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Northern Premiere Wrestling
January 19, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling (#16)

The show opens as interviewer Jim Davies corners Madusa walking in the backstage area.
Davies asks Madusa what the mystery man with the hockey stick said to her last week that shocked her so much, and if she has any idea who it is. She refuses to comment, except to say that it is a really big deal, a huge deal that will change Northern Premiere Wrestling forever. The ramifications go way beyond the NPW. Davies asks her if she knows who the man is, to which Madusa gets miffed and rams Davies headfirst into the concrete wall.

The announcers inform us that our main event for tonights one-hour program will be a special tag match with Stan Baker and a mystery partner to take on Steve Riley and a mystery partner.

<<<cue One Big Rush by Joe Satriani>>>
Commish Jim Brunzell comes to the ring accompanied by Jack Lanza and April Hunter. Brunzell is still sporting a bandaged head from the attack by Raymond Bingham with his PWI rookie of the year trophy.
Brunzell tells Bingham he cant get away with that crap here in the NPW. Hes talked it over with President Larkin who agrees. He tells Bingham that if he wants his release then he can have it outright. But if he wants to stay in NPW than his next match is going to be against non-other than himself (Commish Jim Brunzell) in an old fashioned Coal Miners Glove match. He wants his answer before the end of the show.

<<< cue Wait and Bleed by Slipknot>>>
The IBZ come out, interrupting Brunzell. Wiked Klown is pulling Shaggy in a little red wagon. Unfortunately Shaggy has a mic. He starts into a tirade, which is just one long censored beep on TV. But the live audience is reigning down boos on him when he is finished.
Brunzell responds by calling them a couple of jokes.
Shaggy, climbing out of the wagon now just outside the ring, takes offense to that remark (actually he says he resembles that remark). He then says that he is the grandson of the great Mr. Wrestling II.
Brunzell looks amused and feigns surprise, asking Shaggy if thats Walker or Woods. Shaggy looks confused and then says Walker, Johnny Walker.
Wiked Klown grabs the mic and not to be outdone says he is the son of Villano IV, the great luchabean wrestler.
Again Brunzell looks amused and then says since they are such accomplished wrestlers they should have no trouble taking on their opponents tonight. As punishment for their inane actions last week, their opponents are guys that Brunzell doesnt like either, the Freebirds.
The place goes nuts.

[cut to commercial]

Special Texas Tornado Tag Team Match: No Disqualification
Menele & Max Pain v Balls Mahoney & Kurt Barnes
Menele and Pain seem to concentrate on isolating Barnes and treating him like the weaker link. After a while the strategy works and then they turn their attention to double teaming Mahoney. Barnes however recovers and delivers a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle to outside the ring on Menele, sending him crashing into the guardrail. Mahoney then nails Pain with a release German suplex outside the ring. Barnes goes back into the ring and after Mahoney nails a second suplex, Barnes comes off the top again with a crazy swanton bomb. Mahoney has to make the cover because Barnes is in too much pain.
[Winners by pinfall Mahoney and Barnes at 7:08 when Mahoney pinned Pain after Barnes nailed Pain with a swanton bomb].

Mahoney cut a promo complimenting Barnes on his balls and says hes okay.

Still shots of Barry Windham defeating Rob van Dam to become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.
[photos courtesy of PWA]

<<< cue The Kids Arent Allright by the Offspring >>>
Devon Storm comes to the ring. He thanks the fans for their concern last week but just came out to assure the fans that he is all right. He says the doctors have checked him out and it was just a stinger. Hell be back wrestling after just a few days off.

<<< cue Surrender by Cheap Trick>>>
The fans give J.J. Extreme a mixed reaction as he comes to the ring.
He offers his hand to Storm, and they shake. Extreme apologizes to Storm for his part in the accident, but Storm just shakes his head and says it happens. Extreme says that when Storm is ready hed love to have another chance to thrill the fans with some more high-flying action. Storm agrees.

<<< cue Till it Sleeps by Metallica>>>
The tag team champions the Spinebusters come to the ring. They are wearing their tag team belts and seem to be sharing a good laugh at the expense of Storm and Extreme.
Caruthers makes some innuendoes about them being really good buddies in the back.
Storm and Extreme get upset and leave the ring to attack the Spinebusters and end up routing them to the back.

