestling Alliance.

December 15th, St.Paul, Minnesota, "End of Days/revelations", when the games finally come to an end. Who will be left standing? Who will lie in ruins?

<<< cue "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard >>>
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a tag team match scheduled for 20 minutes. Already in the ring, at a combined weight of 486 pounds, Alex Rider and Jake "Milkman" Milliman !!! the fans give polite applause for these two men being thrown to the lions.
And their opponents, hailing from Badstreet, Atlanta G-A, Buddy McElroy, Terry Hendrix, and Van Hammer, the Freebirds!!!
The fans reign down jeers and taunts, which have no effect on the 'birds. A few beer cups and programs also reign down from the crowd something not seen in Mid-Am wrestling since the Road Warriors-Spinebusters feud. The public address announcer has to remind fans not to throw things - for safety's sake.

A ring hand has to come out to sweep off the mat.

[commercial break]

When we return the match has already started with the Freebirds having jumped Rider and Milliman. Van Hammer takes on a position outside the ring, so apparently it will be McElroy and Hendrix wrestling. This match is short but painful, as the 'birds take turns torturing their opponents. Finally McElroy uses a sidewalk slam to finish off Milliman.
[Winners by pinfall The Freebirds: Buddy McElroy and Terry Hendrix when McElroy pinned Milliman after a sidewalk slam at 4:26]

Freebird music begins to play again but McElroy has a mic and has the house music cut off. He says that this was no competition for them and they demand some real men come down and fight.
After a minute or so of taunting the music kicks in,

<<< cue "The Kids Ain't Allright" by the Offspring >>>
The fans cheer as Ace Darling and Devon Storm rush the ring and attack the Freebirds. This time all 3 of the Freebirds stay in the ring, and with the odds stacked in their favor they turn the tables and begin to pound away at the Extremists. They have a table set up and are ready to put Darling through it.

<<< cue "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth >>>
The fans go nuts as Dirty Don Spartan runs to the ring to help out the Extremists. He punches out Hendrix and then Van Hammer, but is subdued from behind by a shot to the head from McElroy. McElroy then puts Spartan into a full nelson and Hendrix recovers to start landing some punches to the gut of Spartan. McElroy then nails Spartan with a full-nelson slam. Hendrix sets up the table in the corner of the ring, and McElroy leans Spartan up against the table. Then Van Hammer takes 3 steps forward and spears Spartan through the table. The Freebirds flip off the fans as they leave the ring.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Metallica >>>
Ladies and Gentlemen: this match is scheduled for one fall, and has a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, coming in at 5'11 and 231 pounds, he is Marcus Schultz !!!
The fans cheer as Marcus Schultz makes his way to the ring looking very intense.

And his opponent,
<<< cue "Flee" by Kindred >>>
hailing from parts unknown, coming in at 6'0 and 255 pounds, he is Menele!!!
The fans really boo this sick man, who just smiles a little sadistic smile in response.

Menele comes right at Schultz but is surprised by a legwhip, and then Schultz floats up and applies a chinlock from the side of Menele. However the power of Menele allows him to get to his feet and shove Schultz towards the ropes, however Schultz hangs on tight and surprises Menele again by taking him back down to the mat. Schultz continues to work until he is abruptly nailed with a side suplex, and Menele gets a two count. Schultz attempts to reapply his move but Menele is quicker and takes Schultz down in the middle of the mat with a crossface chickenwing. Schultz battles to get to the ropes for two agonizing minutes, before Menele lets go of the hold. Menele pulls Schultz back into the centre of the ring and attempts to grab his legs but Schultz reaches up, grabs Menele by the arm and pulls him into a roll-up for a 2 count. Both men get to their feet and exchange punches. The fans are incredibly loud and into this match. Schultz can't outpunch Menele though and does the wise thing by going low for a double leg takedown. He then turns Menele over for a Boston Crab but they are too close to the ropes. With the hold broken Menele goes outside the ring for a breather, but Schultz follows him right out. The two brawl before Menele gets the upper hand and whips Schultz into the guardrail. Menele then splashes Schultz onto the rail. Back inside the ring and Schultz is in big trouble. Menele pours on the offense with a belly-to-belly suplex, a brainbuster and a series of savate kicks. Menele then nails his swinging neckbreaker finisher but amazingly Schultz drapes a foot over the bottom rope. Menele drops an elbow and tries again in the center of the ring, but again only gets a 2 count. Then Menele climbs to the top turnbuckle and signals for his high-risk alternative finisher, the top-rope moonsault. However, when he lands Schultz has slid out of the way and Menele is now wrecked. Schultz is on his feet first at the count of 6. Now Schultz goes to work with a tombstone piledriver and a cobra clutch suplex but only gets a 2 count. A running bulldog also only yields a 2 count for Schultz. Changing strategies Schultz puts Menele in a cobra clutch submission hold. Referee Marty Stevens is checking on Menele when suddenly the Black Demon enters the ring and nails Schultz in the back with a chair. Schultz is down so the Black Demon nails him again.
[No contest after 9:54]

