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Northern Premiere Wrestling
February 2, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling (#18)

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On Tonight's show.
Our main event will be a return match between the Hennig Brothers and Steve Corino/Al Snow.
Also, we will play a videotape sent to the NPW offices by Chris Jericho, which states why he is here in NPW and who has sent him.

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Bob Segar>>>
Troy Black comes out to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers, but overall a pretty dead reaction.
He hails from Kingston, Ontario, Canada and comes in at 5'11 and 235 pounds.

<<<cue "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard>>>
His opponent is the double tough Buddy McElroy formerly from Chattanooga, Tennessee but now hailing from Badstreet Atlanta G.A., and entering the ring at 6'4 and 289 pounds.

Black is no match for McElroy who just punishes the youngster. During the match the crowd begins chanting "We want Schultz, We want Schultz" which just made McElroy even madder and he took it out on Black. Finally McElroy began to taunt out at Schultz as well, daring him to come down to the ring.
But Schultz never came and the fans bood as McElroy clamped on the Asiatic spike and got the win.
[Winner by submission at 5:23 Buddy McElroy]

McElroy punished Black some more after the match, and taunted Schultz who never came.

Big Announcement:
Frank Dusek the President of the PWA has sent word that the WWA North American Champion Kai Hanson will be coming to Chicago on March 9th to defend his title on the NPWs stop on the Barry Windham farewell tour 2002. In addition, it has just been learned that WWA-CWA Americas Champion Cesar DeHoyos will also be wrestling on that big TV taping. Its shaping up to being a great night of wrestling.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot >>>
The IBZ, Shaggy and Wiked Klown, come to the ring and are soundly jeered by the fans. Wiked Klown stops to rip up a fans sign that taunts him with "Wiked Klown phears phoniks".

<<< cue The "Kids Aren't Allright" by The Offspring >>>
The new duo of Devon Storm and J.J. Extreme come running out from the back. They are really pissed at IBZ ruining their chances of winning tag team gold last week with their interference.

IBZ are no match for Extreme-Storm, and take to running early. But outside the ring Klown catches Storm by opening up a fire extinguisher into his eyes. Long time inept official Jurgen Hermann of course is looking the wrong way. Then Hermann doesnt DQ the IBZ when they double team Extreme. They fail to get a 3 count but Storm still hasnt recovered from the chemicals in his eyes. Storms former partner Ace Darling comes out to help Storm. But Storm is blinded and nails Darling with a right cross to the jaw. NOW Jurgen Hermann is distracted by the outside stuff, and doesnt see the droptoe hold on Extreme by Shaggy driving his face into an open steel chair. And he's still not looking when Wiked Klown uses the ring bell off the top turnbuckle onto a prone Extreme. Hermann turns around in time to count the 3 count.
[Winners by pinfall the IBZ after using foreign objects at 4:45]

Studio Interview:
Jim Davies has the rough duty of interviewing the Spinebusters, Jerry Orth and Bryan Caruthers. Davies tells us that Orth injured his knee last week and will be out for a couple of months. This of course would seem to necessitate forfeiture of the tag titles.
Orth is livid calling it a conspiracy by NPW to strip them of the titles because nobody could beat them fair and square. That's why the NPW had them defend against those unknowns Storm & Extreme last week. Caruthers is a bit more under control, but through clinched teeth he says that NPW has NOT seen the last of the Spinebusters.

[commercial break]

Highlight package of the Al Collins & Joe Blum versus Johnny Devine & Greg Pawluk feud which has been raging ever since December of last year. They have really lit it up in house shows this year with many ending in DDQ or DCO bloodbaths.

<<< cue Choke by Kittie >>>
The fans boo as the Young Guns. Hotshot Johnny Devine and Pistol Greg Pawluk make their way to the ring.

<<< cue Burning Heart by Survivor >>>
The fans are on their feet as they cheer for two legends of the mat game. Al Collins comes out in his red trunks and boots. He brushes aside his comb over and the fans cheer him even louder. Joe Blum comes out to a similar reaction in his camouflage clothing.

Devine and Pawluk leave the ring and attack their opponents before the match can even begin. It turns into a four man brawl. Blum gets the better of Devine and is absolutely pummeling him in the crowd. In the meantime Pawluk is holding his own against Al Collins. Pawluk is showing off the product of all his training in Stu Harts dungeon. Blum manages to drag Devine into the ring to get the action back inside.
This only lasts a few minutes before Pawluk has had enough and enters the ring with a chair. Collins blocks the chair shot though and then DDTs Pawluk on the chair busting him wide open. The referee Marty Stevens disqualifies the Young Guns for brining in the chair to the ring.
[Winners by disqualification Al Collins & Joe Blum at 3:03 after Greg Pawluk was dq'd for using a foreign object.]

A livid team of Collins and Blum throw out a challenge to Pawluk & Devine to meet them one more time in the ring whenever they want. The losing team will have to disband and no longer will they be allowed to tag team together.

[commercial break]

Preview Segment:
As promised by NPW Heavyweight Champion, Sam Holiday, the next shot at his title would be granted to Al Hardamann. That title defense will take place next Saturday here on All-American Pro Wrestling. By defending it Holiday narrowly makes his 30-day window. But what kind of shape will his ankle be in after the severe attack by Raymond Bingham with the lead pipe? Hardamann can be a real animal when he smells blood, and he's a straight shooter. Its going to be a tough match for Holiday.

Return Match:
Curt & Jesse Hennig v Al Snow & Steve Corino
Corino and Snow have the Hennigs either running or in trouble for much of this match. Jesse was isolated first, but when Curt got tagged in he didn't fare well either. Snow had the match won over Curt with the Snowplow, only to have Jesse break it up. This happened a second time, and then a third time. Finally referee Wayne Hart warned Jesse that next time it would cause a DQ. Corino was on the verge of ending the match, he was hoisting Curt up into a powerbomb or a piledriver, when he spent too long showboating and Curt back flipped him. As Corino staggered to his feet he reached for the ropes to steady himself and Jesse reached over the ropes, having had fished out a set of brass knux from his trunks, and nailed Corino in the head. Referee Wayne Hart only saw the punch, not the knux, and so he counted the subsequent pin.
[Winners by pinfall at 8:12 Curt & Jesse Hennig when Curt pinned Corino, after Jesse hit Corino with brass knux]

[commercial break]

Video Taped Statement from Chris Jericho.
Jericho says that he has come from the PWA where Frank Dusek tried to bury his career. He has been sent as a messiah, a hero to the people, by Brandon Myers the true Undisputed champion of wrestling. He has come to these backwoods to establish that Bad Attitude is indeed International. Jericho says that Myers has given him only until the end of March to finish his assignment. Put together a Bad Attitude chapter that will win ALL the NPW titles. NPW is known as the Proving Grounds, and Jericho says this is the way that he will prove himself to Myers.