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Northern Premiere Wrestling
February 23, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling TV (#21)

Opening Match:

Steve Corino v Jesse Hennig (Brass Knux Match)

Our show opens with a match. This feud has been going on since December, and Corino wants to put an end to it. He has accepted Hennig's call for a brass knuckles match. No pole is used in this match. The brass knuckles are put in the centre of the ring. They are the only legal foreign object allowed. Head referee Wayne Hart accepts the duties of this match to personally make sure all goes down fairly.

After a couple of initial lockups that ended in punch fests, Hennig is too eager to go for the knux. Corino catches him with a knee to the back of the head, driving Hennig's head down onto the knux. Corino takes control of the match and busts Hennig's head open outside the ring on the guardrail. Back inside the ring Corino has the knux and the blood is now flowing freely from the head of Hennig.

Curt Hennig comes out to the ring, but before he can interefere Al Snow comes out and suplexes Hennig on the floor. However this little distraction is enough for Jesse Hennig to catch Corino with a double chop to the throat. Hennig tosses Corino out of the ring. Jesse follows Corino to the floor and then pulls a set of brass knuckles out of his trunks (unseen by Wayne Hart). The two stand toe to toe and exchange punches with the two sets of brass knuckles, and both are knockedl down. Wayne Hart applies a 10 count before calling for the bell.

[Jesse Hennig and Steve Corino battle to a double countout in a brass knuckles match at 6:23]

[commercial break]

Al Hardamann in-ring interview:

Jim Davies interviews new NPW Heavyweight Champion Al Hardamann. Al thanks Sam Holiday for being such a great champ and for giving him this opportunity. He gets no further into the interview when he is interrupted.

<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>

"Total Destruction" Steve Riley and Raymond Bingham come out onto the ramp. Riley is wearing his new NPW American Title. Riley tells Hardamann that the reason Holiday threw his match with Hardamann was so he wouldn't have to face "total destruction". Well, now Hardamann is in the way. He offers Hardamann the rest of the night to announce his retirement.

Hardamann has a mic and is about to respond when Chris Jericho, Sean O'Haire, and Madusa run in from the back as well. The 5 of them charge the ring simultaneously and catch Hardamann off-guard. They are like a wild pack of wolves as they lay the boots to Hardamann.

From the back comes Diamond Dallas Page and Stan Baker to help out Hardamann. They turn the tide and look to have it under control when Justice Steele comes into the ring from behind and tackles Baker to the ground. Now control returns to BAI and security swarm the ring to try and gain back some control.

[commercial break]

4 Way Match - Winner gets WWA North American Heavyweight Championship Match against Kai Hanson on Mrch 7th at Barry Windham's Farewell Tour stop in Chicago.

Marcus Schultz v Raymond Bingham v Menele v Rocky Maivia

[Raymond Bingham wins by pinfall when he pins Rocky Maivia after a Northern Lights Suplex into a pin (No-Way-Out) at 23:15 (12:45 televised)]

[commercial break]

In-Ring Announcement:

Bret Hart comes to the ring for a major announcement. He is greeted with a mixed round of applause and jeers from the Minnestoa crowd.

He says its his pleasure to introduce the new commissioner for NPW's United States operations, someone he has known all his life, his younger brother Owen Hart!!

The fans give Owen a mixed reaction as well. However, Owen takes the mic and promises the crowd that even though he is a Canadian, he will act in only the interests of the American crowd. He also warns Bret that they may become friendly adversaries because what is good for Canadian fans may not be good for American fans. Furthermore, he tells his brother he is not allowed to book American title matches from now on. Finally, Owen announces a non-title match to be held in Chicago on the 7th between Amereican Champion Steve Riley and Canadian Champion Rocky Maivia.

The fans cheer Owen as he leaves the ring, while Bret looks a little surprised.

[commercial break]

Al Hardamann comes out to the ring with Diamond Dallas Page (with Kimberly) and Stan Baker. They call out Bad Attitude International who they challenge to a six-man tag match. Chris Jericho, Sean O'Haire, and Justice Steel accept the challenge and come out accompanied by Madusa.

<<< cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>

A very sexy April Hunter comes to the ring wearing a white tank top, silver trunks, and silver boots. She grabs the mic from Hardamann. She says she is sick and tired of Madusa running around here like a jezebel just because she is the only female physical force here in NPW. Hunter says that she knows she is not allowed to be both in the front office and a wrestler but given the choice, she can't stand it any longer, so she quits her front office job. She wants to make this a 4 on 4 tonight.

Madusa takes the mic and berates Hunter as a psychobitch, and asks her if Larkin ever reciprocated or if he just sat at his desk while she *bleep, bleep, bleep*. Hunter rocks Madusa with a right hand and then holds her by the hair and gives her an X-factor, and we're off.

8 person intergender tag match

Bad Attitude International: Chris Jericho, Sean O'Haire, Justice Steel, and Madusa


Al Hardamann, Diamond Dallas Page (with Kimberly), Stan Baker, and April Hunter

Hunter starts the match off strong punishing Madusa, but the wiley veteran backs Hunter into her team's corner and makes the tag. Hunter is no match for the overwhelming power of Justice Steel who toys with her for a couple of minutes without going for a pinfall. Hunter finally uses a lowblow and an eye gouge to get some space and make a tag out to Stan Baker. Baker is all over Steel in a slugfest. Baker takes total control of Steel until he is hit with a double axhandle from behind from Sean O'Haire. Steel powerbombs Baker, and then tags in O'Haire who goes for the Seanton Bomb, but Baker rolls out of the way. DDP is tagged in and he laces right into O'Haire. But when DDP goes for the diamond cutter he is attacked by Chris Jericho. The match then degenerates into an 8-man brawl.

Steve Riley comes out from the back and begins to talk to Kimberly. At first she seems a bit taken back, but he begins to show off his American title and she seems interested! This distracts DDP who comes over but is given 10lbs of gold to the head as a reward. Riley leaves the ringside area calling after Kimberly to follow him. She looks hesitant and finally takes care of her husband instead who has been busted wide open. Other battles outside the ring see Madusa in full control of April Hunter (thanks to a nicely timed spear from Justice Steel). Baker then takes Steel for a tour of the arena seating as he bashes him from one section to the next.

Back inside the ring Hardamann is trying to fend off the attack of Chris Jericho and his best buddy a steel chair. Finally Hardamann wrestles the chair away from Jericho, and is about to bash it over his head when O'Haire grabs him by the ankles from outside the ring and trips him face first into the mat (smashing his face into the chair as he fell). Jericho then delivered a legdrop onto the back of Hardaman's neck, followed by a Hereosault (again smashing Hardamann's face into the chair). The referee Marty Stevens let's all of this go because it was an impromptu match so he let both teams do whatever they wanted. Now he counts the pinfall.

[Winners by pinfall Bad Attitude International when Chris Jericho pinned Al Hardamann after a Herosault onto a chair at 10:10].


BAI celebrates in the ring, as they are joined by Steve Riley and Raymond Bingham. Again Riley calls out to Kimberly to join them, and before she can make up her mind Hardamann comes over and helps her aid DDP to his feet.