[cut to commercial break]

The IBZ (Wiked Klown & Shaggy) v The Freebirds (Van Hammer & Buddy McElroy)
The third Freebird Terry Hendrix takes a seat and watches the match at the announce table. For once he doesnt have to interfere because the IBZ is no match for the birds.
[Winners by pinfall at 6:58 the Freebirds when Van Hammer pinned Shaggy after delivering a Hotshot with McElroys help from the ring apron]

The Freebirds sarcastically thank Brunzell for throwing them a warm up match, but warn that the days of the Spinebusters being the champs in these parts is waning.

[cut to commercial break]

<<< cue Aint Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks>>>
The fans come to their feet as their long time champion Sam Holiday strides to the ring. He is limping on one leg quite noticeably. He has a mic and thanks the fans for all their support. He says that he needs a bit of a rest but promises to defend his title again soon, and he will not forfeit the belt ever. He would rather work hurt then give up. He says that there is one man in Mid-America, now in Northern Premiere Wrestling that has been shortchanged his shot at the gold in the last 18 months. That man is his best friend in wrestling, Al Hardamann. He calls Al out to the ring.

<<< cue Wild Thing by the Troggs>>>
The fans come to their feet again and cheer for FORMER TV champion Al Hardamann. Al is all business, as usual, as he strides to the ring. Inside he shakes Holidays hand.
Holiday still has the mic and again repeats that Hardamann has been shortchanged over the last 18 months. Hardamann just shrugs, but Holiday says no really you have. So, Holiday announces that as soon as he is able to return to action his first title defense will be against Hardamann.
The crowd cheers this announcement.

Hardamann takes the mic from Holiday. Al thanks Holiday for the kind words, his friendship, and the title shot. Al then looks directly at the wobbly ankle of Holiday and asks Holiday if the title shot is because he thinks he will lay off the bad wheel.
Holiday shakes his head no, and says he knows him too well. Hardamann, says that after their match he will know him even better. They shake hands and Hardamann prepares to leave the ring, but

<<< cue One Big Rush by Joe Satriani>>>
Jim Brunzell makes his way to the ring again. He stands in the middle of the ring and takes the mic. He tells Holiday to take all the recovery time he needs, but he needs to hand his title belt over to Brunzell right now. Hardamann looks pissed and goes nose to nose with Brunzell, but Holiday plays the peacekeeper and peels the two apart. In the commotion the mic was dropped and is picked up by Hardamann.
Al rips into Brunzell again for not respecting all that Holiday has done for wrestling in Middle America.
Again Holiday plays peacekeeper pulling the two apart. Holiday has the mic and asks Brunzell if he really wants the belt. By now the fans are going absolutely nuts booing Brunzell, and debris starts to hit the ring. Holiday stops on the mic and tells the fans not to throw anything. After they have calmed down a bit he asks Brunzell the question again. Brunzell confirms that he wants Holiday to hand over the belt RIGHT NOW.
Holiday says sure, over my dead body, is the only way youll take this belt off of me.

<<< cue The Best by Tina Turner>>>
Brunzell just smiles and looks to the rafters. After a few seconds the camera manages to capture a title belt lowering on a cable from the rafters.
Brunzell steps forward with the mic and tells Holiday to hand over the Mid-America Heavyweight title because it is being retired, and to take his brand new 10 lbs. of gold, the brand new Northern Premiere Wrestling Heavyweight title.
Holiday is awe struck, and you can tell he is trying to fight back the tears. The belt finally stops its decent, the music has stopped, no one is talking, and the arena noise has reduced to a dull roar.
Holiday steps forward and removes the belt from the clip and then after a quick inspection holds it over his head and poses. He removes his old belt, kisses it one more time, and hands it to Brunzell. Brunzell, Hardamann, and the fans are applauding as Holiday straps the new belt around his waist,

<<< cue Till it Sleeps by Metallica>>>
The fans boo as The Spinebusters interrupt the little ceremony. They stroll down to ringside wearing their tag title belts. They stop outside the ring and have a mic.
Brunzell asks them what the hell they want.
Orth responds you mean besides brand new NPW Gold title belts?. How about a little respect then? Orth then accuses Holiday and Hardamann of running a sham here to protect Holiday from facing real competition before his 30 day limit runs out.

