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Northern Premiere Wrestling
October 13, 2001

All-American Pro Wrestling TV Report (#5)

October 13, 2001

This week's show opens with our first match.

<<< cue "Rocket Queen" by Guns 'n Roses >>>
This match is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of 15 minutes. Introducing first, coming in at 6'0 and 241 pounds, hailing from Staten Island, New York, Kevin Matthews !!!
The fans give Matthews some mild cheers.

<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>
And his opponent led to the ring by his entourage, hailing from Denver, Colorado, coming in at 6'5" and 270 pounds, the instrument of total destruction, Steve Riley!!!
The fans great Steve with an outpouring of negative sentiment.
Riley strides confidently to the ring, wearing a white robe overtop his hunter green trunks, his hands on the shoulders of his trainers.

This is a mismatch as it only takes Riley about a minute before he uses his awesome power to ground Matthews with a running powerslam. He has Matthews on the verge of submission with an armbreaker but breaks the hold so he can dish out some more punishment. Riley demonstrates his agility with a Frankensteiner executed out of the corner and gets the 3 count, or would have but he lifts his opponent after the 2 count. Referee Buddy Lane admonishes Riley, who then follows up with a Gorilla Press slam, and then a release German Suplex. However, Riley re-applies the armbreaker to make Matthews tap out in a matter of seconds.
[Winner by submission Steve Riley with an armbreaker at 4:53]

[commercial break]

Studio segment with Joe Aiello;
The announcer brings us an update on Sam Holiday. Holiday teamed up with Hardamann on the 6th in Indianapolis to beat the duo of Stan Baker and Jesse Hennig. Hennig taunted Holiday throughout the match, and Hardamann won the match after a DVD on Hennig. Holiday looked winded often in this 10 minute match. The next night he showed up at the TV taping at St. Paul but did not wrestle. On the 8th in Winnipeg was the much anticipated re-match with Holiday beating Hennig by DQ when Hennig got caught using the ring bell by referee Wayne Hart. Hennig was doing pretty well in the 12 minute bout and had a decent shot at winning the title that night. Holdiay was said to again look tired out and not his usual self.
His appearance last night in Detroit was another mediocre title defense against Hennig with it ending in a double countout after almost 20 minutes of action. Tonight he has the night off and is not scheduled to appear in Lansing.
Holiday has refused interviews regarding his count out loss to Hennig and his physical conditioning.

<<< cue "Denial" by Sevendust >>>
This next match is a handi-cap match. Introducing first coming in at 6'2" 235 lbs. From Tampa, Florida, Raymond Bingham !!!
The fans give Raymond Bingham a mixed reaction. He doesn't even look at them as he slowly walks to the ring with purpose.

And his opponents
<<< cue "Till it Sleeps" by Metallica >>>
At a combined weight of 480 pounds, led to the ring by their new Sports Entertainment Agent, Derek St. Holmes, the current Mid-America Tag Team Champions, The Spinebusters, Jerry Orth & Bryan Caruthers!!!
The fans boo the trio unmercifully as a cup full of coke and ice smacks across the back of St.Holmes.

Bingham does remarkably well in the early stages of the match out wrestling Orth, and forcing him to tag in the better grappler Caruthers. Bingham is fortunate to have a fair and competent refereee in Buddy Lane calling the match. Caruthers however gets Bingham in the wrong corner and it allows Orth to hold onto his feet and yank the youngster to the ground. Caruthers is all over him with stomps to the back and the neck.
Orth is tagged in and punishes Bingham with a running clothesline, a DDT, and a piledriver, getting a two count. Caruthers comes back in and goes to work with short-arm scissors which Bingham manages to break by getting to the ropes. Buddy Lane doesn't see it though when Derek St. Holmes waffles Bingham in the head with a tag title belt. Caruthers rolls up Bingham, uses the ropes for leverage and gets the 3 count.
[Winners by pinfall the Spinebusters when Caruthers pinned Bingham after some outside interference at 6:11]

The IBZ, Wiked Klown and Shaggy appear, jumping the railing. They attack Derek St. Holmes, double teaming him. The Spinebusters see their agent getting attacked, but just grab their belts and head to the back.
After they are done leaving St.Holmes wrecked outside the ring the IBZ enter the ring and attempt to attack a recovering Raymond Bingham, who is bleeding from the forehead shot with the title belt. Bingham though takes it right to the two "clowns" and drives them both from the ring.

[commercial break]

<<< cue "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani >>>
Commissioner Jim Brunzell comes to the ring. He says the next match will be the 3-way hardcore match between Balls Mahoney, Menele, and the promised surprise opponent. Brunzell informs the crowd that the surprise was supposed to be former IPW star "Streetfighter" Terry Sugury. However, Sugury has not been in contact with the MidAm office since he signed his contract over a month ago. He did not arrive here tonight either. So, Sugury has been suspended indefinetly, and if he tries to wrestle anywhere else he will be sued by President Larkin and Mid-Am wrestling. In the mean time he has been replaced on the 3-way Hardcore match tonight.