Black Demon has a mic as he stands over the fallen Marcus Schultz. He blames Schultz and the Patriot for allowing his face to be seen on national television last week. "That's why I wear the mask, damn-it, so my identity can remain a secret". He hits Schultz again with a chair. Security tries to enter the ring but Menele chases them off. But then Menele comes from behind Black Demon, turns him around and takes him down with a spinebuster. Menele then drags the Black Demon to his feet and nails a piledriver. The sadistic man drags the demon into the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. This time Menele nails the top-rope moonsault, but on the Black Demon. Menele then rips off the mask of the knocked out Black Demon, and again we see his face, and the announcers still don't recognize him.

[commercial break]

Studio Interview/Statement:
Commissioner Jim Brunzell gives a statement from behind a desk. He calls what happened last week in the hardcore match between Balls Mahoney and Max Pain a real disgrace to Mid-American wrestling. All 3 parties, including referee Buddy Lane acted improperly. Brunzell says that he has held meetings with all 3 involved, plus head of officials Wayne Hart. Brunzell sends a message to all wrestlers that officials are off limits in Mid-American wrestling. Fines and suspensions unparalleled in wrestling history will be handed out for abuse of officials from this day forward. Secondly, the amount of hardcore matches in Mid-Am is limited already but will be further limited in the future; it is not the normal way of doing business in the territory and should be used only to settle feuds. Finally, referees will also be held accountable for their actions and professionalism. As for the fallout from the incident, Brunzell announces that all 3 involved have been fined an undisclosed amount by the league office. No suspensions will be handed out this time.

<<< cue "Rest in Peace" by Extreme>>>
The fans boo as the team of "Sinister" Stan Baker and "Outlaw" Jesse Hennig make their way to the ring.

<<< cue "Ain't Going Down till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
The fans are on their feet cheering as Sam Holiday and Diamond Dallas Page make their way to the ring together for this next match. Kimberly follows her husband to the ring. The fans cheers are assuredly for icon Sam Holiday and not for Diamond Dallas Page who has come under fire lately for his matches with Al Hardamann.

Main Event
Tag Team Match - 20 minute Time Limit
Well, the participants can't wait to get things started and so they start brawling before the ring bell can sound and before DDP and Holiday can take off their shirts. It shakes down to be Holiday against Hennig and Holiday takes control. The Heavyweight champ is on fire, letting out a lot of built up anger on the face of Jesse Hennig. Referee Marty Stevens actually has to warn Holiday a couple of times to back off. Finally Holiday tags out to DDP, who gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. DDP continues to pour on the damage but when he goes to finish the match with a Diamond Cutter, Stan Baker runs in and clobbers him from behind. Both DDP and Hennig crawl to their respective corners and make the tag. Holiday gets his punches off first and backs Baker to the ropes, but Baker lashes out with a thumb to the eye of Holiday, and then takes him down to the mat with a double leg takedown, before reversing the motion into a slingshot and sending Holiday out of the ring head first. Outside the ring Baker goes to work throwing Holiday into the guardrail, ringsteps, and ringpost. He breaks the count twice by rolling himself back into the ring, only to roll back out and punish Holiday some more. When he sets Holiday up for a piledriver outside the ring after baring the concrete, DDP tries to come to his aid. However, Hennig surprises him with a clothesline and knocks him down. But before Baker can deliver the piledriver to an already busted open Holiday, Al Hardamann appears from the back and takes Baker down with a clothesline of his own. Hardamann goes to work on Baker with punches and kicks before delivering a vertebreaker. Now the Graduates run out from the back to join the brawl as the ref disqualifies Holiday and DDP for the outside interference.
[Winners by disqualification Stan Baker and Jesse Hennig when Al Hardamann interfered at 5:05]

