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Northern Premiere Wrestling
January 26, 2002

All-American Pro Wrestling (#17)

January 26, 2002

<<< cue One Big Rush by Joe Satriani>>>
The show opens with Commissioner Jim Brunzell heading to the ring, looking pissed off and wearing his wrestling trunks and boots, and a T-shirt that says, "I'm the Boss". He grabs a mic and tells the pumped up Chicago crowd that he wants to have the coal miners glove match against Raymond Bingham right now.

<<< cue Denial by Sevendust>>>
Raymond Bingham comes out wearing a "PWI Rookie of the Year" shirt and a big smirk on his face.
The Coal miners glove is hung from a pole attached to the corner post. If it is retrieved it can be used, but the match must still end by normal means. It is NOT a no-dq match, the glove is the only "legal" foreign object.

Coal Miners Glove Match
Jim Brunzell v Raymond Bingham
Brunzell is a game competitor but Bingham is just too sneaky for Brunzell using low-blows and eye gouges to constantly take away any advantage that Brunzell gained. Bingham really worked over Brunzell when he applied the figure-four leglock around the ringpost. This is a new move for him and one that did not endear him to the crowd. Bingham was in control of the match and didn't appear to need any help, but the "mystery man" showed up again and with the ref distracted climbed the pole and pulled down the glove. Brunzell grabbed an advantage with an atomic drop but when he went to climb up the pole, the glove was gone. In the meantime the mystery man slipped Bingham the glove. Brunzell turned around right into a shot from the metal glove and was knocked out cold.
[Winner by pinfall Raymond Bingham at 6:33 after punching Brunzell with the Coal Miners Glove]

[commercial break]

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Metallica>>>
Marcus Schultz comes to the ring dressed in a blue singlet and boots. He looks even more focused than usual, and immediately calls out Troy Black.

<<< cue "Turn the Page" by Bob Segar>>>
Troy Black comes hesitantly to the ring. Schultz tells him that he doesnt want his help, doesnt need his help, and if he ever interferes in his affairs again retribution would be swift. And stop using my music, adds Schultz. Black says he was just trying to help out, and that it was the Freebirds who punked him out so be angry at them. Schultz says he will get even with the 'birds eventually but he repeats to Black to stay the hell away from him.

<<<cue Right Now by Van Halen>>>
Rocky Maivia gets a modest pop from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring for his rematch against Kamala.

<<<cue Psychotron by MegaDeth>>>
Kamala is boo'd lavishly by the Chi-town fans. He doesnt seem to care and goes right after Rocky.

Rocky Maivia v Kamala
Kamala goes right after Rocky, and still holds his ceremonial shield, which Rocky kicks to stop the giant's forward momentum. Rocky is ready for Kamalas dirty tricks this time and grabs the early advantage. However, he lets it degenerate into a brawl, which spills outside the ring. Maivia is no match for Kamala in a brawl so the tide is turned. Kamala gets a two count after a big splash, and then another 2 count after an avalanche.
But Maivia makes a comeback concentrating on wrestling instead of brawling. Rocky really takes it to the veteran who gets a really dopey look on his face after a series of solid right hands to the head.
Maivia finishes the match with a spinning DDT followed by the Rock bottom.
[Winner by pinfall Rocky Maivia after the rock bottom at 5:13]

Studio Interview:
The Patriot (who we havent seen in the ring since Revelations/End of Days where he beat Kamala).
Patriot tells all his loyal fans not to worry, that he will be returning to the ring and has a match signed to wrestle on the TV taping February 7th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

[cut to commercial]

Studio Interview:
Total Destruction Steve Riley says he's sick of Diamond Dallas Page ducking him. He is the official #1 contender for the American title and if DDP doesnt give it up soon, he's going to force the issue. Then he tells Sam Holiday to retire now, because once he has the American belt, he's going after the NPW Heavyweight title. Oh, and after that will be Mr. Windham's titles.

<<<cue The Kids Arent Allright by Offspring>>>
The fans cheer as Devon Storm and J.J. Extreme come to the ring to Storms music. Tonight they have the shot of a lifetime, a shot to win the tag belts in their first ever tag match together.

<<<cue Till it Sleeps by Metallica>>>
The fans go absolutely nuts booing the Spinebusters who come out with their agent Derek St. Holmes. Jerry Orth has a mic and calls this match complete and utter bullsh*t, designed by Brunzell to piss them off. Orth also explains why Derek St Holmes has stuck with them despite the beating he received from them at "Revelations/End of Days", and that is because we make him money. Orth calls him a money whore. Then Orth introduces the newest member of the Spinebuster family.

<<<cue Denial by Sevendust>>>
The fans begin to throw stuff at Raymond Bingham as he comes to the ring, carrying his broken and twisted PWI Rookie of the Year Trophy. Bingham grabs a mic and tells the crowd that Sam Holiday is a cripple thanks to the pipe beating he gave him last week. And now Brunzell has gone to the hospital with a concussion from the shot with the coal miners glove tonight. Bingham says he is getting into training for the tournament, which will follow sometime in February when Holiday has to forfeit the belt.

Referee Marty Stevens will have none of this crap, and sends Bingham to the back. However, he allows Derek St. Holmes to remain since he has a managers license.