<<< cue "Big Balls" by AC/DC >>>
Our first fighter comes in at 6'2 361 pounds, hailing from Nutley, New Jersey, the man with the biggest balls of them all,Balls Mahoney !!!
The fans cheer loudly for Balls.

<<< cue "Flee" by Kindred >>>
His opponent comes in at 6'0 and 255 pounds, hailing from parts unknown, Menele !!!
The fans really give it to the most insane man in Middle America.

Balls and Menele don't wait for their third dance partner, or the bell, or the ref. They start their fight on the ring apron, before tumbling to the floor. Balls uses the metal guardrail as a weapon slamming and choking Menele with it. Menele is wearing the proverbial crimson mask, and his arm is also ripped open. However, the former disciple of Brujah roras back with a takeover suplex which smashes Balls into a wall. Both stumble gamely to their feet and begin to exchange punches.

<<< cue "Ironman" by Black Sabbath >>>
The fans are on their feet as the third member of this match is Road Warrior Animal who runs to the ring.
Animal poses in the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Menele and Balls continue to brawl outside the ring.
Animal finally leaves the ring and grabs a hubcap which he uses to brain both his opponents.
Animal drags Menele to the ring where he is suddenly joined by tag team partner Hawk. They execute the doomsday device on Menele as Balls just watches from outside the ring.
Referee Marty Stevens throws the match out.
[Match is declared a no-contest after about 5 minutes of action]

The announce team of Joe Aiello, Cyrus, and Jason Sensation inform us that the Road Warriors have not been seen in a few months after losing a long and bloody feud to the Spinebusters. As the Road Warriors pose in the ring for the fans, Cyrus informs us that this is probably just the Roadies way of saying goodbye to their faithful fans, and does not mark their return to a Mid-Am ring.

[commercial break]

Re-cap of the "spanking incident" from last week.

Six-Man Texas Tornado Match - Anything Goes
Diamond Dallas Page & Al Hardamann & Steve Corino
Jesse Hennig & Sean O'Haire & Shane Helms
This match is joined in progress and Madusa and Kimberly have both been forced to stay in their respective corners with an assigned security guard to maintain that stipulation.
Shane Helms does not do well in this type of brawl. In fact at one point he crawled over to where Madusa stood and held onto her leg, before being pulled off by Hardamann. Later Helms basically tried to escape through the crowd and Hardamann gave chase. DDP and Hennig fought mostly on the outside of the ring, near the entrance with an assortment of weapons. But given all the action happening, referee Wayne Hart mostly stayed inside the ring with Steve Corino (who got busted open - surprise, surprise) and Sean O'Haire. O'Haire looked like he was about to finish off Corino with the Seanton bomb but DDP had recovered enough to chairshot him from behind to give Corino the advantage. Before Corino could do much damage however Shane Helms re-appeared alone, with no sigh of Hardamann anywhere. With the sides tipped 3 against 2, it was only a matter of minutes before Helms nailed Corino with the Vertebreaker, followed by the Superkick for good measure. Then O'Haire finished him off with the Seanton bomb.
[Winners by pinfall Hennig/O'Haire/Helms when O'Haire pinned Corino after the Seanton bomb in 14:40 with 5:24 televised]

Post-Match the heels celebrated inside the ring taunting their victims and Kimberly who was being protected by the security guard. Then from behind Stan Baker appeared knocking the security guard out with a shot to the back of the head. Baker grabbed Kimberly and brought her into the ring. Kimberly was on her knees begging for mercy and being menaced as the show went off the air, with the announcers wondering what they would do to her, where the heck Al Hardamann went to, and when Sam Holiday would finally come back to TV.


Official Mid-American Ratings - as of October 13, 2001

1) Sam Holiday (Mid-American Heavyweight Champion)
2) "Wild Thing "Al Hardamann (Mid-American Television Champion)
3) "Sinister" Stan Baker
4) Diamond Dallas Page (/w Kimberly)
5) Jesse Hennig
6) "Total Destruction" Steve Riley
7) Bryan Caruthers (Mid-American Tag Team Champion) (/w Derek St. Holmes)
8) Steve Corino
9) Raymond Bingham
10) Marcus Schultz
11) Jerry Orth (Mid-American Tag Team Champion) (/w Derek St. Holmes)
12) Menele
13) Shane Helms (/w Madusa)
14) Sean O'Haire (/w Madusa)
15) Kamala the Ugandan Giant
16) Joe Malenko
17) Balls Mahoney
18) The Patriot
19) Stan Malenko
20) Al Collins