Suddenly from the crowd emerges Raymond Bingham with a two-foot long piece of piping. He slides into the ring from behind, using the distraction of the Spinebusters. Bingham catches Holiday with a nasty pipe shot right to his bad ankle. Holiday drops like a rock. Hardamann spins and catches Bingham with a kick causing him to drop the pipe. But now the Spinebusters have entered the ring and added to the fray first taking out Brunzell. Hardamann though backs himself into a corner and the tough s.o.b takes on both Spinebusters. Bingham recovers the pipe and is trying to attack a fallen Holiday. The champ does all he can to kick at Bingham to protect his ankle, but in return he takes several pipe shots to the knee and thigh. Finally Brunzell tackles Bingham from behind and starts peppering him with mounted punches. Then Derek St. Holmes comes running from the back and enters the ring with a steel chair. The fans arent sure of his allegiances, but since he had been punked out by the Spinebusters after losing to Bingham at Revelations/End of Days, the crowd is expecting him to use the chair against them. However, they are surprised as he clocks Brunzell over the back with the chair instead. He then gives the chair to Orth and it is the turning point as they manage to grab the advantage against Hardamann.
The Spinebusters, Bingham, and St. Holmes continue to lay the boots to Brunzell, Holiday and Hardamann until security breaks them off.
Outside the ring Bingham has a mic. He tells Brunzell that he can take that as his acceptance for a coal miners glove match.

[cut to commercial break]

Main Event
Tag Match double mystery partner
Stan Baker announces his mystery partner, none other than American Champion Diamond Dallas Page !!! DDP comes down to the ring with Kimberly. He grabs a mic and tells Baker he doesnt trust him but for tonight only they can be partners.

Riley comes down to the ring. For the first time ever in his career in Middle America his entourage does not accompany him to the ring. He comes out alone to his opening theme We Will Rock You. He then announces his mystery tag team partner, but then says he doesnt know what this guys name is, he just met him in the back.
The fans boo after a few moments of confusion as the mystery man from last week with the hockey stick walks down the ramp. He is again wearing a black wrestling mask, and a black t-shirt, this time a Pete Jackson in the Matrix t-shirt, black jeans, and cowboy boots. He is also brandishing a hockey stick.

Referee Buddy Lane doesnt seem to know what to do about the situation and referee Wayne Hart, Assistant Commish Jack Lanza, assistant to the President April Hunter, and four security guards come down to the ring. They are trying to sort it out, and the problem is that Wayne Hart says the mystery man is not under contract to NPW so he cant wrestle. We dont even know if he has a wrestling license or can wrestle. Lanza says that Hart is right, but that should be Brunzells call but he is still recovering from the earlier attack. Lanza goes nose to nose with the mystery man and says can you wrestle boy?. The response is swift and vicious with a kick to the gut, and then a double underhook powerbomb. The ring degenerates into chaos.

[commercial break]

When we return from commercial the match has evidently been sanctioned because it has already started. In addition to referee Buddy Lane inside the ring we have head of officials Wayne Hart and April Hunter still hanging out around ringside.
Baker grabs the advantage against Riley, and DDP pushes that advantage because the mystery man refuses to tag in from Riley. The only time the mystery man becomes involved is to deliver a double axhandle from behind when DDP is setting up Riley for the Diamond Cutter.
Madusa comes from the back, and snatches the hockey stick away from Wayne Hart who was holding it while watching the match. Madusa catches Hart by surprise and lays him out with a DDT. Hunter goes after Madusa but walks right into a superkick. Madusa then hands the hockey stick to the mystery man who enters the ring and nails DDP with the stick from behind. He tries to do the same thing to Baker but Baker blocks the stick and then headbutts the mystery man. Baker goes to work on both the mystery man and Riley. The fans are now firmly behind the man who they despised so much last year during his feud with Holiday. Baker appears to be winning the battle and has control of the hockey stick when a large black man enters the ring from behind. Its Justice Steel, a wrestler under contract to NPW but whom we havent seen in over 6 months. Steel looks to have added about 20 pounds of bulk since we last saw him and hes looking big and mean. He grabs Baker from behind and nails him with a full nelson into a slam. Next he shows off his strength by chokeslamming the big man Baker right onto the hockey stick.
[Winners by disqualification are Diamond Dallas Page and Stan Baker when the mystery man is DQd for using a foreign object at 5:49]

The Mystery man poses in the ring surrounded by Steve Riley, Madusa, and Justice Steel.
He teases pulling his mask off but doesnt actually do it.