Although being out numbered 4 to 3 including a busted open Sam Holiday, the good guys formed a ring with their backs together and quite handily fended off the Graduates, Baker, and Hennig. But what DDP couldn't see was Madusa sneak around and attack Kimberly, throwing her into the ringsteps and then driving her through a table with a double underhook piledriver.
In the meantime, the bad guys fled and left the trio of Hardamann, DDP, and Holiday standing back to back. There was some inadvertent bumping between Hardamann and DDP, which would have escalated except Holiday, put a stop to it. Hardamann offered his hand to shake DDP but DDP just ignored him when he realized that he couldn't find Kimberly. So he brushed by Hardamann to go look for her which didn't sit well with the Wild Thing. Hardamann went after DDP giving him a little poke in the back, to which DDP twirled around quickly and took Hardamann down by surprise with a Diamond Cutter !!!
DDP ran around the ring and found Kimberly lying on a broken table, while Sam Holiday looking bewildered took care of his friend Al Hardamann.

[commercial break]

Hi-Lights of Press Conference held last night at 100 Adelaide St., Jack Larkin's main office in Toronto.
Those sitting at the head table were Jack Larkin, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bob Holliday, Trevor Suffield and April Hunter.
The biggest announcement was that Mr. Larkin had been officially given the charter by WWA President John Fredrickson to promote exclusively in Canada.
Larkin said that he was proud to promote in his homeland and to expand the territory.
A tentative TV deal has been signed with Global television in Canada, and those markets where stations pick up the program will be the markets where we will present shows in 2002. There is no plan to revamp the remainder of the 2001 schedule.
Bret Hart has come on board both as an investor and with an office job. It is likely that both Bret and his brother Owen will take on a big role in helping to roll out the Canadian expansion in conjunction with Canadian agent Bob Holliday.
Neither Bret nor Owen has any intention of stepping back into the ring as active wrestlers.
The name of the fed may yet be changed to one name that reflects the territory, but as of today it will be known simply as WWA Mid-American/Canadian Pro Wrestling. Mr. Larkin nixes any suggestions for a name of the "Can-Am" variety.
A separate belt for the Canadian territory is being discussed, with possibly renaming the TV title into the American title instead.
In other territory news, some big announcements were made for the December 15th year-end show in St.Paul, titled "Revelations/End of Days". The big news is that WWA World Champion Rob van Dam, as well as WWA World Tag Team Champions "The Blood Brothers" will be coming to the event to defend their titles. Their opponents will be named shortly.
In response to questions posed by reporters;
Larkin confirms rumors that he has entered into talks with New Japan about using a couple of their "shootfighters" at "Revelations/End of Days". And also invites Juventud Guerrera to "put up" if he's available to compete at the card.
Larkin also confirms that an overhaul of the roster come January is very possible. He says the creative team wanted to see a roster reduced in quantity, but increased in quality. However, with the expansion to Canada that may not be as easy as before. It was also confirmed that several new talents were coming to the territory very soon; those new talents signed are;
Rocky Maiviaa, Curt Hennig, Mike Enos and E11even.
Trevor Suffield confirms that the negotiations with Global include the discussion of moving to a weekly 2-hour show instead of the current 1-hr show. Under that scenario it would still be taped, but done only one week at a time.
Larkin laughed when asked about the presence of his assistant April Hunter. He laughed it off as being executive privileges and probably a misuse of company funds.