NPW Tag Team Title Match
The Spinebusters v Devon Storm/J.J. Extreme
After overcoming some early double team tactics by the Spinebusters, Storm and Extreme manage to work quite fluidly with each other. They use some quick tags and misdirection themselves to catch Caruthers off guard for several dropkicks to the chin. Storm and Extreme execute a dangerous looking inverted version of the 3D and are going for the pin. But before they can get the 3 count, the IBZ, Shaggy and Wiked Klown, come to ringside and pull referee Stevens out of the ring. Stevens calls for security to escort the IBZ to the back. Storm and Extreme take it one step further and deliver double head topes taking out the clowns. But back inside the ring the champions are recovering.

[commercial break]

The match resumes and a rested Caruthers plays possum and catches Extreme with a kick to the gut, a high knee, and a bulldog. He goes for the pin but only gets a 1 count. Caruthers and Orth take turns tagging in and weakening Extreme but cant seem to get the 3 count. Suddenly from the back emerges the Freebirds, Buddy McElroy, Terry Hendrix, and Van Hammer. They storm the ring and attack all four men. Security is needed to help break up this brawl. Incredibly after it is all sorted out Marty Stevens orders the match to continue, much to the displeasure of the Spinebusters. This turn of events seems to rattle Caruthers and soon Extreme has turned the tables with some kicks and a swinging neckbreaker. With Caruthers down on the mat, Extreme climbs to the top turnbuckle, but then so does Jerry Orth on the other side. This brings Storm into the ring to complain, but he is intercepted by referee Stevens, who is now distracted escorting him out of the ring. Extreme nails a flying elbowdrop and goes for the pin, except that Orth comes off the top turnbuckle with a double axhandle to the back of Extreme. Jerry Orth seems in pain but manages to roll Caruthers on top of Extreme for the win.
[Winners by pinfall the Spinebusters: Bryan Caruthers and Jerry Orth by pinfall at 8:42]

Orth is holding his knee and has to be helped by Caruthers to the back. In fact they only make it half way up the ramp before Orth has to sit down. A stretcher comes out and the paramedics carry Orth to the back.

[commercial break]

Main Event
Curt & Jesse Hennig v Steve Corino & Al Snow
This match is Al Snow's first televised match in NPW. This is a very even match-up and no team grabs an advantage. Every time even a minor advantage is taken the weak link manages to make a tag. Curt Hennig finally takes the advantage over Corino and then nails the jumping neck snap on him. However, as Hennig gets off the mat he is victimized by a superkick from Al Snow. Jesse Hennig enters the fray and clocks Snow. All four men take the action outside the ring. Corino and Jesse Hennig brawl into the crowd as Snow busts Curt Hennig open with the ring bell. Referee Buddy Lane calls for the bell.
[Double Countout at 5:50]

<<<cue "Wild Thing" by the Troggs>>>
Al Hardamann gets a big ovation as he walks to the ring carrying a black wooden baseball bat. He grabs a mic. He enters the ring and shakes his bat at Snow and Hennig. He tells them they haven't been here long enough to share the ring with him right now, so you better leave before you get hurt. Snow seems pissed off and flips the bird to Al before leaving. Hennig just falls face first into the ground.
Hardamann says that there's been a goof running around the NPW wearing PWA shirts and making a general nuisance of himself. He calls him out.

<<< cue "Backbeat" a Mid-American original>>>
The fans boo as Justice Steel comes to the ringside. He doesn't say anything but just stands there staring at Hardamann and his bat.
Hardamann says that he brought a friend, tapping his bat in his hand, and suggests to Steel that he bring his friend to even things out.

<<<cue "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John>>>
The fans boo as Madusa comes out and stands at Steel's side.
Hardamann just laughs even more and tells Steel that he should get himself a friend with a set of balls, not silicone implants, "and Im not talking about your lips sweetheart".
His barbs dont seem to faze Steel and Madusa who just stare at him. Finally as Hardamann challenges them by opening the ropes for them they walk to the ring.

Suddenly from behind, Sean OHaire rolls into the ring, and he's wearing a black "Bad Attitude International" t-shirt and jeans. The announce crew quickly surmise that this is not the mystery man as he is a good 5 or 6 inches too tall. But Hardamann seemed to be expecting the sneak attack and he catches O'Haire with the baseball bat to the gut. But Steel reaches under the ropes and pulls Hardamann out by the feet. He and Maudsa begin to beat on Hardamann. They are double-teaming him until Diamond Dallas Page runs out from the back to help out Hardamann. The fans weren't sure of his intentions so when he laces into Steel they go nuts. DDP knocks Steel to the ground, but its actually Steel just ducking because O'Haire comes off the top turnbuckle with a cross body nailing DDP to the ground. They roll both Hardamann and DDP into the ring and out comes the mystery man in a black shirt that says "Bad Attitude International". There is still a little fight in DDP and Hardamann but it's four on two now and they are soon beaten back down. Then the crowd goes nuts as Stan Baker runs to the ring. However, he is over-run from behind by Steve Riley who begins to deliver a beatdown at ringside.
Back inside the ring the four attackers (Mystery man, O'Haire, Madusa, Steele) stand posing over their fallen prey. Then the mystery man grabs a mic.
"Hello Milwaukee".....the Chicago fans boo.
"This whole god forsaken town stinks like dead pigs and rotten bacon. And thats just the womens lack of feminine hygiene. But what you really want to know is who the hell I am? Well Middle America, and Canada, eh? Here I am, your HERO.welcome Middle America to..your ASS is JERICHO!!!"

The mystery man pulls off his mask, and yes it is indeed Chris Jericho!!

The announce team is going crazy trying to figure out what this means. They seem pretty certain that Jericho is still under contract to PWA. They wonder why he is here in NPW, and how he has amassed such a following so quickly.